Thursday, May 2, 2013

Preparation Day- Thursday- May 2, 2013

Thursday- May 2, 2013
Hi,  This should be of interest to us Harrises and our Washburn cousins.  We have an Elder Spencer here who is just ready to go home.  I spoke briefly with him about his Spencer ancestry.  He grew up in Northern Utah but his family came from Escalante.  One of the prominent names in his family was George.  Sarah Marinda married George Spencer.  She was the third wife--a school girl if you remember the story.  One of the other wives was named Mary Ann Payne.  She had ten children--one named Joseph William Spencer who died in Escalante.  I have found a cousin!! The first cousin other than our Washburn cousins.  He goes home next week so I found him and may never see him again--but don't you think that is cool.  We probably have lots of really neat Spencer cousins that we will never know--Too bad--they don't know their cool washburn cousins either.

I told the Mission President he was on family property but he wasn't too impressed.  Great Grandpa Thompson had an eye for real estate.  Both lots owned by him would be extra ordinarily desirable today.

Today was a Preparation day--we got up for a 6 am hair appointment--that was important--  and then went to the Nauvoo Temple, that was really neat.  We moved into 4 different rooms.  They were Beautiful and we climbed a lot of stairs but they do have a elivator. The spirit there was so special in the Temple, and I want to go often.  Jenny, you will need to send us a few family names that we can do Endowment's for. We also went to Keokuk to do some shopping later on and now we are tired and ready to go to bed. Good night to you all.  Elder Harris and Sister Harris


  1. What salon is open at 6:00 AM? Also, was the hair appointment for mom or for a comb-over touch-up :)

  2. It was for mom to get her hair dyed and cut. It was a man doing the hair so dad had to come with me. The salon man just try's to help the missionaries since their time is hard to get hair appointments at
    a certain time. He did a very good job. I like the way he did my hair so I made another appointment in l month but at 8:00 AM this time.