Friday, May 10, 2013

Scary Day !!!

Hi, this is Friday night, May 10.  We had a really busy day because there was a tour bus here.  The Sanfords and Plummers were on the tour.  I got to visit the two men. The two ladies found Sister Harris.  It was nice to see them and visit for a few minutes.  Life is getting scary because we have to go on stage--maybe next week--if I blow things too badly they may transfer me to outer Siberia--oh, well.  We are also practicing for the outdoor production--but that one does not look too scary--I just can't get my feet to move with the song--or it may be that my mind is to slow to keep up--or it may be that everyone else is wrong but me.

It is really beautiful here now and will just get better with all the flowers coming on.  Love you all.  Elder Harris
                                                Here we are doing curtains and promptings.

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  1. I would believe the last option-- it must be everyone else! ;)