Friday, May 24, 2013

Sunset over Mississippi River

May 24, 2013

Today is Jacob John Harris's Birthday.  He is Three years old. I can't believe how fast the Grandchildren are growing up.  Happy Birthday Jacob.
    Well, we haven't written for a while, but I do have a beautiful Sunset.  This was taken last night in Nauvoo across the Mississippi River. The Sun was just going down and the bugs were flying and biting all over us.   We do a program called, "Sunset by the Mississippi, quit appropriate , don't you think?
 Then when I was walking today I saw this beautiful Clematis, so I am putting in this flower also.

                                    This was the sun going down last night- May 23,2013

                                     Sunset through the trees didn't want to hurt my lense.

                                This was taken without a flash.  I look like the stature of Liberty
                                     with a hole in me.
                                        This was taken in the dark with a flash,  We tried
                                         to wait until the sun wasn't so bright.  I didn't want
                                          the sun to hurt my camera.
                                     Sunset on the Mississippi River with a pioneer.
                                     Hi everybody it's Uncle Joe or Uncle Jim- That is
                                       some words in one of our songs.

                                                 Closing of the Day!!!!!!  May 23, 2013.

            Here is the Clematis I saw walking today.  I didn't have to walk far just around the corner.
                                                            Friday May 24, 2013.


I zoomed up to show the beauty of the clim

                                      This is breath taking.  I love Clematis's.


  1. Very beautiful pictures. You too look so cute in your site clothes, too!