Thursday, May 30, 2013

Burlington's Hurricane

May 30,2013

Today was our prep day and we went to Burlington to shop for material.  You understand that is a lengthy process and we were ready to leave Jo Ann's when a storm came boiling up.  We have been in an edge of the tornado warnings for two days.  When I opened the door the sirens were going off, so we all went into a secure area and took a radio.  The wind blew sustained at 81 miles an hour.  A level one hurricane starts at 75 so we were in an inland hurricane.  No tornadoes, thank goodness but wind and rain--wow!  When we drove home we observed considerable damage to older farms an buildings--part of one was out in the highway.  We got home in time to perform!!!!!   EH

Food Nanny- BYU Channel

May 30,2013
This lady came into John Taylor's Home.  She is called the Food Nanny and is on the BYU channel. This little boy came up to her at the John Taylor Site and said I know you on TV.  She was so thrilled he new her and so we got pictures with her.  I have never seen her on TV but I wasn't going to tell her that.

 May be some of you know who she is.  She was so active and just thrilled we all wanted pictures with her.

This evening, May 31, 2013 we did our "Sunset by the Mississippi." I felt like we did a good job. Their were a lot of people that were there watching us and the BYU single missionaries.  They have talent that is unbelievable.  Today this man came to the Post Office which where I was a site leader off and he told me last night he took some beautiful rainbow pictures and that he would e-mail them to me.  When I get them I will put them on the blog.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flowers at Sarah Granger Kimbell's Home

Wed. May 29-2013
Here is the Peonies at the Sarah Granger Kimbell's Home where I served today. It is the prettiest garden in all the sites.  Sarah is the women that started the Relief Society in her home before Joseph Smith organized it.    Sarah and her seamstress and other neighbors made shirts for the Temple workers.  Then they helped the poor and needy.  She was a very Charitable women.  Then they made a constitution and showed it to Joseph Smith and he took it to the Lord, He liked the idea.  Joseph Smith then in March 17, 1842 organized the Relief Society of Nauvoo in the top of the Red Brick Story with 20 ladies there and Emma Smith was the President of Relief Society.  Sarah when she was in Salt Lake City became the Relief Society President in her ward, she was a great person.   Hope you enjoy these beautiful Peonies.
Here are the workers in the Flower Gardener.

Sarah Granger Kimbell's Home

Blandingnite's meet in Nauvoo and Baby Fawn

May 29 2013

Hi, it has been a busy day--probably a heat of summer.  I almost had a Blanding Reunion in one tour. Some kids came in first and said mom was tending the baby; I introduced myself as Elder Harris from Blanding.  The girl said her mother had lived in Blanding as a girl.  Then the Will Walker Family came in and then the mom who had lived in Blanding.  It was fun for a few minutes.  There was a couple who lived in Illinois who thought we were all nuts but that's OK.  Sister Harris also met a former Blandingnite who is the younger brother of  Tim Reed.

We had another visit from our little bambi last night.  We got a couple of pictures.  Thats all for me.  EH

Here is our baby fawn that has spent 2 nights by our porch. May  27 & 28, 2013.  Isn't he cute but we really don't know if he is a she or a he.  It is probably only two or three days old.    I am taking this picture in the dark, he is so cute. Sister Harris

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our days run together-

I think today is the 26 of May.  Our days just run together and we do about the same things everyday--just in a different location.  I have to confess my favorite is the Blacksmith Shop.  Today I am at the brickyard.  Sister Harris is at the John Taylor Home.

Well, we did it.  Last night we had to take center stage and do our Noah & Sophia Packard part.  It really is an opportunity to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon.  The Lord blessed us and we did pretty well--it has to be performed to a a certain beat--my body kind of beats to a different drum than everyone else's.  But we were fine--had to do the show twice to sold out audiences.  Tonight we are in the Sunset by the Mississippi show--that one is not bad as the young performing missionaries are the main attraction.  But the bugs are getting really bad.

Bad things happen to good people-  A missionary couple received word their son had been killed in a motorcycle accident in Provo Canyon. I think they are on their way home.

We came home about 9 last night to find a fairly young bambi fawn camped out by our doorstep.  I suppose the mom left her baby there while she munched on flowers.  I had noticed that flowers next to the door step were missing their buds--now we know why.  The fawn got up and moved away a little, so we just quietly went into the house.  In a few minutes the fawn was back precisely where its mother had left it.  It was still there when we went to bed but is gone this morning.

We are having a wonderful time meeting people, most of whom are members of the church and it is amazing how many have some connection to Blanding.  Yesterday I met a cousin to Patsy Redd Shumway.  He was a Redd.  I think his father was Sterling Redd.   Lots of connections with our little old town.  We try to bear our testimonies in some connection to our site tours.  We have had that opportunity with non members whom we will never see again so we don't know if seeds fell on fertile ground.  We can just hope so.

We pray for rain for you.  It rains here every few days--not just sprinkling--but really raining.

Bye for now.   Love Elder Harris

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sunset over Mississippi River

May 24, 2013

Today is Jacob John Harris's Birthday.  He is Three years old. I can't believe how fast the Grandchildren are growing up.  Happy Birthday Jacob.
    Well, we haven't written for a while, but I do have a beautiful Sunset.  This was taken last night in Nauvoo across the Mississippi River. The Sun was just going down and the bugs were flying and biting all over us.   We do a program called, "Sunset by the Mississippi, quit appropriate , don't you think?
 Then when I was walking today I saw this beautiful Clematis, so I am putting in this flower also.

                                    This was the sun going down last night- May 23,2013

                                     Sunset through the trees didn't want to hurt my lense.

                                This was taken without a flash.  I look like the stature of Liberty
                                     with a hole in me.
                                        This was taken in the dark with a flash,  We tried
                                         to wait until the sun wasn't so bright.  I didn't want
                                          the sun to hurt my camera.
                                     Sunset on the Mississippi River with a pioneer.
                                     Hi everybody it's Uncle Joe or Uncle Jim- That is
                                       some words in one of our songs.

                                                 Closing of the Day!!!!!!  May 23, 2013.

            Here is the Clematis I saw walking today.  I didn't have to walk far just around the corner.
                                                            Friday May 24, 2013.


I zoomed up to show the beauty of the clim

                                      This is breath taking.  I love Clematis's.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Several days experiences-

Monday- May 20, 2013,
Elder Harris did the Blacksmith site and Sister Harris did the Land and Records which is the Nauvoo Geneology place.  I had a great day, they had two men's records mixed up and it took me most the day then I finally found the correct person on a ship that brought the wife and children with him to America.    We are pretty sure it is the correct person but by that time it was my time to go home so I will finish working on his records next week when I work in that place again, so they can put it in the computer correct and when someone looks up his name they can find their ancestry from Nauvoo.  This is the only place you can find your relatives that have lived here in Nauvoo.  You can't get information like this from family search.  Happy Day.. Sister Harris
This night at 7:00 pm we did the Sunset by the Mississippi Program.

Tuesday- May 21, 2013
Elder Harris worked in the Boot Shop,  They teach others how to make boots and shoes.

Sister Harris worked in Lucy Mack Smith's Home.  That was a neat place, his mother had a great testimony that her son Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and that he Restored the Gospel on the earth. Even though she wasn't well enough to go out west, she stayed true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

 Tonight was a free night but we went to the watch another group do the Sunset.

Wednesday- May 22, 2013
 We were up early for a meeting at 8:00 and Elder Harris & I had to do the prayers.  Elder Harris was at the Family Living Center which is a really fun place to serve.  He likes to show how to make rope and is really good at it.

Sister Harris served at the FM, which is to work doing flowers or cleaning sites or other things.

We drove to Carthage Jail and washed and waxed the statures of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, they do this every 6 Months.  Such a special spirit there at Carthage Jail.

 Did our program at the Cultural Hall, Rendezvous.  I think next week, Elder Harris and I will be doing Noah and Sophia which is a neat true pioneer story.  This will be on Monday night.  Prayer for our minds to remember what we have learned.

Thursday- May 23,2013
This is our Prep Day so we first went to the dentist for Elder Harris then went shopping at Keokuk.
Got home in time to do the Sunset by the Mississippi Program at 7:00 pm. We are always going to bed late and up early to get ready for the day and do our studying time.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seventies Hall- Bee Box Story

 May 19, 2013- Sunday

Yesterday I worked at the Seventies Hall.  This is a quaint little chapel/hall built by the Seventies Quorums in Nauvoo.  The bottom floor is a lovely little chapel where they were instructed in the gospel prior to leaving for their missions.  The upper floor was used to provide instruction in the culture, language, etc. of the people they were going to missionary among.  They had a small library for study and a small museum for artifacts.  All the missionaries were ordained Seventies; there were probably more than 2000 ordained Seventies in Nauvoo.  Our Grandfather Abraham Washburn and Samuel Thompson were both Seventies.  To me, the hall was filled with the spirit of all those great men who would have studied and prepared for their mission there--kind of like the first MTC.

Sat. May 18, 2013
Hi, I spent my time at the Lyon Drug and Variety Store yesterday.  We had quit a lot of people that came to the sites.  The bee box is the coolest store.  The children would have this bee box and a mother would put a flower inside.  It has a glass on one side and a door that slides across when the bee goes inside the box to the flower.  It is trapped and then they take it to mom and the bee drops into another wooden box that has baking flour in it and then you let the bee out of the box when your outside and you follow the bee.  With the wings coated with flour it can't fly fast or high so you can follow it to the bee hive.  The bees when their stressed fly home.  Now the family know's where to get the honey they need.  They build a smokey fire under the hive and the smoke goes up inside and the bees all go circle around the queen to protect her and you can reach in and not get hurt.  Then they take their honey home but they don't take all the honey because the bees will stay in the hive and make more.  If the honey is gone then they fly to another hive.  I think that is the coolest pioneer story.  Today is Sunday and we had a wonderful Sacrament Meeting and the best class in Relief Society we have had.  It is so amazing the spirit that is here in Nauvoo.  It seems that the pioneers are here helping at the different sites.  Their are a lot of members that come to see Nauvoo but the non-members that come are so special.  The school children they bring on a field trips are so polite and happy and  respectful they are another religion.  So many parents that come with them love it and they only started this kind of field trips of the school children last year and they want to bring them every year now.  We do not preach any Gospel message but they sure enjoy how the pioneers did things in Nauvoo.  They want the rescipe  to the bread.  Their mothers and the children have never had home made bread.   The parents want to come back and bring their families and that is what we are hoping for.  Just as we need bread in our lives we need Jesus Christ in our lives also.  I know the Gospel was restored by Joseph Smith and he was our prophet here in Nauvoo.  Jesus Christ loves us so much that he wants all of us to return and live with him again.  I hope all our Grandchildren will always be a good example to others that they may see your good works and glory your Father in Heaven.   You could be a missionary where ever you live or where ever you go to school. I hope you know how much Grandpa and Grandma love the Gospel and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  We love being a Missionary, set your goal to go on a Mission.  We are so proud of all our Children and Grandchildren and we love you so much.  Must run, The Gospel is True and I love you, Sister Harris- Grandma                                
                                                      The Lyon Drug and Variety Store

                                                            Story of the Bee Box

                                      Showing how the Bee Box works. It is an awesome idea.