Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kerby Doris McDougall

December 1, 2016

This Sister that came to receive her Own Endowment was a joy to be with.  Her name is Kerby Doris McDougall.  Her light in her eyes just lite up the world.  she is a special daughter of God and it was a Joy to be with her and to give her the instructions about the garments.  You could feel her happiness and the spirit that was with her.  I felt the spirit with me and I felt like we were spirit to spirit. Later on she became a Temple Ordinance Worker in the Monticello Temple.  She has now received her mission call and is in the MTC on this date- April 18, 2017. She will be serving in the States.  She served in the temple for months and knows all the parts in the temple.  The young have quick brains and learn a lot faster then us old people.  She will be an awesome missionary and we are proud of her as if we were are parents.