Monday, September 30, 2013

Carthage Jail and Walk

Wed. Sept 25, 2013
We went to the 8:00 am Training Meeting and then hurried to Carthage Visitor Center because we served this day.  The Taye's are on their preparation day and we have to train the new missionaries that are coming from Nauvoo to serve with us. It is so fun to get to know other missionaries.

Thursday- Sept 26, 2013
Elder Harris and I got up and went on a beautiful morning walk.
Here are the beautiful pictures that we took on our walk in Carthage, Illinois

Well, here is Elder Harris and Sister Harris walking down the road, my phone was taking my picture instead of this beautiful one below but I fixed it.

This is what we saw at the beginning of our walk.  The leaves are just starting to change but not in town.
                                                       Breath taking!!!!
 Here is another picture that you can see that someone has a place across the lake to put a small boat in the water.  Can you believe the reflection in the water, amazing colors.

 All you golf lovers this is also a golf course around this picturesque lake.  Catch me if you can, my shadow I mean.

  Here is one of the hole markers at the golf course.  To get this hole you have to hit your golf ball across the side of the lake and land at this spot.  You have to try to not hit your golf ball in
the water, what a challenge.
                       This is at the end of the lake but not our road we are walking on.
We walked on this bridge where the men,who were the mob painted their faces black before going to the Carthage Jail to kill Joseph & Hyrum Smith.
                                 This is the water under the bridge that is close to the lake.
                                             This home is just before the bridge.

As we started walking up the road I took this picture.  It look's like we are in the mountains.
                   We are coming up out of the trees and walking by some really nice homes.

                  This home is the first home we saw.   Isn't the landscaping beautiful.
                           We walk past these three homes next to each other.

                       We then walked past the cemetery and saw this really pretty brush.
                        We are on the last road that goes home and then we arrived home.
This is what is on the front door.
Elder Harris walking to water the plants. My plants are the hot pink and yellow ones.
    This is the Mansion House that we will be leaving in for one more week.  Moving to another home that is on the lot by the Carthage Jail.  We will live there for about 6 Months or through the winter.

Later we went to the Nauvoo Temple since this is our preparation day.

Then we drove to Montrose to see the beautiful sight of the Nauvoo Temple across the Mississippi River.
      Driving into the town this sign was there and up the road a little ways was this flower pot.

  At this place is where we climb up a stair to look
 across the Mississippi River and see the Nauvoo Temple.  It is so clear and beautiful at Montrose.  Here is were I stood to take the picture of the Nauvoo Temple.

 Here is where Sister Harris is getting a picture of the Nauvoo Temple across the Mississippi River behind her. This is before she zooms up the picture.
                                      Here are the zoomed up pictures in order.

I am Zoomed up across the Mississippi River to see the Nauvoo Temple, cool ha!!!

A Hop, a Skip, and a Jump as Elder Harris is walking around, the river is behind the fence.

                     Elder Harris down below the bench's

     Elder Harris  with the two men in the middle of the river and the Nauvoo Temple zoomed up.
These two men are having the time of their live, zoomed up to see them.

Here is a small cabin.  Elder Harris showing you.
                                    The rock shows how wide the Mississippi River is.
                  Nauvoo Temple across the Mississippi River and Elder Harris and the rock.
We decided to walk up the Mississippi River and look at some of the things Montrose has.

                                         This is a Historic Site Information place.
We found a small water fall and these fish at the bottom in a small pond.  I just had to take pictures.

Here are the fishes in the pond.

Trying to show the water going over the rocks in the water fall.

We get in the car and drove to Keokuk which is south of Montrose.  We past these water lilies on the Mississippi River.
 We are leaving Montrose through town and I take one more beautiful flower pot.  The town has them all over. The flower pot are even lining the bridges we go over.
As we were leaving we saw this Stork.  I zoomed up on him.

                              Isn't he cool looking!!!  Grandchildren you'll like these pictures.
 Here is where one of the bridges with flowers all across the bridge. This is as we where leaving Montrose.  I keep taking some pictures through the trees of the Mississippi River.

 We drove on this road which was along the Mississippi River.  It looks like a hidden grove.
 This farmer was threshing his corn.  They go so fast and it is fun to see the corn cobs flying out the back  with the corn off it.  The corn is stored in the machine then they drive to a truck to empty the corn.
As we got closer to Keokuk this is what it looked like.
                                  This is the Mississippi River.  Notice the railroad tracks.

      This was so pretty with the only colored leaves in these trees.  Welcome Autumn !!!!!!  This has been a long day but we had a wonderful time.  We just love it here!!!