Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Temple with our cast-

Tuesday- 7 May, 2013

Hi,  we went to the temple tonight as a cast--then met at the church for treats and socializing.
Both events were lovely.    Sister Harris and I have a week to learn our parts and then we will be on stage--not really long parts but I know I will have a brain freeze.  Beverly worked at Sarah Granger Kimball House and I worked at Family Living Center.  We made ropes and taught people about making pottery and barrels and weaving.
                                                           The men sing their song...
                                                    Relief Society singing a song...
                                      Sister Harris isn't understanding what the said to her!!
                                            I had my hat and cape made special for this part.
                                                 This is our first part we learned to do...

Earlier today I had a dental appointment.  He thinks I have an abscessed tooth-fun fun fun.  He was nice and his helper used to hike and camp around Moab until it got so busy.  I told her to come to Blanding and camp and hike but she does not like ATV's -That is it.  Sister Harris wants to put some pictures on but she is too tired.

 Flowering trees and plants are just bursting with color and odoriforous perfume type smells--lovely!  Bye---EH

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