Sunday, March 30, 2014

Movie " Ephraim and the Rescue"

Sunday- March 30, 2014,
Today we went to our Sacrament Meeting at 7:00 am because church starts at 8:00 am.  We went to all three block meetings and really enjoyed the spirit.  In the evening this man came and showed us the movie " Ephraim and the Rescue" in a Sociable.  He was the man with the white bread and it was so wonderful to here him answer questions after the movie was over about the way they filmed the movie. He told us about the snake in the movie, he said that they took the poison out of the snake then they let it crawl all over the man and his face.  It was a real rattle snake.  It took them two hours to film that part of the movie.  Boy I still don't think I could let a snake crawl over me.    Here is a picture of the white breaded man ( I don't remember his name) and Sister Harris.  He plays the older man and the younger man both.  It is an awesome movie, loved it.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Heaven in the Greenhouse

Tuesday- March 25, 2014,
Today is our Preparation Day today because Sister Harris has some special days to work in the gardens two days this week and 3 days next week.  I will be working on Thursdays transplanting flowers so they had to give us a different preparation day.  I am really excited to learn some tricks in transplanting flowers from Durell Nelson.  He is a hired missionary that has been over the grounds for 5 years in Nauvoo.  He is wonderful and everyone does what he says because his flowers are Awesome!!!

Thursday- March 27, 2014,
Well, Happy Birthday JB, you are 32 years old today.  Today I started working in the FM with Durell working in the soil and transplanting flowers into bigger pots. This is my first time in the greenhouse.  I just loved it there.  Also on March 28 I worked with the flowers.  Here are some pictures of me preparing the soil and planting flowers.
                                   I really did have a good time even if my face doesn't show it.
                                            Sister Harris, Sister Bogaski , and Sister Swapp 

Sister Thompson transplanting seedlings.  They are very tiny but I did learn how to transplant those tiny plants also.

Here are a full table that Sister Thompson transplanted.

              Here are some beautiful flowers in the               greenhouse.

I just loved working in the greenhouse.  This is the first time that I got to work in the greenhouse.  I usually are outside pulling weeds or cleaning up leaves around the grounds.  This was a special treat for me today.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our first Training Meeting

Wednesday- 19 March 2014,
The Training Meeting starts at 8:00 am and this was our first training meeting that Elder and Sister Harris was doing.  It turned out to be pretty good.  At the end we had three small skits that I had Sister Ririe and Sister Jones (3) do for me.  Everyone just loved them all.  It was so good to show how we as older Missionaries could help the new Missionaries feel more comfortable when they arrive in Nauvoo.  At the end Sister Harris sang a solo which the Lord blessed me.  The Missionaries said it was really good.  The new Missionaries will be arriving Friday March 21, 2013.  I hope we can all help them feel comfortable with this Mission.

Friday- 21 March 2014,
We had 32 couple Missionaries arrive this day and we made sure that all the District Leaders had two cans of soup and a homemade loaf of bread which Elder Bogaski made.

Saturday- 22 March 2014,
Happy 8th Birthday Porter Harris our Grandson.  He will be Baptized by his father, Spencer James Harris in the first Saturday in May.  We are sorry we won't be there since we are on our Mission but we are so proud of Porter for making the decision to be Baptized.

Sunday- 23 March 2014,
We had District Meetings in the evening at Elder and Sister Mayne's home.  It was a small home but we had plenty of room to enjoy each other.  Their were 3 districts that met in the home together because some of the new Missionaries were still coming that were in these districts.

Monday-24 March 2014.
We were so surprised when we woke up to more snow. We are tired of snow and want Spring to arrive.  Here are some beautiful pictures of the snow.

Here is Emma and Joseph Smith

                                  The poor geese that just flew in don't know where to go.

The Left upper picture is the Mississippi River, the Right upper picture is a beautiful view of the Nauvoo Temple.   All these pictures are breath taking, how beautiful the snow is.

 Here is the  water coming down the hill side to the Mississippi River.  This was after a rain storm.  It flooded the 96 river road and we had to wait for a little while, while they cleaned the water off the road. It is amazing of the different weather you get here.

                                         A different view of main street, it is snowing.
                 This is a picture of main street in old Nauvoo. Here is the Browning Gun Site.
              Some couple made a snowman. They put on one of her cute hates she makes.
     Here is the sled that we ride in the snow.  The horses pull this sleigh around in the country.

                           It is so cold you can see the icicles formed around the branches.
Look how thick the ice is.....

   Here are some barns and homes to show how cold it has been this winter.

                                                      Is Spring coming?
                                                 I don't think so!!!!!
                                          or maybe it is Spring and a beautiful Sunset!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Another special day

Monday- 17 March 2014,
We went at the Red Brick Store early this morning to do the Relief Society Re-enactment again for the Temple Missionaries.  We had 3 ladies that we lent pioneer dresses too.  They were Community of Christ Church and it was really neat this day.   We sang our song again and the sisters did the Relief Society Re-enactment and I don't know why but it was so spiritual.  Maybe because it was on the day of the Relief Society was organized, March 17, 1842 or that the Lord wanted those 3 ladies to feel the spirit but it was amazing.  Here are some pictures of the Re-enactment.
Here are the horses pulling the wagons.
There are about 16 or 18 horses.  These two horses that are black are always put together and the blond horses to the right are always put together.  They are used to each other and they work together well.
 Here are all the Sisters and Elder that were in the program.  Sister Harris is on the back row and the 4th Sister.
Elder and Sister Monney are going home in a few weeks, aren't they the cutest couple.

Sister and Elder Russell played a part in the program and this is the clothing the pioneers would have worn.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Special Sunday Night

Sunday- March 16, 2014
We did all our meetings during the day and then in the evening, this man came and talked at the Stake Center about some special things of Joseph Smiths.  Here are the pictures of them.

                                    This is Joseph Smith's Thumb Bible with his original signature.
This is The first addition of the Book of Mormon that was Joseph Smiths.   It has a gold edge around the Book of Mormon.  This man that has collected all these special items let anyone that wanted to, hold them in their hands.  I wasn't there that night  but my good friend told me about it and gave me these pictures.  I felt bad I didn't go, it is so interesting.
                                 Here is the original Book of Mormon that was JOSEPH SMITH'S.

Common Sense
Genealogy in Tyndall Bible--Tyndall Bible- 1611
Joseph Smith's Bible
 Heber C. Kimball's wife made this in 1837, it is a rug or wall hanging.  It is the Heber C. Kimball's home.  It is so cool to have these original items and to think how old they are. What a great Mission We are in,  Illinois Nauvoo Mission, I feel so blessed.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 9th through the 15th day, Relif Society Re-enactment.

Sunday- March 9, 2014
Elder Harris and Sister Harris conducted Priesthood and Relief Society.  It is so scary to be up in front of a lot of Sister Missionaries.  We are back reading the Book of Mormon again and we are just loving it.

Tuesday- March 11, 2014
Happy Birthday Caroline Bonney who is Nine years old.  We hope you had a great Birthday today and we love you so much.

Wednesday- March 12, 2014
We had our 8:00 am Missionary Training today and Elder & Sister Maughan and  President & Sister Jones did the training.  It was to teach us what they do on Nauvoo On the Road.  They play pioneer games and teach how the bread is made and baked in a bustle oven and how they make rope and how candles are made.  We did this last summer and was so much fun!! It was a really training.

Thursday- March 13, 2014
It was our preparation day and I had another practice of the song that the ladies will be singing in the Relief Society Re-enactment.  Then in the evening we had Rendezvous.  I am really excited for the Relief Society Re-enactment in the Red Brick Store it will be Saturday Night, March 15, 2014.

Friday- March 14, 2014
The ladies practiced again with Sister Pincock playing the piano after 8:00 PM. The song is really turning out beautiful.  They ladies have such beautiful voices and the spirit is certainly with us.

Saturday- March 15, 2014
We all serve in our sites every day  and then at 4:30 pm we will meet at the Nauvoo Visitor Center and get on the wagons that will take us to the Red Brick Store.  The horses are pulling the wagons and we are all dressed in our pioneer clothes. It was a cold day and I didn't bring my blanket because Sister Jones told me that the Teamsters were bringing the blankets with them.  Well, they didn't bring the blankets but I did have my coat on but I was still cold.  Here are some pictures of Sister Monney as Emma Smith.  She looked just like her.  It was really neat.

               Emma Smith was Sister Monney and Sister Thornock.  I took these pictures from the wagon.

 Elder Harris took these pictures of Sister Harris in the Wagon ride to the Red Brick Store.  We sang our song and it turned out so special. It was truly a spiritual moment for me.

Here are the pictures when we arrived at the Red Brick Store for the Relief Society Re-enactment on March 15, 2014.

These are the horses for this wagon.
Here is the wagon that Sister Harris rode in.
These are all the Sister Missionaries that went to the Relief Society at the Red Brick Store. Sister Harris is on the back row to the left, third person.

Sister Monney in the middle is Emma Smith, Left is Sister Taylor and Right Sister Mengel.
Here we are upstairs in the Red Brick Store where the Relief Society was Organized, March 17, 1842.                                                                                                                                              

Waiting for the meeting to start.
Sisters doing somethings before it starts.
Sister Maughan welcoming everyone to the Relief Society Re-enactment. Sister Pincock is playing the piano. 
  Sister Jones (3) is leading the opening song.  Sitting in the chairs are, Lt. to Rt. Sister Gifford, Sister Thompson, Sister Monney as Emma Smith, behind is Sister Jones (1).
Here are the Sisters that are singing the special number but it is at the first of the meeting. Left- Sister Jones (1), Sister Phillippi, Sister Gnieting, Sister Thompson, and Sister Harris. We are singing the " The Miracle".  It is a beautiful song.
                               In another part of the program we are singing another song.
Here the Sisters are reading the script that is the program that they did at the first meeting when Joseph Smith Organized the Relief Society.   We did this program on March 15, 2014.

Sister Ballard, Sister Duncan, Sister McCann are reading the script in the program.
 Sister Harper reading her part in the script.
Elder Jones is playing the part as the secretary, writing down the notes of the meeting.
Here is where Emma Smith excepts the calling as the President of the Women's Relief Society 

Here is where Elder Monney playing the part of Joseph Smith and Sister Monney playing the part of Emma Smith.  Emma Smith was nominated to be the President of Relief Society. Joseph Smith is putting her in to be the President of Relief Society. It was a wonderful feeling at this time.  I couldn't believe what was happening, once in a life time event.