Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday- Aug. 25, 2013

Sunday- Aug. 25-13
Today was Elder Harris' lesson. He does such a good job.  Everyone didn't know how funny he is until he gave his lesson.  He had them laughing a lot and they thought he was so serious all the time.  He is so shy at times until you get to know him.  Everyone was so surprised.  They said we both did such good jobs on our lessons but I know it was because the spirit helped us both.  Later on that evening we had a dinner with the April MTC group that came out here with us.  Some of them will be leaving in a month because they are only here for Six months.  We will be sad to see them go.  Our good friends Elder & Sister Harding will be going home.  We won't be here to spend to much time with them because We will be in Carthage Jail.  We had a great spiritual day today, happy days are here again....
                  Elder Harris took this really neat pictures of the moon the other night.

These pictures are so neat over the Mississippi River.  It was getting dark so they are not very clear but interesting how red the moon was.

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