Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kerby Doris McDougall

December 1, 2016

This Sister that came to receive her Own Endowment was a joy to be with.  Her name is Kerby Doris McDougall.  Her light in her eyes just lite up the world.  she is a special daughter of God and it was a Joy to be with her and to give her the instructions about the garments.  You could feel her happiness and the spirit that was with her.  I felt the spirit with me and I felt like we were spirit to spirit. Later on she became a Temple Ordinance Worker in the Monticello Temple.  She has now received her mission call and is in the MTC on this date- April 18, 2017. She will be serving in the States.  She served in the temple for months and knows all the parts in the temple.  The young have quick brains and learn a lot faster then us old people.  She will be an awesome missionary and we are proud of her as if we were are parents.

Friday, August 5, 2016

A touching story

Thursday- 5 August 2016,

Kimberly Alexander Young  came to the Monticello Utah Temple to receive her own Endowment on Thursday Night. She will do this with her maiden name, Alexander.   Here is her story she had been Baptized two months before her husband died.  She wasn't very active and her husbands parents were not active at that time so it was really hard on all the family when he passed away.  Her husband died on Oct. 8, 2015 and one year later will be the day when she will be sealed in the temple to her husband.   Her father-in-law will be  proxy for her husband to receive his own Endowment that day then she will be sealed on her husband's death date and their two children 14 and 12 or might be different ages will be sealed to their parents. Her husband's father fell away from the church when his son died but as the year has past they all have become very close to Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven.

 It was a special day on this Thursday night as Kimberly was so thrilled to be at the temple.  I could feel how strong her spirit was as I gave her the instruction about wearing her garments night and date. She cried a lot as she received her own Endowment and loved every minute of it. She never showed she was frightened or panic at any time as she was in the session.  She was so touched that she didn't want to leave the Celestial Room.  She didn't leave until 10:00 pm because she stayed in the Celestial Room for along time.  She was the last one out of the temple.  What a special feeling it was and I am sure she felt her husband near her. She said that she can't wait for Oct. 8, 2016 date to come so she can feel him near her again and be sealed to him and the children sealed to them both. What a blessing it is to serve in the Monticello Utah Temple and so many special experiences strengthen my testimony.

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Tender Moment

August 2016,

This spiritual experience happened in the summer of 2016 and I can't remember the exact date.  That is why you need to write these moments down when they are fresh in your mind.

I kept walking past this mother and her two daughters several times before I stopped and talked with her.  They were waiting on the cough to go into do baptisms and conformations.  She told me that her oldest daughter got cancer and she had made a goal to go to every temple in Utah before she dies. After her funereal the mother and two daughters drove to Monticello Temple because that was the only temple her daughter didn't make it to.  So the completion of her daughters goal was done by her two sisters. With tears in all our eyes we could feel her daughter's presents.  What a building of testimonies that day and those two sisters were so thrilled to be here for their sister. These are stories that build my testimony and how close we all feel to the spirits on the other side.  This calling is a wonderful calling and many experiences that strengthen me.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kylor and Misty Cosby Perkins special day

Saturday- 2 July 2016- 1:30 pm

Kylor and Misty Perkins had two sons about 16 and 14 years old and then got the opportunity to adopted a baby girl. This was Milen Munson's  brother's daughter baby girl.  She had beautiful black hair and dark eyes and she looked like she was Kylor and Misty's child.   I couldn't believe how much  she looked just liked them.  They had this little girl for 6 Months  and received the adoption papers and was coming this day to have this little girl sealed to them.  They asked President Jim Harris to do the Sealing and he felt so honored to do this.  Their two sons sat in the sealing room where they could see the baby being sealed to Kylor and Misty their parents.   They were touched because the tears just rolled down their checks. It was a special day again in the Monticello Utah Temple.  I thank Heaven Father and Jesus Christ for these special experiences.

 The same day- 10:15 am- Own Endowment- Madison Jane Jones came and  Sister Harris had the opportunity to give her the instructions about wearing her garments and how to take care of the garments.  I really love giving this instructions and to feel the special moment we have together.  The spirit is strong and I just love feeling His spirit in the temple.

The Monticello Utah Temple will be closed for two weeks starting Tuesday August 5th, 2016 to Tuesday August 19, 2016.   The church are doing a lot of new wall paper through out the temple so Jim has to stay and go serve in the temple while it is closed.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Special Own Endowment from Moab

Saturday- 25 June 2016

Alexis Marie Kim Risenhoover was from Moab and was receiving her own Endowment.  When her and her mother came into the Monticello Utah Temple Alexis said," this is the one that spoke in conference recently you were so good."   It was such an honor to be the one to be with her this day.   Alexis is Sister Cook's Granddaughter what an experience with her.  Sister Cook is an Ordinance Worker in the Monticello Utah Temple.  Alexis and her mother where so close to the spirit receiving her own endowment.  She just cried and cried they tell me that all the Cook's family were in the prayer circle but two couples. This experience really strengthens my testimony and the spirit is so very close it brings such joy!!  When  I gave the Garment Instruction she was so happy and trilled to hear the spiritual message and to wear her garments. I just love these special experience as I serve as assistant to the Matron, what an honor and blessing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Missionaries receiving their own Endowment

Tuesday Night- 21 June 2016

Their were two Missionaries that came to receive their own Endowment this night at 5:45 pm.  They were to go on the 7:15 session.  Here are their names, Michael Connor de Rosiers and Preston Redd Mac donald.  We knew the families of Preston Redd Mac donald and it was great to see Jessie and Ken Mac donald.  We are such good friends and we hadn't seen them for a long time because they live with their son Paul Mac donald's home now.  We had a very large session and was a special time with the missionaries and their families.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Blake/Nielson's Wedding

Friday- 10 June 2016

At 11:00 am Dylan Blake and Generra Nielson were sealed in the Monticello Utah Temple by President James J. Harris.  It was a beautiful wedding and the message President Harris gave them was touching to my heart.   I am sure that Calvin Blake who was Dylan's grandfather had past away several years ago was there for that special occasion.  Dylan loved his grandfather and was over to his home all the time.  Our back yards are together and we always saw Dylan at Calvin and VerDonne Blake's home.  Now another touching situation was that Generra's mother died of cancer a few years  ago also and I'm sure she was there also.  Generra was her only daughter and had been married before and was divored  but now she has found a wonderful young man to be sealed too.   The couple stayed strong until they left the sealing room and then they broke down so Sister Yabrough took them to the Celestial Room to get controlled before they went back to walk outside of the temple. Generra had a boy and girl by her first husband but when Dylan walked outside the temple that little boy, Brayz ran to Dylan and said, "Your my daddy now".  Generra's daughter, Armanii was with her aunt and had a beautiful white dress that was out of the same material that Generra's wedding dress was made out of.   I will always remember the joy in their eyes, such a happy couple. Dylan had gone on a mission before his grandpa Calvin died of cancer.  He had a hard time and came home early from his mission and he fell away from the church for  a while.  We were so proud of him to come back to Blanding and changed his life and became active in the church again. That is when he met Generra and the two have just hit it off.  What a wonderful couple they are and her two children look just like they are Dylan's children in there announcement pictures they both have his blue eyes.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Missionary Tristan Cole DeWitt- Temple

Saturday- 4 June 2016

At 10:15 am Tristan Cole DeWitt came to the Monticello Utah Temple to receive his own endowment and President Harris met with him and got all the paper work done.  His father Brother DeWitt was there with him as his escort.  Tristan is going on a mission so this was his special day to receive his own endowment.  I was surprised because his father had an affair with another women when he was married but he had repented and was here by his son's side.  I was very happy that he was worthy to come back to the temple.  His new wife was there which I was surprised also but she had repented also and it was great to have them both in the temple.  Sister Christine DeWitt his mother was there and I was proud of her because it had to be hard on her.   Tristan has been living with his dad up north  for about a year or so and his mother lives in Blanding with the other brothers.  President Harris met with Tristan and his escort, his father and talked with him about wearing his garments and the instructions that we teach those who come and get their own endowment.  Christine is in our ward and so I have a special feeling for that great example of a women, she is awesome, love this women.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Week-end- May 30th 2016

Monday- May 30, 2016

James Joseph Harris was the speaker in the annual Memorial Day Service at the Blanding Cementery on May 30th.  He is a veteran who fought and was wounded in the Vietnam Conflict.  Jim told some touching stories about relatives that lost their lives in one war or another.  He told about his cousin Lyle Palmer and he was killed one night before coming home.  Jim was wounded and was home to speak in Lyle's funeral.  As I listened to Jim it made me realize that I might not have had my husband or my children if he was killed in Vietnam.  O! I feel so blessed that the Lord protected Jim at war and returned him to me.  I know that I have to do what ever I can to build the Lord's kingdom for what he has done for me.   I know we are preordained to do certain things so I guess Jim is to be here on earth to accomplish them.  He is such a wonderful husband and I feel very blessed to be his wife.
                                                   This is the flag ceremony!

Jim Harris giving his talk.  Quite a few people there at 7:00 am but it was a beautiful cool morning.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

An Own Endowment

Saturday- 28 May 2016

Theresa Jean George came and received her Own Endowment this day. It is always so special to give the special instructions to these special youth that come to the Monticello Utah Temple. She would be in the 1:00 pm session.  It is an honor to help these youth understand how important it is to wear their garments night and day  and to be so happy to receive their endowment.  I pray often to be worthy to do this calling and to have the spirit with me at all times.  I love the spirit in the temple.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Moab Stake Conference

 Sunday 15 May 2016

Well today is a special day to me since it is my 71st. Birthday.  Boy! time really flies when your having fun.  Jim and I are driving to Moab to speak in their Stake Conference at 10:00 am.   It was like going home since there are a lot of Moab people that work in the Monticello Utah Temple.  President Stubb's had invited President and Sister Livingston to talk at his Stake Conference but he told him to call President and Sister Harris to speak since he was already speaking in the Blanding Conference May 15, 2016.  It was wonderful to meet President Stubb's and his councilors and when we left they had made us sack lunches so we stopped at the Moab Rest Area and it was a peaceful  beautiful warm day and the red rocks were beautiful to enjoy as we ate our lunches.  We felt very good about our talks or at least I did.  We had people tell us that they really enjoyed hearing our messages about the temple.  I always feel that President Jim Harris is the best speaker and is so talented in giving talks.  I have to tell you though they had the best choir ever.  The older Primary children and youth sang  three songs as the prelude music and the spirit was so strong in that building.  The Primary children had all their songs memorized and knew every word to the songs.
The youth sang just behind us and boy they had beautiful voices.  I was so amazed that they all sang out and confident with the music.  The leader said she had dreamed what songs they should sing and it was amazing!! The whole conference was amazing!! What a spiritual day it was, it was a great Birthday Gift!!

After we left I got a text from Loni telling who was the New Blanding Stake President.  It is President Alon Pugh, first councilor- Steve Black, second councilor- Trevor Olsen.  Boy, this is a young Presidency but I know they will be great in their callings.  I guess they have their work cut out for them because they have to find a Bishop for the 2nd Ward and 8th Ward.  President Pugh is the happiest man I know and makes everyone feel they are loved.  All three men will be so good they are kind and caring men.

Later that night Jim, Beverly and Bradley went over to J.B. and Loni's home for my Birthday Cake and Ice cream.  Loni had made German Chocolate Cake and made them into waffles with Ice cream and then a coconut topping and it did taste just like a German Chocolate Cake with the coconut frosting.  I had two pieces they tasted so good she is a wonderful cook.  Later on I spoke with Jed, Spencer, Kim, Darla,  text from Tami and received many Facebook Texts from family and Nauvoo friends and friends.  Kisti-Jo sent me a text the next day . It was a wonderful day even though I don't feel as old as I am.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jim's 3rd Temple Marriage/Sealing

Saturday- 14 May 2016

 Today was a very busy day we had four people that came to receive their own Endowment and Jim was ask by Kelli Myers to seal her and her husband in the Monticello Utah Temple on May 14, 2016.   It was a beautiful sealing and President Jim Harris always does a great job.  They were a beautiful couple with the glow of love in their eyes.  It is such a special experience when we know one of the couples because we worked with Kelli in the Blanding Single Young Adult Branch,   We felt so honored she ask President Jim Harris to do the honors what a special day for us.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Kelli Anne Meyer's own Endowment

Saturday- 7 May 2016

One of our Young Single Adult, Kelli Anne Meyer's came to receive her own Endowment at 1:00 pm.  It was great to be with her and do her instructions about wearing the garments and taking care and mending them.  She is a wonderful young women and it was a special spiritual time with her and her mother.  I just love it when I get to give the instructions and feel the spirit so strong in the temple. It was great to meet her husband to be.  They will be sealed in the temple one week later.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The up beat of the day!

Tuesday - 5 April 2016

The schools are out up North for Spring Vacation so the Monticello Temple is going to be busy this week.  The Tuesday Am shift is the shift that we work on today.  We had Baptisms three different families in the morning and about 7 different families in the afternoon.  I was talking with one of the families, it was a mother with two or three of her daughters here from up north  to do Baptisms.  She told me that  her older daughter had cancer and had a goal to go to every Utah Temples before she died.  They had her funeral last week and the mother and daughters were here in her honor because this was the only temple she hadn't gotten too.    She had met her goal now and as her mother talked she was a strong women, she didn't even cry but I did.   What a tender moment that was and it truly strengthens my testimony of the special times we have in the temple.  The spirit of love is there and very strong I'm sure her daughter was there with them.  In the temple you are nearer to God than any other place you could be.  I truly feel blessed to serve in the house of the Lord.

We are on a very busy schedule working 4 days in a row then we have Saturday off.  We work Tuesday and Wednesday AM shifts then Thursday and Friday PM shifts.  It is nice to have a three day week-end off but at the end of this month April we go back on our 1st shift.   We work Tuesday PM, Wednesday off but go to presidency meeting at 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM then off.  We work Thursday AM then have Friday off then we work Saturday Am shift which is always a busy time.  We work until 1:00 then we are off.  I really like this shift because we have a few days we can do other things to get done such as farming.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Older couple experience! Wow

27 February 2016

We had a sweet experience  this Saturday afternoon.  We had a couple come to the temple so she could receive her own endowment going on the session at 1:00 PM.  They met each other in an Nursing Home and were married.   He is in a wheelchair with oxygen and she is with a walker that she can sit down on.  They were so cute you would think they were a young couple being sealed. She received her Initatory and then  I had the great opportunity to give her own endowment instructions.  We were in the brides room in the Monticello Temple and she is in her eighties and so is her husband.  She listened and became shaky with her hands.  I tried to help her relax but she shook worse as time went on.   She was so excited to receive her own Endowment and he received  his Endowment years ago.   When at the end of the endowment she saw him and said, " Hello" so sweetly and he said, " Are you still smiling?" and then they just held each other's hand for a while.  It was so sweet and they showed so much love for each other.  It made me think how we should show more love for each other. Then they were taken in the sealing room and sealed. I wasn't there but I bet it was a wonderful ceremony and what a special experience it would have been for them on that special day.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Monticello Temple closed for two weeks.

18 January thru 30th 2016

The first week of the Monticello Temple closed President James Harris had to go to the Temple every day because some man from the temple district was putting in some new equipment and since Jim is over maintrance he had to be their to see how things work.   Saturday the 23rd of  January we left to go to Tucson to visit J.B. and Loni and the girls.  We were glad to get out of  the snow and go to warm weather.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jim's first two weddings !

2 January 2016

This day Jim was ask to marry two Blanding couples. At 9:00 AM he met with Jace Holiday and Lexus Latham and got all their records completed to marry them at 10:00 AM.  I was so impressed with Lexus she had been on a LDS Mission and was so prepared for marriage.  She glowed thru her eyes and wasn't nervous at all. What a delight young women she was.  I took her to the Brides Room to hang up her wedding dress.   She told me she was going to be married in her temple dress because her dress material under neath the lace was a cream color.  We took them from the Celestial Room to  the Sealing Room to be Sealed.   President James Harris gave them some good advice and  then he married them. This was his first time since he had received the Sealing Power. He missed a part at the end as he was talking to Jace before he said, "Yes" and then he said to Lexus her part but he did it right. I noticed so I stopped him and said, " You need to start over." and he said," Well you will be married twice." The second time it was perfect and they were married. They choose to not exchange rings here in the temple.   Everyone comes to them and hugs and tells them how happy they are for them.  It was standing room for men standing behind the chairs. I bet they had at least 50 people or more at their sealing.  It was beautiful then I had the opportunity to take the bride and her mother Lana Latham back to the Brides Room for her to put her wedding dress on and the  bride and groom walk out the temple together with family and friends outside to great them.   Then they will take pictures and go to their luncheon. They didn't have a reception just family and friends at their luncheon and that is where they probably exchanged their rings.

The next bride was Simone Shumway and her husband to be Kevin Griffin.  President Livingston worked on their records and got them completed to be married at 11:00 AM.  I took her to the Brides Room and she wore her brides dress to be married in.  It had a long train and was beautiful but Simone was very nervous and I was surprised because she had served a mission also. She is a shy young women and didn't want to kiss her husband across the alter in front of all those people after the marriage.   She loved her husband but she didn't want to do that.  She informed President James Harris that she didn't want to do that.  He said he wouldn't even invite them to kiss across the altar.  He informed the fathers which were the witnesses that they would not be kissing across the altar.  When I got the mothers I informed them that she would not be kissing across the altar after being married.  This was a first time for me because a kiss is always encouraged  across the altar after the marriage ceremony.
Kevin is the oldest child in his family and he was their first marriage. President Harris started marring the couple and he did the same thing.  He forgot to finish the part just before the groom says,"Yes".  So I stopped him sooner this time and he started over again.  He did it perfect and they were married but she did not kiss her husband across the altar.  They stood up in front of the guest and exchanged rings and some started to say kiss him and I said, " This is her wedding and if she doesn't want to kiss in front of all you that's Okay." And Simone looked at me and said," Thank you sister Harris." Then everyone came up to the couple and hugged and expressed their love for them and their happiness for them. Then I took Simone and her mother Mary Shumway to the Brides Room so she could get ready to walk outside with her husband and they were in the foyer when Grandma Carolyn Black kept telling Simone to kiss her husband inside the temple before they went outside but I don't think Simone did.   I doubted she kiss him for pictures either but I don't know I was not outside to see. They didn't have a reception here in Blanding but they did where he was from.
They are a cute couple and she told me if she had her way she would have eloped to be married in the temple.  The guest were about 50 people also and standing room of men behind the chairs.  Great love and support from families and friends.