Friday, August 23, 2013

The YPM's going home!!

Sunday - Aug. 11, 2013
Elder & Sister Harris served in the Land and Records today.  It is so fun to help people to see if they have any ancestors here in Nauvoo and if they have any land.
In the evening at 6:30 we had our slide show that Elder & Sister Wise do every month.  They are so awesome but I know other missionaries do send them really neat pictures also. Then at 7:00 PM we have our Zion Conference.  After the Zion Conference we had a cookie party for the Single Young Performing Missionaries.  We all were crying as they sang songs to us.  It was so beautiful and the songs touched our hearts.  Here are some pictures of them.

 Some of the Young Single Performing Missionaries singing to us.

 This couple missionary are Elder & Sister Thornach.  She helped me in my Sunday School Class.

Here are the cookies on the table.  Sister Shaw in the back in the blue jacket.  Sister Kim and behind her is Sister that was a YPM.   In the red dress is Sister Newell,  Sister Ross is to the Left of Sister Newell.  All the sister are so great and we just love them all.
                             Sister Ross and Sister Newell, her father does the spoken word.

These three Elders are awesome.  The middle Elder is Elder Lyman that is a grandson to Nancy Martineau from Blanding.  The Two sisters to the right are: Sister Ripplinger and Sister Umphenour.
The missionary to the right of Elder Lyman- middle- his father died while he was here doing the Nauvoo Brass band.  He was a missionary here for four months and he is great.  He never went home because he said his father would want him to stay and finish his mission.   He was a very strong missionary and they really needed him in the band.

        Left--Sister & Elder Harding- These are one of our good friends in Nauvoo- from Idaho.   To the right is Elder Harding and Elder Chynoweth.
Elder Chynoweth is the first councilor in the mission presidency.
 These two elder are awesome.  All the missionaries are going home Tuesday morning.  Sad day!!
                                       This is Sister Harris and Sister Brown and Elder Harris
Three or four days after she left she was back here at Nauvoo because her family came to pick her up and they went to Wisconsin for a few days with family members then they came back to pick up her cloths to go home....It was so fun to see her again.. They all said it was the best experience they have ever had at this point in their lives.

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  1. Loved reading your blog. Your apartment looks really nice, and I'm sure you will miss it, but the Carthage jail experience should be pretty special. I remember going there, and our guide sang the song that was sung there the day the prophet was killed. Not a dry eye in our group. Thanks for sharing your special times.