Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wed. July 24, 2013

Wednesday- July 24,2013
We didn't have to go to a 8:00 am Training Meeting to day because we are having it on Friday morning when Elder Oaks will be here.
    Sister Harris served in the Pendleton Log School House and Elder Harris served at the Brick Yard site.
In the afternoon Kisti's family arrived.  It was so fun to have them come to our home.  We fed them dinner  then we had to run to Sunset Program.  They went and settled into the motel after the sunset we went and spent some time with them at the motel.  They had some problems with the motel but things worked out great.  I think they got a bigger room than the original one Kisti thought she had. We have our preparation day tomorrow so we are planning to spend the day with them.  Later this night Liz and her family came to the motel and her parents are with them.  They are serving a mission in Wisconsin. They were able to get some days off to spend with their daughter, Liz.  It was great to see everyone and meet her parents.

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