Saturday, December 30, 2017

Special Sealing time with family and friends- President Harris the Sealer

30 December 2017

Jim organized a sealing at 4 O'Clock in the pm schedule, he had a lot of family names to be Sealed and he would be the Sealer.   He had Callie (his sister) and Howard Randall to come to the sealing.  We also ask Ken and Tami ( our daughter) to help with the Sealing because they were down for the New Years.  He ask Rex Anderson and Autumn Beth Evans to also come to help with the Sealing.  Autumn had just recently received her own Endowment in November 2017 and this was her first time at do Sealings.    Autumn is an employer to Rex Anderson she helps him with his horses. I was there also and it was special to be proxy for family names and to have President Harris be the sealer.  Callie wants Jim to ask them again to do Sealings for her and his relatives, she really enjoyed it. The special experiences we have in the temple are awesome.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Another special Saturday

Saturday--  16 December 2017

At 8:00 am Krista Grover ( another child in the Grover family) received her own Endowment this day.   I had the great opportunity to give her the instruction on wearing the garment.  She was so thrilled to be in the temple and I was thrilled she was their on my shift.  She certainly brought the spirit with her and was well prepared to receive her own Endowment.  We also had a sealing at 10:15- Andrew Lindbloom and Melissa Mahon.  Then at 1:00 pm we had another own Endowment- Brenda Kerr and I got the opportunity to give her the instructions on wearing the garment since the Yarbrough's were doing their prayer meeting at 12:00 pm.  I just can't believe we are in our third year and in November will be done with our three year calling.  I love serving and helping with own Endowments and feeling their spirits and the love that they have for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  Happy Days!!!!

Beverly Harris
(Assistant Matron of the Monticello Temple)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

President and Sister Livingston covered for us this Saturday

Saturday-- December 9, 2017

The Livingston's cover this day for us because it was my big family Christmas Party that we were in charge of.  At the 10:15 am session their were Three people receiving their own Endowment.  First- Relinda Lee Tom and Second- Steven Donald Jaime and 3rd- Tina  Ryan Montgomery.    Steven and Tina would be sealed at 12:00 pm right after the session.  Their was a Sealing at 10:00 am who were Simon and Leslie Weber and their two daughters were sealed to them.   It's always special to see children being sealed to their parents.   I felt a little bad I wasn't there to see this special moment but time goes on.  We really appreciated the Livingston's working for us so we could go up to Benjamin my home town where I was raised.   At the 3:15 session they had another own Endowment- Cheryl Rae Kay. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Special Young Lady from Blanding

Tuesday-- 5 December 2017-- 7:15 pm

Megan Tyler Grover came this day to receive her own Endowment.  I had the great opportunity to give her instruction on wearing the garments.  She is a Beautiful young women inside and outside.  She was at this time in the Taylorsville YSA 3rd Ward, Tayorsville Utah YSA Stake.  I was so pleased that she came back home to receive her own Endowment in the Monticello Utah Temple.  In our temple we can be one on one and those who receive their own Endowment get the role treatment.  I was so happy that she came on my shift, I knew her parents so well.  She certainly was well prepared to enter the temple with the glow in her eyes and the peaceful look she had in her face. These moments are worth the many hours we serve in the Temple, love the Temple.

Special Experience with Adella Keith

I can't remember the exact date this special experience was but it was in 2017. 

Adella Keith, a Native American came into the Monticello Utah Temple and ask President Harris if his wife Beverly would be proxy for her mother when she would be sealed to her parents today.  President Harris found me and I was so honored she ask me of course I said yes.  Adella first started learning how to do Geneolgy in 2012 when I was in charge of the Family History Center.  We were called on a Mission to Nauvoo so I didn't hear any more how things were going with her Geneolgy until that day I saw her in the temple.  I was so happy to see Adella doing Temple work for her family members. When we were in the Sealing Room and I knelt at the altar as proxy for Adella's mother and Adella's hand was on top of mine I felt real joy to know that Adella was being sealed for time and all eternity to her parents and what an honor that she ask me. Since I have moved in our new home I am in the Eighth Ward in Blanding, Utah and Adella is in my ward now, it is so fun to see her often at church and coming to do her family names in the temple. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday-- 2 December 2017

Saturday -- 2 December 2017

At 1:00 pm Session Connor Troy Palmer would be receiving his own Endowment which President Harris would do the instructions on wearing the garment since the Yarbrough's would be in their prayer meeting.   This Saturday was a slower day but the Spirit of the Lord is always there.  The love for the Lord just swells in your heart.  I love the Temples!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Three to receive their own Endowments

Saturday--  November 25, 2017

Three own Endowments at the 10:15 Session.  Leslie Ann Weber and her husband Simon Peter Weber received their Endowments  and Kolemen Allen Spillman who would be sealed this day after his own Endowment.   We also had another young man Jerry Clay Brooks who is a Missionary would be on the 1:00 pm Session.    Then at 12:30 pm we had a sealing Makenzie Lana Brown and Kolemen Allen Spillman.     It was a busy day at the Monticello Utah Temple and it is always so fun to see so many come to our temple to receive their own Endowments.  Leslie Ann was so excited and had waited for this special moment.  To see the couples light up in their eyes makes tears come to my eyes.  I love these tender moments.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mommy found her country boy and I get to call him daddy!!

Saturday-- 18 November 2017

Ray Palmer's Granddaughter Cheyenne Jillian Palmer and Jens Christian Grover would be sealed in the Monticello Utah Temple today by President James Joseph Harris.  They had not ask anyone to seal them until they got to the temple.  Ray Palmer is a class mate to Jim Harris and he was thrilled that Jim was going to seal the couple.  It was very full in the Sealing Room and President Harris did a beautiful job in his speaking to them before he sealed them.  They were a darling couple but it was sad that her parents weren't there since they were sealed about one month ago. I guess the girl and her step mother had a fight and she wouldn't be sealed to them and she ask them not to come to the temple and her reception.  What a heart breaking time for her parents that they couldn't be involved in Cheyenne's happy day.  I hope she has forgiven them now and is involved in their lives.  Jens's mother Jenny,  just took Cheyenne in her arms and was her mother.  Cheyenne had a little girl about 2 years old and I had the opportunity with her Aunt which she was baby sitter in day care,  to take the little girl into the Sealing Room to be sealed to her mother Cheyenne and step father Jens.  It was so beautiful to see the family around the altar to be sealed forever, everyone was crying. I thank my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for such a special spiritual day....

Autumn Beth Evans- Own Endowments

18 November 2017--1015 am

Autumn Beth Evans is an employer and friend of Rex Anderson and he came to talk to me because she was nervous that her mother would come to the Temple and she didn't want her to be there.  She had been verbally abusive by her mother and she was afraid she would go into an anxiety attack if she showed up.  They wanted me to tell Jim that only 3 people could be with Autumn but we were not going to lye because her mother had a recommend to enter in the Temple.  Autumn's sister would fly in and be her escort and Rex Anderson would be in the session also, that would be the three. It worked out to be a beautiful day because her mother never heard that she was going to the temple to receive her own endowment from her sister. Autumn had been to my house asking questions about if she could make her own temple dress and I told her yes as long as it wasn't too low in the front and it could be long and the dress selves could be to her wrist.  Anyway she didn't bring her dress because she said the material was not a pure white color but off white.  She was able to get a top to go with her skirt.  She look beautiful and sweet in her dress.  She was very nervous but because she new me she relaxed and had a very spiritual experience. I was happy I was there to share her special day with the Lord.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Own Endowment- Sydney Redd

Thursday- 12 October 2017-- 7:15 pm

Sydney Redd was a darling girl.  She had the spirit with her so strong that you could feel the spirit just radiate from her. It was really an honor to give her the Instructions about wearing the garment.  She would be married on Oct. 21, 2017 at the Salt Lake Temple.  It is so fun to help these young women when they come to the Temple when they are well prepared.  She thanked me so much for helping her feel relaxed so she wasn't so nervous.  She told me the Endowment was very different than what she thought but she loved feeling the spirit in the Temple. The Young Single Adults are so prepared to enter the house of the Lord these days and it is a blessing for me to be there with them.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Farmington, New Mexico, Missionary Temple Day

9 October 2017

This was a Monday and we opened the Monticello Temple for a special day with the Farmington, New Mexico, Missionaries to come to the temple. All six of the Temple Presidency was there to help on this busy day.  I was impressed that about half of the Missionaries were sisters.  They brought about 145 or so Missionaries to do Temple work in the Monticello Temple and next week would take about that many to the Albuquerque Temple.  It was such a spiritual time with the Elders and the Sisters with other couples driving them.   We also had Missionary couples come with them. It was a spiritual day and I thank my Heavenly Father for these special blessings that I we receive often in the temple. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Elder Joseph W. Sitati- Visits the Monticello Utah Temple

5 October 2017

A General Authority Elder Joseph W. Sitati visits the temple for 3 days.  He arrives the night before and stays in the Temple Presidents home, October 4, 2017.  On Thursday October 5, 2017 the meetings start for President James J. Harris at 8:30 am to 10:00 am.  We broke for lunch about 1:00 pm, the matron and assistant matrons had prepare the meal but Elder Sitati was fasting for some family problems so we ate without him while he went into the bedroom.   We started our next meeting with all the presidency there at 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm then at 4:00 he met with the matron and assistant matrons alone until 5:30 pm.  I was nervous but he made us all feel very released.  He was a very tall and black man.   He had an accent and was very hard to understand what he was asking of us.  He certainly had the spirit with him and we had a wonderful day with Elder Sitati.

6 October 2017

The next day we had interviews alone with Elder Joseph W. Sitati at 8:00 am to 10:00 am.   He ask me questions about my husband and his health and I told him that he just had blood work done and he was doing really good with his diabetes.  I was very frightened and I told him I couldn't understand what questions he was asking of me so he spoke slower and louder so I could hear him.  I am sure he wanted to know how well we got along with all the presidency and how the temple work was going.
Then at 10:30 am to 12:30 pm he observed the ordinances.  He went on a session, watched male initorary, observed sealings.    Then we went to lunch and Elder Sitati ate with us this day.   At 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm he met with Stake Presidencies and Sealers.  At 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm Elder  Sitati and President Livingston had their last meeting together.  At 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm was our Presidency closing meeting. It was wonderful to be in the presents of a General Authority Elder Joseph W. Sitati.  I got so I could understand him better when I paid attention, he was truly a spiritual man.   Loves these special days.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday AM Shift

Tuesday-- 19 September 2017

Own Endowment at 12:15 pm Session- Sherene Horrocks.   It is always an honor to give the instructions on wearing the garment.  Special times with the young women.   I always point out the picture of Christ when you walk into the temple and when you look at his foot or sandal and keep your eyes on the foot as you walk past him,  the ankle with turn and follow you in the temple and when you leave the ankle moves and Christ follows you out the temple. I love that picture.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Sealing President Yarbrough did

Friday Night- Sept. 8, 2017,

It was fun to help with this sealing because I have been helping Tara when she started coming a year ago to do Baptisms as a new convert.  She is a beautiful blond and has a special spirit about her.  She is the only member in her family including her children.  She  is from Cortez, Colorado and of her friends are Ordinance workers which are great friends to help her.  She was baptized about one year ago and took her Endowments out in the Monticello Utah Temple a year ago and now she is sealed to a wonderful man.  She wasn't nervous just so excited.  She says her children are not members but they are great supporters and his children aren't active I guess because neither of them any children to be there at their sealing.  They both had been married before and divorced so I am very happy for them to find each other and see them so happy.   Saturday they will have a get together with their children.  The temple is wonderful!!! Their names are Robert Glen Taylor and Tara Lin C.   They both are from Cortez, Colorado.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Own Endowment- Blanding young man

Saturday-- 2 September 2017

We served on our PM shift so we had an own Endowment at 3:15 pm.  President Harris did the instructions on wearing the garment.   His name is Walker Boyd Black.   It is wonderful to see these young men come to receive their own Endowment and their escort with them.  Sometimes these Missionaries seem very young at 18 but they are serving the Lord and being his hands. As I think about this more I don't think we worked the Saturday pm shift.  We should had that day off unless we traded a shift that day which happens sometimes.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday- 26 August 2017

Saturday- August 26, 2017

As you can tell Saturday pm shift is our time to serve  in the temple.  At 1:00 pm another special young women received her own Endowment her name was Barbara Angela Freeman.  She was an angel in my eyes.  I just can't believe so many special spirits that have increased my testimony each week in this month.  I think the missionaries are much more prepared to leave on their missions than they use to  years and years ago.  It is wonderful to feel so many good spirits in the temples on my shift.  I love the temple and I am so thankful for these wonderful experiences that the Lord gave me.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Another own Endowment!

Saturday- 19 August 2017,

At 1:00 pm Betty Jo Morris was so much fun. We laugh how all of my family had Jo in the middle of their name. Kisti-Jo, Charity Jo, Loni Jo, my husband Jim Joe and our son is called JB, Joe, Joseph what ever you want to call him.  Anyway we bonded that afternoon and she just lite up in her eyes.  She wasn't afraid at all just ready to take in the spirit that is in the temples.  She came from Logan because she wanted  the one on one experience.  I was greatful that I got to be with her in the afternoon that day.  Sister Livingston gave her the own Endowment Instruction while I did my prayer meeting before  the 1:00 pm session. I went into the Brides room to meet her and she was such a delight to be around.  I love serving in the first small temple, Monticello Utah Temple so many special spiritual experiences.
         We also at the 3:15 pm session was a young man receiving his own Endowment and he was probably 6 to 7 feet tall.  He was such a handsome young missionary to leave in a week or so.   His name was Carson Robert Duncan.  The world has so many wonderful young men and young women going out into the world to build His kingdom.  Happy Days!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday- August 12th, 2017

12 August 2017,

This Saturday was a busy day in the pm schedule.  At 1:00 pm was a sealing for McFarland  and Johnson.  Sealing are always special to see the husband and wife kneeling over the alter.
      Later at 3:15 a sister named Kari De Martin was receiving her Endowment.  Boy, she was a special young women and she just glowed with the spirit.   It was really fun to be with her when she was at the veil.   She just absorbed everything at the temple and I know she just loved  the temple. What a way to spend our Saturday.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dan Nakai

02 August 2017,

Wednesday was a special day for Dan Nakai and his sister.   They were both sealed to their parents this day.  Jim wasn't the sealer but we had a long hard time getting the paper work ready for the sister. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Dan's paper work was already done. Some of the other brothers and sisters were not ready to come to the temple to be sealed.  The temples are wonderful!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

5th Sunday- 30 July 2017

Sunday-- 30th July 2017

Jim and I were the speakers on the combined 5th Sunday meeting in the 8th Ward.  Jim started then I told some experience I had with Family History and then he finished the meeting.  We were to talk about Family History and the Temples.  Jim said I did very well, I told my stories without reading anything and felt like the spirit helped me with my talk.  I am so thankful that the Lord is always with me in helping me when I need him.  I had displayed my three Geneology books that I made in 3 years.  I also displayed the Monticello Temple to set the mood.  I felt like the people in the ward were really interested in what we had to say.  The Lord helps me what to say and I am so humble that he loves me so much to help me when I need him.  

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Own Endowment- July 29,2017

Saturday-- 29 July 2017
McKenna Danielle Lindsey came to the Monticello Temple to receive her own Endowment.   She was to be on the 1:00 pm  session and since I was doing my pray meeting  a little  before that Sister Livingston did the Instruction of the garment.  Pres. and Sister Livingston went home and I was to take care of McKenna in the session.  She was a darling girl and her fiance was on the session but she would not give him her new name to him today because they were being married in another temple after 7 days. She was beautiful and had a special spirit about her.  Her fiance who was an indian had met at the single adults in Farmington New Mexico and he looked like a special person also. Love to be at the temple when we have an own Endowment....

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Eighth Ward Treat- Wednesday-

Wednesday- July 26, 2017

Today was special because this couple came to the Monticello Temple to receive their Endowments.
Bethanie Ann Evans and her husband Bryan Ray Palmer were so thrilled to be in the Monticello Temple and were in our the 8th Ward.  President Harris and I got the wonderful opportunity to help them since it was on our shift.  As I met Bethanie I recognized her from our ward and Melannie who is Callie and Howard Randall's daughter was her escort.  They were good friends and we immediately bonded, Bethanie was so happy that I was the one that would help her in the temple. Bethanie had waited a long time to go to the temple with her husband and now it finally was happening.  She cried and cried with joy of this special day in her life and I was thrilled to be there with her.  They have four children and would be sealed together the next day, July 27, 2017.  Her oldest daughter  was 20 so I am sure this was thrilling for her.  I remember when I was 19 when I was sealed to my parents in the Manti Temple 1969.  The youngest child was a girl I think and she was 2 years old what a beautiful family....

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Venture trip with the Bonneys

Saturday--July 1, 2017

After this special day Jim and I left at about 4:00 pm to drive to Venture to be with the Bonney family because the Monticello Temple would be closed for two weeks.   We got of later than I wanted to but we were finally driving to Flagstaff to stay the night there.  We had a terrible time trying to find the motel and it was very late and the 1st one we went to was the wrong motel.  We didn't know there were two motels with the same name anyway after we turned around and drove all over the place we finally found the right place and it was close to the beginning of our looking for the motel and we misted it by 1 block. We were so tired and the motel was a very little place with a train driving by all night long.  I was not happy what I paid for a room that looked very old and needed to be painted.  I will not go though that company again to get a motel.

Sunday--July 2, 2017
We got up and had a very tiny breakfast and was on our way to Venture.  We arrived about 4 or 5 pm and was glad to be there it was a long drive for us oldies.   The country site of orchards and nurseries were beautiful and I saw a lot of trees that I would have bought to put in my new yard in Blanding.  This day was Sunday so we were dressed in our Sunday cloths if we could find a church to attend we would go to a Sacrament meeting but we were never in a town at the right time.  The Bonney's time share was on the main floor and we were right by the harbor.  What a beautiful site and the children are always happy to see us.   We drove to the Pier and the boys played frisbee with Ken and the younger children played on  the play ground.  Carolyn was having fun stacking big rocks and balancing them then we walked down the Pier.  It was a cool beautiful night.  Jim and I have been so hot all day driving that it felt cool this night.

Monday-- July 3, 2017
The Bonney's took off to Six Flags to have a fun day on the rides but Jim and I stayed and we decided to go walking to the beach area but we walked for one hour and decided we would just go back and drive to the beach.  We were so tired we decided not today, let's go shopping at the second hand stores.  We found a few things and went back to the room at the time share and relaxed. The Bonneys  came back about 8:00 pm so we all just went to bed, they were sunburned and tired from the hot day.

Tuesday-- July 4,2017
Today being the 4th if July I knew that California doesn't celebrate this day like Utah does so their was no parade and was a cloudy cold day.  The kids played in the swimming pool and the other of us went in the hot tub.  Brent had some cards that were water proof so we played cards in the hot tube it was so cool.  It was so cold this day that I loved the hot tub. We played for a short time then a family came so we got out and sat by the pool  and finished playing nine's a card game we like. We also watched the kids play in the pool pushing each other into the pool or throwing each other in the pool.  Brent had to keep leaving the card game to throw his brother Mark, Kyler, and Carolyn in the pool they thought that was so much fun.  Brent is going on a mission 9th of August so his brothers and sister were enjoying him in Venture. After a while we were cold we went inside the room and watched a movie, I think.  We wanted to play ping pong but someone had checked out the paddles and they didn't know who it was and they never returned them.  I thought that was thoughtless of those people.  I really wanted to play the champ who was Derek.  I knew he would beat me but I like to play.  Jim had bought some steaks so we had to wait for the grill but Ken finally started cooking and Jim and I bought the food for the dinner and the meal was great.  We started after dinner  to play games again and when it got dark we heard fire works so we went outside on the deck and watched the cool fire works on the beach. There were some other fire works up in the city going off also, it was a fun day.

Wednesday-- July 5, 2017
Some of the kids after breakfast went to the pool and we got ready to go to the beach for the afternoon.  It was a sunny day today and would be a good day to go.  We drove over to the beach and set up Tami had two kites flying in no time.  Jim and I just sunbathed but Carolyn she loved the ocean and never got out until it was time to go home.  She used a broad for a while to ride the waves and then she just body surfed for a while then just played in the waves.  Mark was running along the beach with a girl friend he found picking up crabs.  The bigger boys played with each other and  Ken keeping a ball in the air for as long as they could count.  Jim and I after awhile walked down to the beach and walked in the water.  Boy it was so cold I couldn't believe how long Carolyn has stayed in the water, she must have had no feeling in her legs and arms.  When it was time to go they pulled in the kites and we gathered everything up and left.  Some got sunburned and some where smart to put on sun tan lotion.

Thursday-- July 6, 2017
We were up early to get ready to go to the Los Angles Temple so Brent could receive his Own Endowment.  It was a neat Temple Jim and I had never seen this temple.  The children went to the visitor center where it was cool until we came out then Brent, Derek, and Carolyn did Baptisms for the died.  Jim and I went inside to watch.  It was special to see Brent do his brother and sister, what a spiritual day.  It was fun to see the expressions on Brent's face as he received his Endowments I was glad we got to be there.   We moved into 4 rooms and it was beautiful but I had never seen wall paintings in a Celetral Room before it was amazing to just sit and enjoy the spirit there. Brent just loved it there he wanted to stay there forever.

We left the temple and you would never think you would run into someone from Blanding.  It was a Blickenstaff  boy that Jim was his principal. He had returned from being a Mission President in Korea and is an Ordinance Worker in the LA Temple.  We took pictures and his wife is from Korea  took a selfie because she loves to do that.  She was so cute and bobble it was so fun to talk to them for awhile, small world isn't it.  We left to drive to the Dodger game. What a night mire Jim was not driving so Ken drove us to the Dodger game right thru the middle of Los Angles.  I think we could have walked faster then driving there.  We used our phone map and Tami was following but we got lost and Tami with Derek telling her how to get there got to the park before we did.  We were lost up in the top of the hills and had ask people how to get back down to the stadium.  Ken was so up set that we just went around and around finally Tami was trying to save us a spot at the park and was talking to us on the phone when we saw her so we just flipped a urie and parked. We then walked to the stadium which was blocks away but Ken like to park away's from the stadium so he can leave faster but I don't think that worked tonight.  The Dodgers were behind 4 to 1 and a lot of people left the game early and missed the best game at the end.  In the ninth inning the Dodgers made more points because there pitcher walked 3 of the Dodgers and then one guy hit a good ball and the runners game in and it was tided up.  Then one more Dodger player hit a good ball and the gamed ended 5 to 4.  It was so excited as we jumped up and down and swinging our arms with joy. We walked to the car and we were the only car at the park because everyone else had left.  We drove back to Venture for the night and it took about l hour to get there.

Friday-- July 7, 2017
We got up and had a good breakfast and headed for the Redland Temple. It is time to leave Venture and the ocean, say good bye.   Jim was driving now and the traffic was still busy.  I had the map on my phone and was directing him.  We got along pretty well and Tami kept calling us to make sure we were with them.  We had Derek with us this time and he helped us also.  The Redland Temple was on the smaller side of temples but not as small as the Monticello Temple.  We got there about  5 to 10 minutes to start the session but they told us we were too late so we all did Initiatory.   After I ask the ladies if we could go up to see the Celestial Room and because we did an ordinance they said yes.  When Jim asked the men they said he needed to put his robs on but he told them in Monticello Temple we can go up in just our white clothes so they let them go.  I think Ken stayed out side the temple with the kids in the visitor center where it was cooler because he has already see these temple.  After we came out of the temple Brent, Derek, and Carolyn went down stairs and did Baptisms again. Then we drove to Barstow and stayed in the Holiday Inn and it was really nice.  Mark and Brent stayed in our room with us and I said to Jim you need to go out in the car and get my pillows but he didn't want to so I just slept on their pillows.  Jim and I got up at 4:00 pm and left to drive home and somewhere on this trip we lost our good pillows(that I love) somewhere. I know we got them in the car in Venture because they were not on the bed when we left the room.    It took us about 10 to 12 hours to drive home.  Glad to be in my own bed...

Two young women receiving their Endowments

Saturday- July 1, 2017

These two sisters were coming to the Monticello Temple to receive their Endowments at 10:15 am.  Rachel Ann Faulk 19 years old and Katey Nicholle Pugh 18 years old who was in the Blanding 2nd Ward.  Sister Faulk was getting married in  the Oakland California Temple on Aug. 12, 2017 and Sister Pugh was to be married in the Provo City Center Temple on July 7, 2017.  Rachel was so bubbly and excited and it just showed thru her eyes and face.  She was from Oakland, California and that is her temple.  It was so cool to give these two young women the instructions about the garments.  I thank my Heavenly Father often of the great blessing I receive when I am the one to give those instructions and pray that they will be respectful of wearing their garments.  Too many women are not wearing their garments night and day and I just hope and pray that I have touched their lives.  What a joy and peace I fill when I am serving in the temple.  Rachel will have to wait to give her new name to her husband to be and Katey gave her new name to her husband to be today because it was within 7 days.  Katey was quit nervous but Rachel was just taking it all in.  I hope I helped them to be relaxed and fill the spirit that is in the temple that they will always want to come back to the temple often.... I love the peace in the temples.  The session was very large today because of the many friends and family that came for these two young women.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Relva Bowring Granddaughter's own Endowment

Saturday-- 27 May 2017

At the 10:15 Session Ashlyn Rae Bowring did her own Endowments and I got to give her the instructions on wearing the garment.   I was thrilled that I had this great opportunity because her Grandmother Relva Bowring has been a friend of mine for years.  We don't do much together like our families did many years ago.   We always got Christmas Trees together and our children played together a lot.  They moved or we moved out of the same ward so we stopped doing so much together after that.   Ashlyn is going on a Mission to Billings, Montana.  She is a darling girl and will be  a great Missionary.   She has a special spirit about her and I felt honored to teach her the instructions of wearing her garments.   We are many times one on one and you feel their spirit and hope they feel the Spirit of the Lord through you.  We also had a young man that was going on a Mission his name is Jared Mathew Ward.  I know the wards from Blanding and it was good to see his parents their in the temple also.  His father is Richard Ward and is a physical therapist at the Blue Mountain Hospital in Blanding and have been to him with my right shoulder.    At 8:00 am Session we had two more male own Endowments.  It is a very special day when we have so many getting their own Endowments.  I am truly blessed serving in the Monticello Utah Temple.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Three returned Missionaries

April 19, 2017

These three returned missionaries came to the Monticello Temple from Grand Junction and one of them forgot her recommend.  President Harris checked on her and she had a active recommend so he let her in.  She was so thrilled that she could enter the temple.  After the session the three girls were spending a long time in the celestrial  room so I went and relieved the sister that was there so she could go home with her car group and not keep them waiting any longer.  I picked up the scriptures and started to read and two of the sisters came to the door to go out and I spoke to them and told them that it was great to have them there. They hugged me and said that they love the temple.   The third sister ask me what I was reading and started talking to me.  She was a returned missionary from Brazil and is waiting to go to BYU this fall.  I found out later that the other two girls were also returned missionaries, one from Brazil and the other one from Italy.  It was special because this girl I was talking to just hugged me and said that she works with taxes and she had the day off and the one girl said to her, "Come and go to the temple with us." She was thrilled to be there and all three girls were so special with the light in their eyes. It brought back memorizes from our Nauvoo mission with the young missionaries that we were invalid with.  We felt like we were their grandparents. I hope I get to see these girls again before the go to college.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Young women's talk

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Katie Knight ask me a month ago to talk to the 2nd ward's young women about being modest. It was to be on the 29th of March.  I had made another power point and David Brown helped me again.
I wore a shirt and sweater because the Young Women's Presidency ask the girls to be dressed up in their Sunday best. They would be doing a photo shot and wanted the girls to look their best. When I arrived they hadn't prepared anyplace for me to stand to give my talk. So I gather some tables and they gave me a table cloth to put on it.  I went to the relief society room and got the mike so everyone could hear my talk.  Katie Knight who was a councilor was in levies and I ask her why she was and she said because she has to take down everything and didn't want to get her dress dirty. She knew she had made a wrong decision  but her house is too far away to go home and change.  The other councilor came a little late and she was in pants also and had her little daughter with her. The president was busy doing something and never arrived until my talk was over.  All the girls came with nicely dressed modest cloths but two of them.  Their hair was curled and they looked awesome for their pictures. Katie Knight's daughter showed up a little late and by the time the girls got there is was 20 minutes past the time to start at 7:00 pm. It was a totally different feeling than when I gave my talk to the 8th Ward.  I did feel like the girls listened to me but after only two young women told me how good my talk was.    Katie did bring me a small gift to thank me for speaking to the girls.  I felt like the spirit was helping with the talk and I have noticed at Sundays that the girls are modest in their dress. I encouraged them to come to the Temple and do baptisms because the Lord wants them there. They are coming in May to do Baptism and I hope they will feel the spirit that is in the temple.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My talk in 8th Ward.

21 March 2017

Tuesday night I went and talked to the 8th ward Relief Society's Birthday party.  I spoke on "Covenant Keeping women."  This is one quote that I gave that I love.

   I don't want to drive up to the pearly
gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully,
      tailored clothes, my hair expertly
coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured
     fingernails.  I want to drive up in a
         station wagon that has mud on
the wheels from taking kids to scout camp.
I want to be there with grass stains on my
      shoes from mowing Sisters Schenk's lawn.  I
         want to be there with a smudge of
peanut butter on my skirt from
    making sandwiches for a sick neighbors
children.   I want to be there with a little dirt
   under my fingernails from helping to
weed someone's garden.  I want to be there
     with children's sticky kisses on my cheeks
and the tears of a friend on my shoulder.
      I want the Lord to know I was
        really here and that I REALLY LIVED.
                                 -Marjorie Hinkley-

The sisters said they really enjoyed my talk and I hope they felt the spirit that I felt as I gave the talk.  I was their special speaker representing the Temple Presidency and most of the 8th ward knew me. It was good because at the end of May I will be moving into our new home which will be in that ward. It was good for me to meet the sisters early and I felt so loved  by all of them.  David Brown was awesome to help me get my Power Point  ready on the TV screen. It turned out to be a beautiful night thanks to every ones help.