Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nauvoo in the Spring....

May 9, 2013- Thursday
Hi everyone,
Well today is our preparation day!! We washed and clean and went to Burlington, IA.  I put my sewing machine up to sew and I guess I left my cord home, anyway I can't find it so I found a place in Burlington, Iowa that sales Baby Locks.  So we went there and I bought a cord for my sewing machine.
We only had to drive 30 minutes and so we did some more shopping at Wall-marts.  Last week we went on a carriage ride in the rain, here is a lovely picture of us and our friends, Elder & Sister Harding.
It was so cold this day, in the front is another couple missionary that came with us to Nauvoo.
Elder Harris & I worked at the Visitor Center last Monday, May 6, 2013 and we took some pictures of the Women's Gardens.   Here are some pictures.

There was a birds nest under Grandmother's hands.  It was so cool, it had baby eggs in the nest.

Here it shows the nest on the other side.

Here is that good looking man with me, Elder Harris

Just look at these beautiful tulips.

The Gardens were just so Beautiful at this time of year, it rains, and rains, and rains some more. Wished Blanding could get some of this rain!!!!!

The great visitor center.

Here is the entrance.  It was a good day.
Well, I hope you enjoy the Beautiful Nauvoo in the Spring time.

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