Saturday, January 13, 2018

Own Endowment- January 13-2018

Saturday-- January 13, 2018

Shelbi Faye Black who was a blond beautiful girl came to the Monticello Utah Temple to receive her own Endowments.  She would be going through the 1:00 pm session.  She is in our old ward which was the 2nd Ward.    Because President Harris and I were doing our training and prayer meeting Sister Livingston did her instructions on wearing the garment.  The morning Initiatory sisters did her Initiatory while we were in prayer meeting after I went and spent some time with her and her mom.  I took them to the Endowment Session and they had a lot of friends and family waiting for the session to start.  She was such a sweet girl and a joy to be around.  I love trying to help the young women to relax when their in the temple because everything is new to them and they are nervous.  Thanks Father in Heaven for these tender mercies.  This Saturday afternoon was the last sessions before the temple closes for cleaning.  The temple will be closed for two weeks. Ya !! vacation time.....

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Special Sealing time with family and friends- President Harris the Sealer

30 December 2017

Jim organized a sealing at 4 O'Clock in the pm schedule, he had a lot of family names to be Sealed and he would be the Sealer.   He had Callie (his sister) and Howard Randall to come to the sealing.  We also ask Ken and Tami ( our daughter) to help with the Sealing because they were down for the New Years.  He ask Rex Anderson and Autumn Beth Evans to also come to help with the Sealing.  Autumn had just recently received her own Endowment in November 2017 and this was her first time at do Sealings.    Autumn is an employer to Rex Anderson she helps him with his horses. I was there also and it was special to be proxy for family names and to have President Harris be the sealer.  Callie wants Jim to ask them again to do Sealings for her and his relatives, she really enjoyed it. The special experiences we have in the temple are awesome.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Another special Saturday

Saturday--  16 December 2017

At 8:00 am Krista Grover ( another child in the Grover family) received her own Endowment this day.   I had the great opportunity to give her the instruction on wearing the garment.  She was so thrilled to be in the temple and I was thrilled she was their on my shift.  She certainly brought the spirit with her and was well prepared to receive her own Endowment.  We also had a sealing at 10:15- Andrew Lindbloom and Melissa Mahon.  Then at 1:00 pm we had another own Endowment- Brenda Kerr and I got the opportunity to give her the instructions on wearing the garment since the Yarbrough's were doing their prayer meeting at 12:00 pm.  I just can't believe we are in our third year and in November will be done with our three year calling.  I love serving and helping with own Endowments and feeling their spirits and the love that they have for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  Happy Days!!!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

President and Sister Livingston covered for us this Saturday

Saturday-- December 9, 2017

The Livingston's cover this day for us because it was my big family Christmas Party that we were in charge of.  At the 10:15 am session their were Three people receiving their own Endowment.  First- Relinda Lee Tom and Second- Steven Donald Jaime and 3rd- Tina  Ryan Montgomery.    Steven and Tina would be sealed at 12:00 pm right after the session.  Their was a Sealing at 10:00 am who were Simon and Leslie Weber and their two daughters were sealed to them.   It's always special to see children being sealed to their parents.   I felt a little bad I wasn't there to see this special moment but time goes on.  We really appreciated the Livingston's working for us so we could go up to Benjamin my home town where I was raised.   At the 3:15 session they had another own Endowment- Cheryl Rae Kay. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Special Young Lady from Blanding

Tuesday-- 5 December 2017-- 7:15 pm

Megan Tyler Grover came this day to receive her own Endowment.  I had the great opportunity to give her instruction on wearing the garments.  She is a Beautiful young women inside and outside.  She was at this time in the Taylorsville YSA 3rd Ward, Tayorsville Utah YSA Stake.  I was so pleased that she came back home to receive her own Endowment in the Monticello Utah Temple.  In our temple we can be one on one and those who receive their own Endowment get the role treatment.  I was so happy that she came on my shift, I knew her parents so well.  She certainly was well prepared to enter the temple with the glow in her eyes and the peaceful look she had in her face. These moments are worth the many hours we serve in the Temple, love the Temple.

Special Experience with Adella Keith

I can't remember the exact date this special experience was but it was in 2017. 

Adella Keith, a Native American came into the Monticello Utah Temple and ask President Harris if his wife Beverly would be proxy for her mother when she would be sealed to her parents today.  President Harris found me and I was so honored she ask me of course I said yes.  Adella first started learning how to do Geneolgy in 2012 when I was in charge of the Family History Center.  We were called on a Mission to Nauvoo so I didn't hear any more how things were going with her Geneolgy until that day I saw her in the temple.  I was so happy to see Adella doing Temple work for her family members. When we were in the Sealing Room and I knelt at the altar as proxy for Adella's mother and Adella's hand was on top of mine I felt real joy to know that Adella was being sealed for time and all eternity to her parents and what an honor that she ask me. Since I have moved in our new home I am in the Eighth Ward in Blanding, Utah and Adella is in my ward now, it is so fun to see her often at church and coming to do her family names in the temple. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday-- 2 December 2017

Saturday -- 2 December 2017

At 1:00 pm Session Connor Troy Palmer would be receiving his own Endowment which President Harris would do the instructions on wearing the garment since the Yarbrough's would be in their prayer meeting.   This Saturday was a slower day but the Spirit of the Lord is always there.  The love for the Lord just swells in your heart.  I love the Temples!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Three to receive their own Endowments

Saturday--  November 25, 2017

Three own Endowments at the 10:15 Session.  Leslie Ann Weber and her husband Simon Peter Weber received their Endowments  and Kolemen Allen Spillman who would be sealed this day after his own Endowment.   We also had another young man Jerry Clay Brooks who is a Missionary would be on the 1:00 pm Session.    Then at 12:30 pm we had a sealing Makenzie Lana Brown and Kolemen Allen Spillman.     It was a busy day at the Monticello Utah Temple and it is always so fun to see so many come to our temple to receive their own Endowments.  Leslie Ann was so excited and had waited for this special moment.  To see the couples light up in their eyes makes tears come to my eyes.  I love these tender moments.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mommy found her country boy and I get to call him daddy!!

Saturday-- 18 November 2017

Ray Palmer's Granddaughter Cheyenne Jillian Palmer and Jens Christian Grover would be sealed in the Monticello Utah Temple today by President James Joseph Harris.  They had not ask anyone to seal them until they got to the temple.  Ray Palmer is a class mate to Jim Harris and he was thrilled that Jim was going to seal the couple.  It was very full in the Sealing Room and President Harris did a beautiful job in his speaking to them before he sealed them.  They were a darling couple but it was sad that her parents weren't there since they were sealed about one month ago. I guess the girl and her step mother had a fight and she wouldn't be sealed to them and she ask them not to come to the temple and her reception.  What a heart breaking time for her parents that they couldn't be involved in Cheyenne's happy day.  I hope she has forgiven them now and is involved in their lives.  Jens's mother Jenny,  just took Cheyenne in her arms and was her mother.  Cheyenne had a little girl about 2 years old and I had the opportunity with her Aunt which she was baby sitter in day care,  to take the little girl into the Sealing Room to be sealed to her mother Cheyenne and step father Jens.  It was so beautiful to see the family around the altar to be sealed forever, everyone was crying. I thank my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for such a special spiritual day....

Autumn Beth Evans- Own Endowments

18 November 2017--1015 am

Autumn Beth Evans is an employer and friend of Rex Anderson and he came to talk to me because she was nervous that her mother would come to the Temple and she didn't want her to be there.  She had been verbally abusive by her mother and she was afraid she would go into an anxiety attack if she showed up.  They wanted me to tell Jim that only 3 people could be with Autumn but we were not going to lye because her mother had a recommend to enter in the Temple.  Autumn's sister would fly in and be her escort and Rex Anderson would be in the session also, that would be the three. It worked out to be a beautiful day because her mother never heard that she was going to the temple to receive her own endowment from her sister. Autumn had been to my house asking questions about if she could make her own temple dress and I told her yes as long as it wasn't too low in the front and it could be long and the dress selves could be to her wrist.  Anyway she didn't bring her dress because she said the material was not a pure white color but off white.  She was able to get a top to go with her skirt.  She look beautiful and sweet in her dress.  She was very nervous but because she new me she relaxed and had a very spiritual experience. I was happy I was there to share her special day with the Lord.