Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun Times with our Children arriving to Nauvoo

Friday- July 18, 2014

We are so excited because our children are coming to see us in Nauvoo in the next 2 to 3 weeks.  Tami & Ken and the five children will be arriving today about 6:30 pm.  We have the beds all ready. We even put together a bed in the Tornado Shelter for Brent and Derek but it is really black down there with no windows so I don't know if they will like it down there. We have a mattress that the three smaller children can sleep on and the hideaway bed in the cough for Ken and Tami.  I have spent my time baking cookies and have prepared some other kinds of foods. Our apartment isn't very big with only one bedroom but when Tami got here she but their luggage down in the tornado shelter and so the front room had plenty of room to sit and enjoy each other.

The Bonney family had planned to see the British Pageant tonight so Elder & Sister Harris had saved the seats earlier that morning.  Since Elder & Sister Harris were free tonight we went to the British Pageant with them.  We decided that we would watch the whole show and not walk up with the Missionaries at the end.  It was so awesome to feel the spirit that is here with the British Pageant and when the Single Missionaries walked up in white shirts and black skirts or pants and the Senior Missionaries singing "Called to Serve" your eyes watered up and your heart swells with Joy.  It was a wonderful production and I felt honored that we happened to be here this summer which was the first time shown in America.

The Bag Pipes led the parade as the flags go in at the beginning of both Pageants.The Bonney family loved the British Pageant. They did go to the fair for a short time before the Pageant at 8:30 pm.
Wow! what a fun time they had.

The Bonney family had so much fun playing Pioneer games at the Fair.

First day in Nauvoo.

Saturday- July 19, 2014

The Bonneys were with Elder Harris in the am since he didn't go to work until the afternoon so they went to Heber C. Kimball's Home for the first tour.
Brent and Derek at the first part of the tour.
Derek, Brent, Caroline, and Mark with their Praire 
Diamond Rings after the tour.

Brent, Kyler, Tami, Mark and Caroline having a tour at the Seventies Hall. Ken is taking the picture.
Derek, Ken, Kyler, Brent, Caroline and Tami taking the picture.
Kyler looking out the window.

The Bonney's children really enjoyed the Print Shop.

Elder Harris giving the tour in the afternoon.  Patterns are very important in making things with tin and in our lives.

Listening to the NAUVOO BRASS BAND at the Cultural Hall before watching "JUST PLAIN ANNA AMANDA."  Elder Shepherd from Benjamin where Sister Harris was raised was the Elder that was driving the horses on the wagon.

   Saturday Morning play about 10:00 am Elder & Sister Harris went and severed in their sites and the
Bonney family went to  "Just Plain Anna Amanda" children's play.  Here are a few pictures of the Single Young Performing Missionaries:
The puppet show is at the first part then the play "Just Plain Anna Amanda" will start.  This is a lot of fun because the puppets get the audience to sing a few songs.
Mark was chosen to go up on stage and help as they do " Do As I'm Doing" and then they sang " Pop Corn Popping on  the Apricot Tree" and then the puppets tell jokes and the audience all laugh a lot.

                                                        This is a group of Young Performing Missionaries that I would watch every time I served in the Cultural Hall which was twice a week.  I am so happy to be over this site I just love the Cultural Hall.

                                                   " JUST PLAIN ANNA AMANDA"

Amanda starts out singing this song, "Just plain Anna Amanda" because everyone calls her name that way and she doesn't want to be called that way any more. She climbs the pole so she can see the birds and wants to be someone else.

The Farmer boy comes in and calls her," Just plain Anna Amanda" and says he has brought her a basket of vegetables for the party tonight.

Then he takes his big boots off and shows his holes in his stockings.  It is so funny, he says," He doesn't want to get her mom's floor dirty and then he finds the slippers he can put on under the chair. Amanda is stacking her apples while he is talking.  Then Amanda goes around the chair and ask him " If he is very important?"  She feels like she would be important if she had his boots.

So they agree to exchanges boots for slippers.

These two twins come in and they are fighting all the time.  Amanda try's to stopped them.  Anyway I'm not going to tell the whole story but they end up trading Amanda their two old bags that they carry cookies in for their mom, for two baskets to carry cookies in.
Amanda's Aunt comes in with her father.  Her father can't here very well and so it is funny how he is always saying funny statements.  The aunt tells Amanda that the umbrella is from England and it is her fathers so she can't hold it.  Then after Amanda is standing on the fathers toe for along time and he keeps telling her "Right Toe"  her father keeps asking with an English accent.  Amanda ask her aunt why her father keeps saying "Right Toe" and then she says because you are standing on his right toe.  It is really cute because her father really pulls a bad face to Amanda as he walks over and sits down.  Then the Aunt tells her that her hat is from England  too and she can wear it if she would like too.  Amanda is so excited, below is the hat that
 Amanda puts on and then the Aunt and her father leaves Amanda's place.

                                                    Here is where she wears the hat.

 Left is the school teacher that comes in and he try's to impress the aunt and she tells him where to go in the Right picture.

 Well the aunt leaves and later the teacher leaves after he teaches Amanda that knowledge is very important in life.  Then the teacher leaves he forgets his cloak and so Amanda puts it on.  Now she has the hat, cloak, bags, and boots on which is suppose to make her feel very important. But now she is so heavy she falls on the stage when she walks. Everyone comes into get their things back and father comes in looking for Amanda.  She is on the floor so he helps her up and she tells her mother and father that she found out that it is better for her to be happy who she is and not try to be someone else.

Here the aunt tells the mother that Amanda doesn't want to be "Just Plain Anna Amanda" any more so then Amanda tells her aunt that she has changed her mind and she does want to be"Just Plain Anna Amanda" because she realized that it is important to be yourself.
                         Here are the actors in the play- Mother, Anna Amanda, Friend, Twin, Aunt.
 Jed's Family came Saturday Night-July 19, 2014

Jed, Emma, Ashton and Jacob arrived Saturday just before the Regular Pageant started.  Jenny had flown to Texas to check out places where they might move.  We saved the seats from the Friday night's pageant and they were quite good seats. Here is a family that had been Sealed in the Temple before leaving to go out West.
 This is the Temple that they built on the stage and then the Temple falls down in the back of the stage and the real Nauvoo Temple is lit up and it is amazing the feeling you have and love for the Temple.

                                                  Everyone really enjoyed the Pageant.

Sunday- July 20, 2014

Elder & Sister Harris went to the early 8:00 am Sacrament Meetings but the rest of the children went at 10:00 am's Sacrament Meeting.  Elder & Sister Harris had the great opportunity to teach the Single Young Sunday School Class.  That was the Young Performing Missionaries, Nauvoo Brass Band and the Single Young Missionaries.  We were nervous but the Lord always seem to help us when we pray for help.  It turned out really good and the youth really listened and helped in the lesson.  After our Zone Leadership Meeting we met with the children for lunch at our apartment and then traveled to Carthage to see that special site.

                                                  Jed and Tami's family at Carthage.
          Brent and Derek at the outside of the Jail where Joseph Smith fell out of the window.
                Here is Derek and Brent by the original door where the bullet hole is still there.
Here is Derek and Brent standing in front of the window where Joseph fell out off. This is in the Martydom room.  The families in the walk way entrance to Carthage Visitor Center.

                                            Front row:    Mark, Ashton, Jacob
                                            Back row:    Caroline, Jed, and Emma

In the evening we went to the Trail of Hope.  Jed and Tami's families and Elder & Sister Harris went early so we wouldn't have to stand in line so long. The grandchildren were having a fun time playing with the stump across from the Seventies Hall.
                            We were  waiting for it to get dark then they will do the Trail of Hope.
                                      Mark flying and Ashton jumping out of the stump.

                                      Families standing in line for the Trail of Hope
                   Back row: Tami, Jed, Brent, Sister Harris, Elder Harris, and Ken
                   Front row: Jacob, Derek, Emma and Caroline- Mark, Ashton and Kyler not in this picture

The Young Performing Missionaries singing some songs waiting for it to get dark so they can do the Trail of Hope.  The Elders were singing this song along.
                The Young Performing Sister Missionaries singing another song along.
After the Trail of Hope we walked back from the Mississippi River and here are some pictures of the fire flies.  They kept landing on us.  Also we played with the fire flies after Rendezvous Tuesday night July 22, 2014.  Joseph Smith and Brigham Young statures are down by the Mississippi River.
Brent, Spencer and Caroline catching the fire flies such a fun time.  We don't have fire flies out West
so it was really fun to catch the fire flies.
Monday- July 21, 2014

Jed and Tami's families went on a Carriage Ride in the am so Elder and Sister Harris was able to go with them.  I just love this ride because you hear faith promoting stories.  You go out in the Country as they tell these pioneer stories.
This is Elder Swap he told the stories on our Carriage Ride.  It was a beautiful spiritual ride and he even was touched by the spirit that he teared up.
                        Caroline, Emma, Derek, Jacob, Aston, and Jed and Elder Harris behind.

     Mark, Caroline, Emma, Kyler, and Derek and in the back left- Ken, Sister Harris, and Brent. Picture to the right- Ken, Sister Harris, Brent and front row- Jed, Ashton, Jacob, and Derek.
             We stopped here so everyone could see the Mississippi River over the trees and bushes.

 We could see the steeples- The Nauvoo Temple and the Cathalic Church. At one point you could see three with the Stake House steeple showing with the other two I didn't get the picture of that, too late.

      We stopped to see if anyone would like to climb a tree. This has more thorns on a tree than I every seen. It made me think of the thorns placed on Christ head.
                 Here are some of the group with the horses. They are so big they are awesome.

 The rest of the group- Brent, Ashton- Tami, Mark, Kyler, Caroline ( Caroline loves horses), Ken, Emma and Derek.

 Here are some pictures on the Wagon Ride which takes you around the sites in Nauvoo.  They had Jenny's sister visiting in Nauvoo at the same time.

 Sister Harris walking in with Emma and Cousin red head.   Elder Harris walking in with Aston and his cousin.
The children got a little board and tired. It was a hot day.  The cousin red head really like Elder and Sister Harris.   Jed- back, Sister Harris, don't know her name, red head, Emma, back Ashton with his cousin.

Tuesday- July 22, 2014
Spencer, Jackson and Porter arrived this afternoon to Nauvoo.  We are thrilled to have them come and visit us.   I was off in the afternoon since I worked FM so I had the place all ready for the kids to come.
                                     Sister Harris (Mom), Spencer Harris, Elder Harris(Dad)
                                   This was taken in the back of the Browning Guns- Nauvoo

Porter and Jackson, Spencer's sons
went to this Winter Quarter's Monument before coming to Nauvoo.
 Jackson, Spencer (Dad), and Porter
at Winter Quarters....

 Winter Quarters Temple... This Temple Jackson, Porter and Spencer went to before coming to Nauvoo.

Here are the Beautiful Winter Quarters Temple.

 Tuesday- July 22, 2014

Sister Harris was working today at FM and would be off at 1:00.  But Elder Harris didn't do his site until the afternoon shift.  Elder Harris went with the Bonney's on the Oxen Ride in the am.

                                                   Brent walking to the wagon

Spencer, Jackson and Porter arrived in Nauvoo about 12 noon.  So we went to the Browning Guns Site.  Ken, Tami, Brent, Derek, Mark, Caroline and Kyler were all ready here in Nauvoo.  Elder Harris was serving at the Browning Guns Shop but we waited for Elder Harris to give us a tour.  It was really good to hear Elder Harris explain how guns were made since we all love to hunt.
Spencer, Jackson, Mark, Porter, Carolyn, Grandma (Sister Harris) and Kyler at the beginning waiting for the tour to begin at the Browning Gun Shop. The rest of Tami's family had to be here but I don't have pictures of Brent, Derek,Tami and Ken.   WAITING PATIENTLY!!!

Here Grandpa ( Elder Harris) are telling about the first guns that were made.  Jonathan Browning put on the wood handle "Holiness to the Lord".  That is the same words on the Temples.

Elder Harris, Right- Jackson, Mark, Porter, and Carolyn Bonney.

Grandpa is telling how the gun barrel is made. Left- Brent, Kyler, Mark, Carolyn, Porter and Grandma are very interested. The Bonney's had bought the younger children pioneer hats. Kyler, Mark and Carolyn are wearing them.

In the evening of Tuesday Elder and Sister Harris put on the Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo for Spencer's family and Tami and Ken's family.  Here are some pictures of us doing our part in Rendezvous that the children took.
 Elder Harris plays Jed, and he says, "I have come all the way from Montrose to talk to you, stop your packing and listen to me."  Sister Harris plays Annie and says, "I'm listening." Jed said," you're paying more attention to those pots and pans than you are to me." Annie says, " I'm trying to decide whether to leave the pans to the Stouts or the Ramonds." Jed says, "leave the blasted pans to one and the pot to the other but Annie stay and Marry Me."

Annie says," My wagon is already loaded all I have left to pack is this basket of  Medicine and Herbs."

 Jed says, "why are you leaving me Annie, Why are you leaving me."  Annie says, " It's not you I'm leaving its Nauvoo."
Their is a lot more to the play but I am only showing this part of the beginning of the vignette.
We had a lot of fun with the Grandchildren.  They laughed watching their Grandpa swear in this vignette but it is a certain part in the play that he is playing.  He does wink at the children when he calls them "snot nose little kids" because he wants them to know he really doesn't mean what he says about them. He does finally later go out west with Annie. It is a cute vignette and in one more week or so it will be our last performance.  The children said we really did do a good job of acting.  It has really been fun to do this vignette and the audience laughs at our jokes which Elder Harris does. We will really miss not doing it anymore but I know another couple needs to have a turn at it also so their grandchildren can watch them. We have been doing this vignette for 11 months twice a week.  The spirit is so strong when we do the Rendezvous that I can't believe how many people just love to watch it.  It has been WONDERFUL!!!

After the Rendezvous a picture of Spencer, Jackson, Porter, and Grandparents.  Right- is Porter and Carolyn enjoying wearing the hats we wear in the play.  We'll I don't know what Porter is doing I think goofing off like his father would do.( Like father like son) awesome Boy & Dad!!  Elder and Sister Harris have to stay at Rendezvous for the 8:15 show so the children went over to the Fair and played until the Regular Pageant  starts. They are having a great time playing in the village houses.
               Jackson laying on side, Rt. Mark, middle Brent, back middle- Carolyn and Derek

Lt. front- Porter, Middle- Jackson, Rt. Mark, Back- Ken & Kyler, Middle- Bent and Derek

                             The Bonney's Mom-- Tami with her cute pioneer hat, HI everyone.
       Everyone having fun playing on the wagon. Front- Ken, Mark, Jackson, Brent, Porter- leg in the air, Kyler and Derek in the back.
Front- Carolyn, Porter with his hand puppet, Rt- Ken, Jackson, Porter, Brent and Derek (strong young man)

Here is a Fire Fly in Ken's hand.  As you push on it's stomach it's bottom lights up. It is so small and cool looking.

Wednesday- July 23, 2014
Ken and Tami and their family left this AM very early before our Training Meeting started at 8:00 am. I worked at Tickets and Tours so I was able to get Spencer and the boys tickets to ride the Carriage Ride. Elder Harris was able to be with them in the am because he had a "B" shift. I love this ride more than the Wagon Ride because it has Faith promoting stories and takes you to Inspiration Point.

Porter, Spencer (Dad) and Jackson.  Grandpa Harris was taking the picture.
The Oxen are behind everyone but you can see the wagon they rode on.
They said it was a lot of fun!!
Jackson was petting the horses after a the Carriage Ride!!
Here are Porter and Jackson standing in front of this really tall corn.  It is amazing how tall this corn gets when they have a lot of rain.  It said in one of the states at a Fair that the corn won the prize of being 18 feet tall.  I can't even imagine any vegetable being that tall. This corn is only about  9 to 10 feet tall.

Jackson and Porter climbing up all the stairs at the Nauvous Temple.
To the right the two boys are facing to the front.
Beautiful Temple                            
Spencer, Jackson and Porter went to the "Sunset by the Mississippi" and watch Elder and Sister Harris perform in that program. Aaron and Sarah also came that night to watch us.  It was fun to have someone watch us perform.

Elder Harris showing the Black Smith story with Porter and Jackson. Rt. Jackson, Elder Harris (Grandpa), and Porter outside the Black Smith building.
                            Spencer in the back of the Browning Guns building with his parents.
 After they watched Rendezvous we took this picture.   Jackson and Porter with Joseph & Hyrum.

Elder Harris (Grandpa) teaching Porter how to make a wagon wheel.
                                          Jackson making a rope at the Family Living Center.

Thursday 31 July 2014
Kim Harris (Our daughter) and my sister Darla came to Nauvoo arriving and ate with us about 4:00 pm.  We will be all going to the Sunset by the Mississippi since Elder & Sister Harris are performing tonight.  Then we will be going to the original pageant at 8:00 pm.
Sunset by the Mississippi program at 6:00 pm.
Nauvoo Brass Band play before program starts.
                                         Elder Harris waiting for the Sunset Program to start.
                                 Elder and Sister Harris ready to start. Sister Harris always talking.
 Sister Harris helping with the childrens parade get started.  The children made their hats earlier and then wave flags or play a band instrument as the Nauvoo Brass Band plays to start the program.
Elder and Sister Harris are Zone Leaders now and we have to take charge at the beginning of the Sunset program with another couple. Tonight is our turn to get things going.
                                    Elder Harris was conducting the program before it starts.
                                                 Elder Harris singing in the men's song.
                  Sister Harris singing in the ladies song and then she clogs with a few ladies.

Elder and Sister Harris doing our song with all the couple missionaries.
                                   The men are swaying as the ladies do their part with the song.
      We took pictures of the whole program because it is getting close to the end of the season.

Up close of Sister Harris.
                                               We went to the original pageant at 8:30 pm.
                             American Flag comes in first with bag pipes following to the stage.

                         This is close to the end of the pageant and it is special when the Temple fall's
                                        down and there is the Nauvoo Temple lite up.
The End- Awesome!!!

Friday- 1 August 2014
Elder & Sister Harris had an early morning breakfast at 6:45 am.  Kimberly and Darla had an appointment at 9:00 am at the Nauvoo Temple.  Elder Harris went to the Blacksmith to work this am.
Sister Harris went and pickup the Carriage tickets at Tickets and Tours at the Visitor Center then went to the Culture Hall to serve
Darla and Kimberly in front of Nauvoo Temple

                                            Kimberly loved the Nauvoo Temple

  Darla by the name of the Nauvoo Temple

Kimberly and Darla left and went on the carriage ride and loved it.
Elder Swap doing the carriage ride
Kimberly and Darla sitting in the back of the carriage ride.

                                               Darla and Kimberly after their carriage ride.
Elder Harris with Kimberly and Darla at the Blacksmith's. Elder Harris making an horse shoe to give to someone in the tour.

                        Sister Harris teaching about the Cultural Hall to Kimberly and Darla
On the 2nd floor there are beautiful pioneer quilts.

 The lavender quilt to the right is just like the one my grandmother made for me, the double Irish chain when I got married.

The quilt top to the left is special because it was one that was carried across the plains.
                         On the 3rd floor is the original dance floor that Joseph & Emma danced on.

                                   Sister Harris showing my sister Darla the pictures on the wall.

                                        Kimberly with Sister Harris (Mother giving the tour).
                Darla & Kimberly visited these two sites - Tinsmith and Seventies Hall.

          Kimberly and Sister Harris ( Mom). Kimberly has made a rope at the Family Living Center.


Darla and Kimberly making their rope.
Darla and Kimberly went to the Brick yard and they each have a brick.
                   Darla, Kimberly, Sister Harris and Elder Harris showing how tall the corn is.

 British Pageant 8:30 pm-we went early to play pioneer games first.
Darla- Sister & Elder Harris- Kimberly

The American Flag is brought in first then the British Flag with the Nauvoo Brass Band following

The Flags are being marched up to the stage.

                                                  The Bag Pipes follow the band on stage.
The drummer boy leads the band.

                                                  The beginning of the British Pageant.

The British Pageant tells the story what happens when the Elders go on their missionaries to England.

                                   Elder & Sister Harris are singing with the missionaries.

            When the missionaries walk out on the stage singing "Called To Serve" is amazing. 
 We have had a busy day and the bed is very welcomed!

Saturday- 2 August 2014
Sister Harris got tickets for Kimberly and Darla to see "The Promise" at 2:00 pm.
Kimberly and Darla went to Joseph and Emma and Hyrum Smith's place where they are buried.

                                                                   Spiritual Place

             Kimberly and Darla went down to the Mississippi River where the pioneers crossed the river.

                         This is what the wagons looked like when the pioneers went out West.

                                             Kimberly and Darla riding in the pioneer wagon.

                              Kimberly standing by the Statures of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young
                                            Kimberly and Darla walked the "Trail Of Hope".
                                   Darla and Kimberly visited the Wilford Woodruff's Home
                                         Kimberly visiting the Heber C. Kimball's Home
                                              The picture of Heber is the actually size he is.
                   Darla by the shortest leg piano I have ever seen.  Kimberly in the music room.

                         Kimberly and Darla are so close their like sisters and I'm Darla's sister.
          Kimberly loves the flowers in Nauvoo and Sister Harris (Mom) helped plant them
          around the Visitor Center and Nauvoo when she works on her garden days.
                        Darla and Kimberly at the Mississippi River to see water lilies and voliage.
                                         They came to watch us do Rendezvous this evening.
                                            This is were we start our Jed & Annie vignette.

Elder & Sister Harris love doing this vignette.

                                                          Now will you marry me?  O, Yes!

                              Will you join us Jed?   I will go out West with the pioneers.

                                                     Elder Harris singing the men's song.
                                   This is our closing song... Ya it's time to go home for the night.

Sunday- 3 August 2014
Happy 13th  Anniversary Matt & Kisti-Jo Christensen today.  Went to our church meetings and then later we took Kimberly and Darla to Carthage Jail.

This is such an amazing tour.  Darla and Kimberly with the window behind where Joseph fell out off the window.
             Sister Harris, Kimberly, and Darla in front of the stature and the Carthage Visitor Center.

                                                        Monday- 4 May 2014
                                    Kimberly and Darla are leaving Monday at noon.
              Kimberly and Darla went to some more sites and here are some pictures at a well.

The two sisters saying good-bye

  It has been so fun having Kimberly and Darla visit Nauvoo.  We hate to see our families leave we have enjoyed them so much even with our busy schedule.

Monday- 4 August 2014

Bradley & Megan are arriving tonight. He is our last child to come and visit Nauvoo while we are serving on our mission.  They will be here in time to watch us on the outside stage "Sunset by the Mississippi". Here are some pictures of the boys doing the children's parade.

Kavan and Teagen are having fun playing in the rocks waiting for the "Sunset by the Mississippi" to start.

      Elder Harris (Grandpa Jim), Teagen, Bradley, and Kavan waiting for the children's parade to start.
                                             Teagen with his hat but he wouldn't color it.
                                  Kavan and his cute hat he colored for the children's parade.

                                                            Kavan modeling his hat it is so cool!

                                                                  I'm so good looking!
Teagen is good looking also.
 The dance before the children's parade. Kavan came up on the stage and danced with Sister Harris (Grandma Bev.)

  The Nauvoo Brass Band plays music before they start the children's parade.

                                 Kavan is having a great time marching as he carries two flags.
                                                             The production starts
               This is the women's song and Sister Harris is clogging with about 5 or 6 ladies.
                                                            Our clogging dance
                                    We sing the women's song before and after the clogging.
 Elder and Sister Harris doing the Polka Dance. Elder Harris would dance the first year but he promised he would dance the second summer.  He does a good job.

                 Elder and Sister Harris are slapping hands together in the middle of the polka
                                       Bradley, Elder Harris, and Kavan before the program
 Tuesday - 5 August 2014
            They didn't go on a carriage ride or a wagon ride but they are enjoying petting the horses.

                                                       The one horses name is" Mike".
                                                 I think the other horses name is "Mo".
                                                        Teagen loves the horses.
                                      Fun time in the wagon.  Kavan loves his cowboy boots.
Elder Harris, Bradley, Teagen, and Kavan coming out of one of the sites.
Elder Harris giving the tour
                                                        FAMILY LIVING CENTER
                              Waiting for our turn to make a rope.  Megan, Kavan, and Teagen.

                                  Elder Harris showing Kavan and Teagen making their rope.

Teagen working one end and Kavan down at the other end with Elder Harris helping them make their rope.   The boys are so cute.

                                      Megan helped make the family rope- working together!

              Elder Harris and Bradley (Dad) and Teagen whipping the end of the rope almost done.
                                            Bradley and Kavan finishing the end of the rope.
                                       Learning how wool make into hats and other things.
              Their are 7 other things you can learn how to make in the Family Living Center.
                       Making bread, candles, making rag rugs, solid barrels, and pottery.

                                              Went and took a picture of the Nauvoo Temple.
Elder & Sister Harris has a free night so we go to the Carthage Jail for a tour.

                                                     Bradley, Teagen, Kavan, and Megan
           Bradley and Teagen by the window that Joseph Smith fell out off in the Martyn room.
                                                       Teagen and Kavan having fun.
Kavan and Teagen with Joseph and Hyrum Smith

                                                        Kavan and Teagen having fun.
           Bradley and Megan with the hole in the door and at the window that Joseph fell out off.

                                                      Wednesday- 6 August 2014

                                            The family are going to several sites today.
                                                                   Blacksmith shop
                     Elder Harris showing Bradley, Teagen, and Kavan how to make wagon wheels.
                                        Elder Harris giving the tour in the Blacksmith Shop.

                                     Elder Harris making a  horse shoe for Teagen and Kavan.

                                                                         The brickyard
The Log School House
         Teagen, Kavan, Sister Harris ( Grandma Bev.), and Bradley going into the Log Cabin School
                                      Teagen and Kavan and Bradley writing on the slate.

                                        Pioneer Past Time- playing pioneer games at the park.
Kavan trying to walk on stilts with Sister Harris & Bradley
Sister Harris showing the children how to play the pioneer games.

                                                                               Bradley and Teagen being a cowboy on the horse.

                                           Teagen and Kavan playing in the big corn field.

Kavan, Megan and Bradley in front of the corn field
Kavan riding in the wagon in front of the Browning Guns.
                                               Kavan really enjoys being a cowboy.

At our home is where the boys had so much fun chasing fire flies

 Kavan says," I have caught a fire fly dad".

I'm going to let him go.  The fire flies are so much fun because we don't have them out west.

         They came to the Cultural Hall to watch us do Jed & Annie vignette - Rendezvous at 6:00 pm.

                                   Teagen and Kavan are waiting for the play to start- excited
 Elder and Sister Harris doing our Jed and Annie Vignette for the last time on our mission.

                                    Elder Harris said, "I'm going to miss doing this vignette."
This is Bradley and Megan's last night with us because they are leaving early Thursday morning-7 August 2014 to go back home.    Elder Harris, Bradley with dad's hat, Sister Harris, Megan, Kavan and Teagen.    
We are thrilled they came to visit us in Nauvoo and that they felt the spirit here in this beautiful town.
Bradley decided as they drove home they were to have another baby so that is why we have our cute little Preston Dodge Harris.  What a joy he is to this family.