Thursday, February 27, 2014

The end of the month-Feb. 2014

Thursday- Feb. 27, 2014
Today is our Preparation Day so we try to go to the Nauvoo Temple.  We usually shop for food.  We try to clean the house and do our washing and then we are tired but we have to run and do Rendezvous tonight.  So you can see I'm behind in my blogging.  I am trying to catch up on my journal in the blog.

Friday- Feb. 28, 2014
Today I served in the John Taylor's home.  I served with a new sister since I have moved back in Nauvoo, Sister Thurston.  We had so much fun serving together and sharing the tours.  When we weren't busy we practiced our Clarinet polka and I finally learned how it goes. Elder Harris and I will be doing the Clarinet Polka this summer in "Sunset by the Mississippi."  I just love John Taylor's home so it was a great-------- day.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Susan Easton Durrant's talk

Tuesday- Feb. 25, 2014
Her talk was about Nauvoo---
        It was first called Venus then Commerce then Nauvoo.  Brigham Young called Nauvoo the City of Joseph after his death.  And to honor him he finished 2 brick homes, Wilford Woodruff's home and Heber C. Kimball's home.   He finished building there brick homes in honor of Joseph. He also finished other buildings and the Nauvoo Temple to Honor Joseph. This was all done before the Exodus in April, 1846. Brigham Young just loved Joseph and he always knew he was a Prophet of God and he knew the Book of Mormon was the Word of God.  I want you all to know how much I love Joseph Smith and I also believe that he was a Prophet of God and I know that the Book of Mormon is a true record of God.

Wednesday- Feb/ 26, 2014
We had our Wednesday Training Meeting this morning at 8:00 am.  Elder and Sister Monney taught it and it was really good.  They are one of the greatest couple missionary that are serving here in Nauvoo.

I served in the Pendleton Log School today with Sister Hansen.  She will be going home at the end of March.  So her husband took some pictures of us together.  This will show you what it looks like inside and their is a picture on the fireplace so you can see what Calvin Pendleton look's like.

In the first part of the house is Calvin Pendleton's home.  It shows how he loved to use herbs and to prevent sickness with the herbs.  This is two sites in one because it also has the Log School House in the back.  It is a very small building.  Sister Hansen is an awesome sister I just love serving with her.
Here are some pictures of me in the Log School House in the back.
                                        We ring the bell when we start school.
They were taught to read phonetically.  This is the way I was taught to read, sound it out.  We could say Joseph with an (F) it would be easier.  It is fun to have visitors say the words as we hold up the cards.   Some are really hard but when you sound them out it works, you can read the words.

This is math we do on the slate, modern I Pad, I call it.  There are 2500 homes built in Nauvoo.  Calvin was never a school teacher but he was a strong believer in education because when we leave this life that is what we take with us.

Thursday- Feb. 27, 2014
It was our Preparation Day so we try to go to the Nauvoo Temple every time.  It is so beautiful in the Temple.  Elder Harris found some of his families that need Temple work done so we have been trying to get it done.  It has been really special.

Friday- Feb. 28, 2014
This is the last day of the Month and Sister Thurston and I served at John Taylor's home.  I just love this home.  When we weren't busy we practiced our Clarinet Polka dance that we are going to do at "Sunset by the Mississippi this summer."  Elder Harris promise we could do it this summer and he is already trying to back out of doing it.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Days for two Birthdays in the same family.

Thursday- Feb. 20, 2014
   Happy 7th Birthday today for our Granddaughter Charity Jo Christensen.

This is what Charity Jo bought with her money that Grandpa & Grandma Harris sent her for her 7th Birthday.    Charity that is really a cute outfit you got.  You are growing up so fast just keep smiling your a cutey.  We love you from the Nauvoo Mission.

  These four sisters and I started today practicing the song "Miracles."   We are doing a lot of practicing on this song to sing on March 15, 2014 for the Relief Society Re-enactment.  We sing the song at the top floor of the Red Brick Store. I am really excited because this will be once in a life time event.
The sites at this time are very slow but I sure enjoy the sisters here in Nauvoo.

Saturday- Feb. 22, 2014
Well Matt Christensen has a Birthday today and he is 41 years old.  We hope you have a great day on your Birthday Matt.  They come and go so fast, don't they.

Sunday- Feb. 23, 2014
Well we go to church at 8:00 Am and all our meetings.  At 12:00 noon we have our Zone Leadership Meeting every Sunday at this time.  We plan Training Meetings at this Zone Meeting and try to organize this month of what we're doing with the Missionaries.

Tonight we had a Sociable about Carthage Visitor Center & Jail.   Elder and Sister Ballard were in charge of the Sociable.  It was really good and everyone enjoyed the program as they learned about the story of the Martyrdom.    We loved serving at the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail there is such a wonderful spirit that is in the Carthage Jail.  We hope that they will send us back once in a while to serve there again.

Monday, February 17, 2014

District Meeting & Jed's Birthday

Monday- Feb. 17, 2014
Well Happy Birthday Jed Ashton Harris today.  We hope you have a great 39th Birthday today.

Yesterday- Sunday- Feb. 16, 2014
 I had to conduct the R. S. and  Elder Harris conducted Priesthood.  This was our first time to do this.  We also had District Meetings- Follow up with Scriptures.  We met at Elder and Sister Dahle's  house.  They live by the horse barn because he is the site leader over the horses.  Here are the beautiful horses.

I think these horse are so beautiful!!!

Wednesday- Feb. 19, 2014
We had our early 8:00 AM Training Meeting today. We learned about Land & Records from site leader Sister Maughen and Tickets & Tours from Sister Russell, site leader of that area and other Missionaries helped. These meetings are to help us get excitement back in our life's since for the winter we haven't had very many tours and been doing a lot of humanitarian.   

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day-Feb 14-14

Friday- Feb. 14, 2014
This is Valentine's Day and we got permission to have a Valentine's Dance on the original floor on the 3rd floor at the Cultural Hall.  There has not been a large group of Missionaries before to get this opportunity to have a dance up there.  We had our live band which where the Missionaries and the string band played up in the balcony, it was awesome.  We had refreshments up there on a table and to know this is the floor that Joseph and Emma danced on was so special.
                                          Here are some pictures I took at the dance.
Sister and Elder Harris dancing on the original flooring at the Cultural Hall.

Here is the original floor on the 3rd floor at the Cultural Hall

Sister Campbell

Elder and Sister Germer                                                      Sister Jones

Above are the String band in the Balcony playing while we listen to them for a floor show.
This is the original floor we danced on.
                  Here I am in the Balcony taking the pictures of the Missionaries Dancing.

 This is the floor that Joseph and Emma dance on, isn't that awesome!!

Sister Salcido taking picture of me as I take a picture of her from the balcony.

Elder & Sister Campbell, Elder Harper and Elder and Sister Germer, who is the Rendezvous directer and is going home in March.  Her Husband is the great musician of the Nauvoo Mission.

Left- Sister & Elder Campbell--
Right Sister Ballard and below Sister and Elder Ballard that we served with in Carthage Visitor Center and Jail.

         Elder & Sister Rob Taylor.  They take all our pictures and make a Slide Show ever month.

These are the Chandlers that hang down from the ceiling over the dance floor. I am taking these pictures from the Balcony.
 This is Elder Germer.  He plays about any instrument in the band. He is such a good musician, he is amazing.
Here is Elder Pixler and Elder Bennion they also love to play in bands. They are really good. What a wonderful night we had on Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scary Sunday- Feb 9, 14

Sunday- February 9, 2014
 Elder and Sister Harris had to speak in Sacrament Meeting today.  Their were two Temple Missionaries that spoke before we did.  We all talked about "Repentance".   I talked about the Hidden Wedge and I had several people want a copy of my talk.  Sister Scott said that she wanted to send it to her brother because he has a hidden wedge in his life.  Another Temple Missionary wanted some of the quotes I had gotten from Pinterest.  It was scary but turned out to be a good day.  We didn't have to conduct the Priesthood and Relief Society today but we do it next week.  We are also in charge of a Sociable Sunday February 23, 2014.  So we ask Sister Ballard if she would organize the program.  The topic is about Carthage Jail and Visitor Center.

Here is a picture of Sister Ballard.  She is a great help and does a great job in everything she is asked to do. We are showing how cold the jail is without a furnace.  This is the only picture I have of her to show what she looks like.

Wednesday- Feb. 12,2014
We had our Training Meeting today by President Jones.  It was about reading scriptures every day and he gave us the scriptures to read.  All the Missionaries had the same schedule of reading scriptures.  It was great to read the scriptures and discussed with our companion what they meant.

Thursday- Feb 13 and 14, 2014
These two days were moving days.  We packed up the rest of the things in our home and moved them to Nauvoo.

 This is our bedroom at the house in Carthage. It was a small house but we enjoyed it.

                                                       This is in the bedroom.
                                                        Below is our Kitchen...

We spent all day Friday, 14th - 2014 cleaning our home in Carthage.  It is a big job because they want you to clean the curtains as well as all the windows pulse the walls that are dirty. Dust everything and vacuum and mop all floors.  Clean all the wood work around the doors and all the closets.  Clean the whole bathroom including walls and floors.  Here is the front room as we walked out the door.

 Here are some pictures as we say good-by to the house, Carthage Visitor Center and Jail.


Here is the house by the Carthage Visitor Center & Jail.

             Good bye Carthage Jail and the back of the Visitor Center which looks like the front.
 We loved serving in this very special place.  Hopeful will get to come back sometimes and serve here again,

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Special time with Melanie-3-8-14

Saturday, March 8, 2014
We are having a Girls Night Out with Melanie!!  We will be meeting at Sister Ballard's home in Carthage.  I am so excited to see Melanie again.  I have been missing her since we moved back to Nauvoo.  Melanie is our friend in Carthage that we all just love like a daughter.  She really isn't interested in the Gospel but we still care for her.  She makes us all feel like she is everyone's daughter.  Here is a picture of that evening.
A new Missionary,(Sister) from Richfield, Sister Harris, Melanie
These two Missionaries have been trying to befriend Melanie.
Sister Salcido, Sister Brockbank, Sister Ballard, I don't have pictures off.
Melanie doesn't feel that she needs the Gospel in her life and her parents don't either.
I just wish we could touch her life with the Spirit of Christ we love her so much and so does Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Missionaries going Home-Mar. 2014

Friday- March 7, 2014
Well I got up really early to go to the Farewell Breakfast at & 6:30 AM. Elder Harris had to announce the program and all the Missionaries that would be leaving us. This is always a tender occasion. Here are some pictures of the Missionaries.

These are all the Missionaries that are leaving and going home in the Month of March.
 Sister and Elder Germer

Dr. or Elder Miller

                                 Elder & Sister

  Elder & Sister Paystrup                                                                               Sister & Elder Reidhead

Sister & Elder Boyle
                                                           Sister & Elder Monney
Elder Hansen is the best MC for the program.   The Missionaries do a program when they leave.

End of Missionaries going home!!

These are some of the Single Senior Missionaries 
                                                    Sister Hoen, Sister Davis, and Sister Redd
Here are the cute table decorations for St. Patrick's Day.
Some more single Senior Missionaries and Sister Jones.
Sister Owens, Sister Murray, and Sister McCann

                     Some of the Missionaries that are staying though the summer, Elder & Sister Gneiting.
                                                                Sister & Elder White
 Here is only one view of part of the Missionaries that are eating at the tables.  President Chynoweth to the right.

The other half of the Missionaries at the tables.  We sure have a lot of couple Missionaries in the Nauvoo Mission.  We just love them all.  We will have more coming in April 2014.