Saturday, May 4, 2013

Printer Shop & Log School House

Hi,  I wish some of you techi kids were more available..  I continually save things to my favorites but they don't show up anywhere when I go to looking for them.  I worked at the Printers shop today.  Our only salvation is that the guests know less than we do.  Fortunately we are only supposed to keep them for about 15 minutes and then move them along, so we have to do the history thing plus try to leave a spiritual nugget of thought in pretty quick order.  Sister Harris will add more.  Elder Harris
      Saturday I worked at the Log School House.  It is two sites in one.  It is about this man named Calvin Pendleton, and the other site is the log school house.  Dr. Pendleton is a medical doctor that likes to prevent sickness and use herbs and nature to heal what is wrong with you.  He loved education but was not a school teacher.  The school was built on the spot where Dr. Pendleton built his log cabin for his wife.  He was a bachelor when he joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The children in the Common School learn phonics.  It is from 1st to 8th grades here in Nauvoo.  Anyway I won't  bore you anymore you will have to come to Nauvoo and learn what they do in the school house, it is really cool.

Jens, Joey in the back and liz's children and Charity
                                           Tell the story in the front of the log school house.
                                                   Kyler by the table in the front part.
                             Derek, Brent, Caroline, Kyler, Elder Harris, and Ken with their slates.
                                                        Kyler have fun with two slates.
Here are the old books in the log school house.
. We'll the church is true and I love you!! It is late must run along, bye for now. Sister Harris


  1. Haha, Dad you crack me up! I can't wait for you to wow me with all this new knowledge the two of you are learning. It sounds like you guys are doing wonderful!

  2. Love you guys and miss you!

    Loni and JB