Thursday, May 16, 2013

Singing our cast songs in Rendezvous-

May 16, 2013

Today has been our preparation day and it started out with an early rehearsal for the part we have been asked to do  in Rendezvous.  I thought we were really ready but the minute I got in the stage and the piano started, I went pretty blank--Sister Harris also.  Thank goodness it was just practice.  The part has to be said to the beat of the music.  It just as well be jazz music for me to stay with the beat.   You all better be praying for us cause we have to do it--probably next week.

However, we were on stage last night just as part of the cast.  We survived that so I guess that date goes down on the record as starting our stage careers.

Tonight we rehearse for the Sunset show.  I am one of the flag bearers for the Patriotic portion.  I can do that!  This show has lots of singing and dancing, but the main focus is on the women and the Young Performing Missionaries.  Mostly we oldies are just backup and that is just fine with me.

We are dancing the polka in the second summer on the stage.

        Robert (My brother) and DeNene Jensen came to visit us in Nauvoo, What a surprise!!!

This is strange country--it goes from cold and rainy to hot and hotter just over night--we currently are in the hot part--a drought even--it hasn't rained for nearly week.

I watch that big old river rolling by 24/7 with all that water and just feel badly for that dry old desert Southwest.

We did some yardwork--Sister Harris is death on dandy lions and we have a full acre of them.  I raked leaves and bagged them but soon got hot and tired and left it to Sister Harris--Personally. I think dandy lions are pretty--while they are blooming.

I went out to the old cemetary a few days ago.  They have a listing of folks buried there.  There are four Washburns.  I can find three of the names in Abrahams biography.  The fourth is probably theirs as well.  You can't tell where the graves are--most of the stones are gone or illegible.  We might take some flowers out and just lean against a tree for Memorial Day.  I expect most of the people in the cemetary are children.  The pioneers had a tough time keeping babies and children alive--no real medecines--of course no innoculations.  We are blessed to have families when there is good medical help.

                                                 The tomb of the three Washburn children
                                                  Walking up to the Old Cementery

Sorry for all the typos and misspelled words.  Typing with two fingers is the pits.  Elder Harris

May 15, 2013,
 A BIG Thank You from all my friends and family on Facebook.  My neighbor VerDonne Blake who has the same date for her Wedding Anniversary, Thank You for remember me on your special day.   A thank you family for sending me cards and your love.  Thank you Bradley and Megan for that cool family book you sent me.  I love the letter you sent me Tami, it truly touched my heart.  Thank you Jed for calling and talking to me late last night.  I know it was hard to find me yesterday for any of you family members.  I did get all your phone messages Kisti, thanks and love on facebook, thanks Spencer.  Thank you Kim for that beautiful card.  The flowers Jb sent me is still beautiful that I enjoy everyday on my table, Thanks.  Thank you in-Law's your very special to me.
Elder Harris, I keep calling him that because they say every time we call each other by our first name we have to stay a week longer.  I don't know if I will ever get back home!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was my Birthday and Elder Harris gave me a pie instead of a Birthday Cake because the bakery man was out of town and couldn't make me a cake.  It was Strawberry Rhubarb, really good.
This is Sister Harris in her new Show Dress for the production we were in last night.

Hello everyone I am getting all my songs down.  Elder Harris in his show clothes.

                                                                Handsome Man !!!


  1. You both look so quaint and charming! Good luck and we love you. Jed doesn't check your blog but I do. And Emma says she loves you and that your hat looks funny.

  2. Emma, I also think my hat looks funny to me also. The blue part of my collar wasn't straight so I wanted to fix it. So they took of the blue and put on a lacy design and now I don't like my dress as much, it looks to plan but that will have to be what it is. It doesn't look the same now. I had to pay $95:00 dollars for my show dress. I will have to take another picture. Take care and the Gospel is TRUE and I LOVE YOU ALL.