Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Three returned Missionaries

April 19, 2017

These three returned missionaries came to the Monticello Temple from Grand Junction and one of them forgot her recommend.  President Harris checked on her and she had a active recommend so he let her in.  She was so thrilled that she could enter the temple.  After the session the three girls were spending a long time in the celestrial  room so I went and relieved the sister that was there so she could go home with her car group and not keep them waiting any longer.  I picked up the scriptures and started to read and two of the sisters came to the door to go out and I spoke to them and told them that it was great to have them there. They hugged me and said that they love the temple.   The third sister ask me what I was reading and started talking to me.  She was a returned missionary from Brazil and is waiting to go to BYU this fall.  I found out later that the other two girls were also returned missionaries, one from Brazil and the other one from Italy.  It was special because this girl I was talking to just hugged me and said that she works with taxes and she had the day off and the one girl said to her, "Come and go to the temple with us." She was thrilled to be there and all three girls were so special with the light in their eyes. It brought back memorizes from our Nauvoo mission with the young missionaries that we were invalid with.  We felt like we were their grandparents. I hope I get to see these girls again before the go to college.