Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finding Ancestries land in Nauvoo

April 30,2013

Hi everyone.  Today served in the Blacksmith shop--my horseshoes look like they were intended for a horse with twisted hooves--I am getting better.  Beverly served in the Heber C. Kimball Home.  It was kind of a quiet day--not as many guests as yesterday.  I had a little free time so I went to the Lands and Records Office.  I was able to get a map showing the property that Grandpa Abraham Washburn owned.  I haven't gone looking yet.  It appears it will be in an inhabited portion of town.  I also checked on Great grandpa Thompson.  Now, he had the coolest lot in town.  He had two lots but the one I like is on a bluff overlooking the river--fabulous view.  The other lot appears to be the property our mission president lives--needless to say, he has the best home in town--do you think he would share since that property was once our ancestors?   Sister Harris' Great Great Grandpa Mayer  lived in a home across the street and where we live now adjoins that of Heber C. Kimball's and kiddie corner to Mayors home.
                                                           Mayer's lot
                                    Mayors land across the street of Heber C. Kimball's home.
                                                           Heber C. Kimball's Home

                    Ken and Tami's family with Elder Harris in front of Heber C. Kimball's home.
                               Here are some dishes I would like to have some day in  Heber's home.
                                               Brent in the music room in Heber's home.
I want to just note that the Temple President is Spencer Condie, (GA Emeritus).  He spoke at a Sociable (Fireside) Sunday Night.  HE IS TERRIFIC.  He kept even me wide awake.  He was telling humorous stories about General Authorities.  Our leaders truly have a human side as well as spiritual.

Every Wednesday we have a mission training at 8 am--On Friday we have a mission breakfast--there are not many dull moments around here--Cheers to all.  Elder Harris
                                            Elder and Sister Harris at the mission breakfast.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Locked out of house--

April 28, 2013

Good Sunday except I locked us out of our house--had to get a member of the presidency to let us in--oh, wow is me.  We worked the Family Living Center in the afternoon--had a few visitors--hope we gave a good impression.  Talk more later.  Elder Harris

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Elder Harris' Birthday!

April 27, 2013- Saturday
Hi, Today was a good day for Elder Harris because  he had a  69th Birthday today. Happy Birthday, Elder Harris.  Kisti called and we Skyped.  It was so good to see the family.  We are gone all the time but if you send me a text I'm getting pretty good at it.  Here are some pictures of Elder and Sister Harris in our site clothes.  We did two sites in the afternoon after our morning training.  It is scary but
fun to learn about all these places.  This is Saturday April 27, 2013.  
                        This is Sister Harris in the clothes Kisti made me in front of our house.

Here is the Birthday Elder in his site cloths

Elder Harris is wearing the vest that Loni made.  Thanks for everyone's
 help to get us in the mission field.
We have made some good friends, the Hardings came over to bring Elder Harris some pop for his Birthday Gift, they are so nice.  They were in our District at the MTC.
Tomorrow, we are both in the Family Living Center.  That is the place were a lot of people come to make a rope, Bake bread, learn how to make candles, weaving, spinning wool and how to make linen from flax, and a couple of more things to do.  We go there after out church meetings. Their is one more couple beside us to show all these things to do.  I hope I can remember what I need to teach and give a spiritual message. Well, It is getting late, talk to you later, good-night.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Still Missionary Training

April 26, 2013

Hi, we are still having training from Mission President and Wife.  They are really neat people.  In the afternoons we go to sites for training.  Today I went to Blacksmith and Sister Harris went to Heber C. Kimball.   I then joined her at 3 pm in Family Living.  That site has every thing from bread making to weaving to rope making.  I can do the rope making all right but the coopering (this is making barrels) is a little beyond me.  Tomorrow afternoon I go to the Browning Gun Shop and Sister Harris goes back to the Family Living Center.

Yesterday we went shopping--our preparation day--we went to Cantril Iowa to buy a black Mennonite hat to beworn in the shows.  I love hats so that was ok with me.  This was more than a hat store--food stuffs, etc.  They even had some veggies and flowers, so we now have anice hanging plant sitting in a pot on our step.  I wanted to try tomatoes but we are really restricted on what we can plant.  We then went on to another little town where we were supposed to buy a straw hat.  We never found the place so we came home without the hat.  We did find a Shop-co and a grocery store so we really helped the local economy in those stores.

It is difficult to see the Mississippi River in flood and know that we are in drought a home.  Keep praying for the missionaries (us).   Bye--Elder Harris

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our First Sunday

Sunday- April 21, 2013

We have our Sacrament Meeting at 8:00 am and we tried to be there by 7:00 am so we could sit in the chapel because DeNene said, " If we wait to late we will sit way in the back."  We have about 207 missionaries and in a month when the summer activities start we will have 240 or so missionaries.  We have been learning our songs and dances to go with the young performing missionaries.  Sunday after Sacrament Meeting we drove to the Visitor Center for Sunday School Lesson and Relief Society Class.  It was great but we didn't have to do sites yet because we are still being trained for our Nauvoo Mission.  This Friday and Saturday in the afternoon will be in the sites.  Friday I will go to the Heber C. Kimball's home.  Elder Harris will be going to the Blacksmith site.   Saturday I will be going to the Family Living Center, working with baking, quilts, making rope, and making rugs.  I hope I can learn all the things I will be doing in this site.   Elder Harris on Saturday will be at the Gun Site.   I don't think we will be in these sites alone, we will have another companion.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Arrived in Nauvoo!

Saturday- April 20, 2013

We arrived in Nauvoo about 9:10 am.   Elder Thomas drove us and some other missionaries around
Nauvoo.  He showed us which home we would be in. Here is our home--

We are the only one's in this house, it is small but it is special to us.  We walked into the Kitchen and

this is what we saw.  Scissors Art work from Ada Rigby isn't that the coolest thing.  Who would know we would be in a place that a Blanding person's art work would be.  I will show some more pictures.

We have 3 Magnolia Trees in our back yard.
This is the front of the house. Yes we have a lot of steep steps  to climb. I hope this will keep my weight down since I gained in the MTC.  We have a basement and that is were the washer and dryer are but we do have a fairly good size bathroom down there.  Here are some pictures of the inside.
Our Front room- Nice Home
Our Kitchen - pretty good size, the table is opposite the cupboards.
Our stairs that go's up stairs to 2 bedrooms and a small bathroom.
This is our bedroom, it is really very nice big room.
Our small bathroom the tub/shower to the right.
                   This is the extra bedroom- I took Jed's quiet with us so we could give it back
                   to him when he comes to visit us since he only lives 5 hours away in Wisconsin.
This is the back door and yard, although we have a big back yard.    We are wondering if we have to mow this whole thing.    I understand we only have to mow around the house and the FM will mow the rest, I hope.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Final Count Down

Wednesday-- April 17, 2013

Well, today is another day where we get up in front of a group. We are to talk about an artifact that we brought with us and tie it into the gospel.  So I chose my family's book that our daughter Kisti-Jo had made for us this last Christmas.  The rest of the family sent her all the pictures of their families to put in it.    I just love our family and I am so grateful that we can be together forever. I am grateful that we enjoy each other, we play together, we work together, and we so love each other.
Elder Harris and I were of course companions doing this together.  We talked about our family being married in the Temple and how we can be with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  When you look at Jesus Christ in the Nauvoo Visitor Center, his arms are out, it is like he is saying to you, Come unto me and into my arms.  I just love the Christus.   The Christus is on what they call a Gift Card you give to visitors.

We are done at noon and so we went to Kimberly's house to pack up our things and started driving to Nauvoo.  Kim was there before she went back to work to say good-by.  Tami and Kyler came over to help us pack and say good-by.  Until then I realized that we really are going to be gone for 18 Months.

We had seen some of the children at nights off and on in the evenings while we were in the MTC. Because of the snow and bad weather on I-80 we decided to go I-70.  We drove to Grand Junction and since we still had time in the evening we drove on.  We stayed at Glenwood Spring and it was a beautiful place.

The next day--Thursday April 18, 2013

We drove out of town and went past the Hot Springs that people go swimming in because of the cold weather it had steam coming out of it.  As we got upon top of the mountain to Vial Pass there was a accident and we stayed there with no place to go for under 2 hours. Then we drove all day as far as we could go then stopped and stayed at Salina, Kansas.

Now it was Friday--April 19, 2013

We thought we could drive the rest of the way to Nauvoo, Illinois but it was still along drive.  We were driving to Keokuk from the south end when Pres. Gilliland called us, our Mission President and said the roads were closed where we were going and we should go to Quincy, Illinois and get over the Mississippi River to stay there and get up in the morning and drive to Nauvoo by 9:00 am.

We are driving over the Mississippi River.   We were glad to get on the other side of the river then we will drive up to Nauvoo on that side of the river.
Here is where we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Quincy, Illinois. Jim thinks the lady that helped us is a relative to him.   Her maiden name was Washburn and her family live's across from Nauvoo.  She was not a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints so he gave her a Pedigree chart of the Washburns.  
                                                      This is the front of the motel.

This is our new car that we bought to fit all our stuff in to travel to Nauvoo.

While we were in Quincy we drove around and looked at some beautiful homes.
Here are some pictures we took of cool homes in Quincy Illinois--Enjoy, there Awesome!!
Isn't this a Beautiful home!
The people in Quincy were really good to the Mormons. I love this home.
                                                     Another red brick home- Big Home
All these homes are within three or four blocks.
                                                           Another yellow home.
This one at the front door looks like a mansion but then they all do!
Interesting entrance- reminds me of Brother Lark Washburn with his rock arches.
A different looking home.
 Boy! This one is a large home..
                  Spencer maybe you could have bought one of these homes as your new home, Wow!!
At least Spencer you wouldn't have to cut down a lot of trees.

This home looks smaller until you look at the side view.
Here is the side view.   The Quincy people have really fixed up these beautiful homes.  Well It is getting late and time for missionaries to be a sleep- So Enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apostle Richard G. Scott Fireside

April 16, 2013

Tuesday-had to be in class by 8:00 am. They had a fireside Tuesday Night at 7:00 pm.  We had an apostle come and speak to us, Apostle Richard G. Scott.   It was good but I was very tired this night so with his soft slow voice I think he lulled me to sleep.  I do love the spirit that is here in the MTC though.  Awesome!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Temple Square Experience

April- 15-2013

Monday-  My computer wouldn't let me on the eternet at the MTC. We went to Salt Lake City at the Visitor Center on Temple Square in the am.  The Sister  Missionaries took small groups around on tours to show us how to do tours and just being on Temple Square had a special feeling.   Then we had to be back at the MTC by 2:00 pm.  We were in classes until 5:00 pm.  I will put the other friends on this page that was in our district.
                                              Sister Dennis and Sister Redd
                                             Elder & Sister Leavitt- District Leader

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Full Beautiful Day

Sunday, April 14, 2013

We went to sacrament meeting at 7:30 am.  Wonderful talks, one of the  Sister's did a solo, and the spirit with the Elders and Sister are powerful.  Then we had breakfast brunch  then on to Relief Society in a large room. Sister Mary L. Edmund, I think that was her name talked with us.  She was so good, we laughed and laughed and laughed until our sides hurt.  She was Awesome!!!! Then the next meeting we went to, same place was Sister Hacking talking to all the new sisters about the rules.  We stayed since we were all ready there and our husbands had gone to Priesthood Meeting and wouldn't  be done until 11:30 am, the same as us.   We met them after and had lunch at the MTC.  After we left and went to church with Kimberly in her ward.  That was Fast and Testimony Meeting and was such a spiritual high again.  We went to all meetings at her ward then went back to her house for supper with Tami and Ken and Family.  Then we left and said good-bye to everyone and went back to the MTC to a Fireside at 7:00 PM.  It was another great meeting and Brother Greg B. who is over mission advertisement's, he was so interesting.  He has been to England and has done a great job showing the advertising in UK.  He has put Mormon advertising on double-decker buses and on buildings so many non-members have been contacting the missionaries.  He mentioned that his father served a mission in Northern England and Jim said, " I had an Elder in my mission with that same last name."  So after, he went up to talk with him and sure enough it was his father that Jim knew.  Interesting and small world isn't it.   Good Night!!

PS-  I forgot to mention that Sister Hacking is the wife of Elder Hacking and mother's name is Gene Hacking from Blanding.  Yes, he is Jim's cousin, that grew up in Blanding that is in the MTC Presidency.  Elder Hacking's brother Tom Hacking was a class mate in San Juan High School with Jim.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Movin' Out

April 13,2013
Well here it is Saturday, Elder and Sister Harris had their first transfer.  In the morning we packed up and moved from the Marriott Hotel to the Provo MTC. We are in a smaller room now, after settling in we drove up to Kaysville and watched Porter play Soccer.  Spencer is his coach, Jackson's game was at 8:00 am so we missed his.  Then we followed Spencer, who is showing us his new home.  It will be final next Tuesday, hopefully, hopefully.  It is a very nice home and his children can walk down four or so blocks to be with dad, in Kaysville.  Now we are back in our room at the MTC.  I want to put in our good friends pictures so you can see them up close.
       Sister and Elder Harding


Our afternoon instructor- Sister Thurston- so much FUN!

                           Miles of Smiles