Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flowers at Sarah Granger Kimbell's Home

Wed. May 29-2013
Here is the Peonies at the Sarah Granger Kimbell's Home where I served today. It is the prettiest garden in all the sites.  Sarah is the women that started the Relief Society in her home before Joseph Smith organized it.    Sarah and her seamstress and other neighbors made shirts for the Temple workers.  Then they helped the poor and needy.  She was a very Charitable women.  Then they made a constitution and showed it to Joseph Smith and he took it to the Lord, He liked the idea.  Joseph Smith then in March 17, 1842 organized the Relief Society of Nauvoo in the top of the Red Brick Story with 20 ladies there and Emma Smith was the President of Relief Society.  Sarah when she was in Salt Lake City became the Relief Society President in her ward, she was a great person.   Hope you enjoy these beautiful Peonies.
Here are the workers in the Flower Gardener.

Sarah Granger Kimbell's Home

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  1. Just imagine your yard at home looks like that. Love you guys.