Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seventies Hall- Bee Box Story

 May 19, 2013- Sunday

Yesterday I worked at the Seventies Hall.  This is a quaint little chapel/hall built by the Seventies Quorums in Nauvoo.  The bottom floor is a lovely little chapel where they were instructed in the gospel prior to leaving for their missions.  The upper floor was used to provide instruction in the culture, language, etc. of the people they were going to missionary among.  They had a small library for study and a small museum for artifacts.  All the missionaries were ordained Seventies; there were probably more than 2000 ordained Seventies in Nauvoo.  Our Grandfather Abraham Washburn and Samuel Thompson were both Seventies.  To me, the hall was filled with the spirit of all those great men who would have studied and prepared for their mission there--kind of like the first MTC.

Sat. May 18, 2013
Hi, I spent my time at the Lyon Drug and Variety Store yesterday.  We had quit a lot of people that came to the sites.  The bee box is the coolest store.  The children would have this bee box and a mother would put a flower inside.  It has a glass on one side and a door that slides across when the bee goes inside the box to the flower.  It is trapped and then they take it to mom and the bee drops into another wooden box that has baking flour in it and then you let the bee out of the box when your outside and you follow the bee.  With the wings coated with flour it can't fly fast or high so you can follow it to the bee hive.  The bees when their stressed fly home.  Now the family know's where to get the honey they need.  They build a smokey fire under the hive and the smoke goes up inside and the bees all go circle around the queen to protect her and you can reach in and not get hurt.  Then they take their honey home but they don't take all the honey because the bees will stay in the hive and make more.  If the honey is gone then they fly to another hive.  I think that is the coolest pioneer story.  Today is Sunday and we had a wonderful Sacrament Meeting and the best class in Relief Society we have had.  It is so amazing the spirit that is here in Nauvoo.  It seems that the pioneers are here helping at the different sites.  Their are a lot of members that come to see Nauvoo but the non-members that come are so special.  The school children they bring on a field trips are so polite and happy and  respectful they are another religion.  So many parents that come with them love it and they only started this kind of field trips of the school children last year and they want to bring them every year now.  We do not preach any Gospel message but they sure enjoy how the pioneers did things in Nauvoo.  They want the rescipe  to the bread.  Their mothers and the children have never had home made bread.   The parents want to come back and bring their families and that is what we are hoping for.  Just as we need bread in our lives we need Jesus Christ in our lives also.  I know the Gospel was restored by Joseph Smith and he was our prophet here in Nauvoo.  Jesus Christ loves us so much that he wants all of us to return and live with him again.  I hope all our Grandchildren will always be a good example to others that they may see your good works and glory your Father in Heaven.   You could be a missionary where ever you live or where ever you go to school. I hope you know how much Grandpa and Grandma love the Gospel and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  We love being a Missionary, set your goal to go on a Mission.  We are so proud of all our Children and Grandchildren and we love you so much.  Must run, The Gospel is True and I love you, Sister Harris- Grandma                                
                                                      The Lyon Drug and Variety Store

                                                            Story of the Bee Box

                                      Showing how the Bee Box works. It is an awesome idea.

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  1. Elder and Sister Harris, we love this blog! Keep up the great work. It is awesome to hear what you are doing for the Lord. Keep posting.