Monday, May 20, 2013

Several days experiences-

Monday- May 20, 2013,
Elder Harris did the Blacksmith site and Sister Harris did the Land and Records which is the Nauvoo Geneology place.  I had a great day, they had two men's records mixed up and it took me most the day then I finally found the correct person on a ship that brought the wife and children with him to America.    We are pretty sure it is the correct person but by that time it was my time to go home so I will finish working on his records next week when I work in that place again, so they can put it in the computer correct and when someone looks up his name they can find their ancestry from Nauvoo.  This is the only place you can find your relatives that have lived here in Nauvoo.  You can't get information like this from family search.  Happy Day.. Sister Harris
This night at 7:00 pm we did the Sunset by the Mississippi Program.

Tuesday- May 21, 2013
Elder Harris worked in the Boot Shop,  They teach others how to make boots and shoes.

Sister Harris worked in Lucy Mack Smith's Home.  That was a neat place, his mother had a great testimony that her son Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and that he Restored the Gospel on the earth. Even though she wasn't well enough to go out west, she stayed true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

 Tonight was a free night but we went to the watch another group do the Sunset.

Wednesday- May 22, 2013
 We were up early for a meeting at 8:00 and Elder Harris & I had to do the prayers.  Elder Harris was at the Family Living Center which is a really fun place to serve.  He likes to show how to make rope and is really good at it.

Sister Harris served at the FM, which is to work doing flowers or cleaning sites or other things.

We drove to Carthage Jail and washed and waxed the statures of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, they do this every 6 Months.  Such a special spirit there at Carthage Jail.

 Did our program at the Cultural Hall, Rendezvous.  I think next week, Elder Harris and I will be doing Noah and Sophia which is a neat true pioneer story.  This will be on Monday night.  Prayer for our minds to remember what we have learned.

Thursday- May 23,2013
This is our Prep Day so we first went to the dentist for Elder Harris then went shopping at Keokuk.
Got home in time to do the Sunset by the Mississippi Program at 7:00 pm. We are always going to bed late and up early to get ready for the day and do our studying time.

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