Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Tuesday- April 29, 2014
We looked out the window and what did we see Turkey Tom strutting around trying to entertain his girls friends.  Here are some pictures.
                           I zoomed up to show the feathers fanned out to impress the girl turkeys.

Here are the girl turkeys and the Tom Turkey showing off his colored feathers. He is a pretty big turkey.

           The turkey is still walking after the girl turkeys to get their attention. This is so cool to watch!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Elder Harris' Birthday

Sunday- April 27, 2014
  O Boy!! here is the Big 7-0 Birthday Elder Harris.  I know you have been dreading this day but you're as young as you think you are.  We are enjoying our time in Nauvoo on his 70th Birthday.  Elder Harris has received many cards from loved ones and gifts from our children.  Elder Harris your a wonderful Husband and Father to our children.                                                                    

Elder James Joseph Harris- 70 Years Old
Elder Harris
reading his Birthday cards!                                      
                                                                Elder Harris' gifts!!!


Elder and Sister Ballard gave Elder Harris some cup cakes for his Birthday.  Elder Harris making a wish and blowing the candle out.
      Happy Days!!!

                                          Elder Harris 70 Years Old!!!  You Handsome Man!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Charity's Dance Recital

Saturday- April 26, 2014
Charity is such cute dancer. Here is Charity in her cute dancing outfit.  She performed her dances on Saturday, April 26th.  We are proud of you Charity and love you.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Kyler's Birthday

Friday- April 25, 2014
Happy Third Birthday Kyler  Harris Bonney.  We are so happy you are one of our Grandchildren and we want you to know how much we love you.  Thanks for sending us some pictures of you with what you bought with the money we sent you.

                                            Kyler Harris Bonney what a cutie!!!   3 Years Old!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rainy day in Kalona, Iowa

Thursday- April 24, 2014
Since the last post It wouldn't let me do anything past the pictures so I will finish our tour in Kalona, Iowa now.  We all got on the bus and the driver started to drive us out in the country. Here are some rainy pictures of the country.
                                                             Here is Elder & Sister Jenson and Elder & Sister Duncan
Here are some more rainy pictures of our day.

These are taken out of the Tour Bus windows.

These are taken of the Amish barns and Farms.

 I wanted you to see what the Amish use as vehicles, a horse and buggy.  This is a winter one because it is covered up to keep you dry and warm, you are closed in.  You can see it through the window of the Tour bus. Left is a close up, sorry blurry.

 To the right is a place where people give clothing to help other people that don't have much money. It is called the       Christian Aid Ministries Iowa Clothing Center.

This is a close up of the door.
Here to the left is another building that was by the Clothing Center.  Picture to the right is where some more buggies are stored.
Here are some Amish building or farms where they live. It is still raining as you can tell.
The Amish men work really hard on their farms.
This is the next place we stopped at and went inside. It is called Golden Delight Bakery & Gift shop.
I bought Elder Harris a Raspberry Pie for his Birthday which would be this Sunday April 27th.  It was fun to see all the wonderful things that the Amish people make.
This place was our second stop and it had the most beautiful quilts and wood work that I have ever seen.  Boy I wished I could have bought a quilt or a wood spinner thing that goes in the middle of the table, they were awesome.  
Here are some more pictures of the country and barns.

This is our third stop at a Amish Store and Sister & Elder Ballard are walking to the Tour Bus.
They had the cutest little Tea Set but I didn't buy it, then on the road again.
As we would be traveling around the farms we would see these small buildings that look like outhouses but they are phone booths.  When the Amish want to phone someone they go in these phone booths that are just in the fields by the road.  It is so funny because they do not have phones in their homes.
                                   Here is someone using the Phone Booth and this is their buggy and horse.

                                   These are pictures of what we saw as we drove back to town.

            Here is a garden spot behind the fence.  There are a lot of flowers, it looks like a nursery.
                                                      Welcome to KALONA signs are on all the streets.
Here we have arrived back at Kalona.  Before our tour we walked the streets and found a place to eat lunch.  These are Mennonite's places, they are Amish that are modern Amish but they still wear white capes.
Here is a typical Amish horse and buggy going up the road with a couple in a picture frame.