Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our days run together-

I think today is the 26 of May.  Our days just run together and we do about the same things everyday--just in a different location.  I have to confess my favorite is the Blacksmith Shop.  Today I am at the brickyard.  Sister Harris is at the John Taylor Home.

Well, we did it.  Last night we had to take center stage and do our Noah & Sophia Packard part.  It really is an opportunity to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon.  The Lord blessed us and we did pretty well--it has to be performed to a a certain beat--my body kind of beats to a different drum than everyone else's.  But we were fine--had to do the show twice to sold out audiences.  Tonight we are in the Sunset by the Mississippi show--that one is not bad as the young performing missionaries are the main attraction.  But the bugs are getting really bad.

Bad things happen to good people-  A missionary couple received word their son had been killed in a motorcycle accident in Provo Canyon. I think they are on their way home.

We came home about 9 last night to find a fairly young bambi fawn camped out by our doorstep.  I suppose the mom left her baby there while she munched on flowers.  I had noticed that flowers next to the door step were missing their buds--now we know why.  The fawn got up and moved away a little, so we just quietly went into the house.  In a few minutes the fawn was back precisely where its mother had left it.  It was still there when we went to bed but is gone this morning.

We are having a wonderful time meeting people, most of whom are members of the church and it is amazing how many have some connection to Blanding.  Yesterday I met a cousin to Patsy Redd Shumway.  He was a Redd.  I think his father was Sterling Redd.   Lots of connections with our little old town.  We try to bear our testimonies in some connection to our site tours.  We have had that opportunity with non members whom we will never see again so we don't know if seeds fell on fertile ground.  We can just hope so.

We pray for rain for you.  It rains here every few days--not just sprinkling--but really raining.

Bye for now.   Love Elder Harris

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