Thursday, May 30, 2013

Food Nanny- BYU Channel

May 30,2013
This lady came into John Taylor's Home.  She is called the Food Nanny and is on the BYU channel. This little boy came up to her at the John Taylor Site and said I know you on TV.  She was so thrilled he new her and so we got pictures with her.  I have never seen her on TV but I wasn't going to tell her that.

 May be some of you know who she is.  She was so active and just thrilled we all wanted pictures with her.

This evening, May 31, 2013 we did our "Sunset by the Mississippi." I felt like we did a good job. Their were a lot of people that were there watching us and the BYU single missionaries.  They have talent that is unbelievable.  Today this man came to the Post Office which where I was a site leader off and he told me last night he took some beautiful rainbow pictures and that he would e-mail them to me.  When I get them I will put them on the blog.

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