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July 19, 2013

Friday- July 19, 2013
  I served in the Family Living Center.  I always love to serve in this site.  It is a really fun place.  Today I got to make two batches of bread, which makes 12  loafs, they were cooked in the bustle oven.  The first batch some other sister missionary made the bread, it is all home made and you knead it by hand.  I ended up cooking it in the bustle oven and it turned out wonderful.  Then I made the 6 loafs of bread all by myself and kneaded it and then I went home at 3:00 pm and sister Ballard baked my bread.  She said all the breads that day were beautiful texture and color.  She is the perfect bread maker so I was pleased that she really liked my bread.  I also gave some tours how to bake in the bustle oven while my bread is raising.  Some of the families were so thrilled to watch be kneed and divide the doe into 6 loafs and then raise one more time before I baked it.  I felt like I was on a cooking show on TV.  They just laughed and said people don't get to see this part of making the bread and that is true.  At the end of my tour about the cooking in the bustle oven everyone gets to test the bread we make.  It is really good home made bread.

Elder Harris served in the Blacksmiths Shop.  It was a hard day this day because he stayed in by the fire making a small horse shoe on each tour.  We were really having busy days so he was their for 6 hours.  The other elder should have traded at times so not one person is in their all that time.  Their is not air conditioning in this building so the doors are opened the whole time.  The other elder was talking how the wagon wheels were made.  At the end of the tour Elder Harris would give one horse shoe to one family but each person would get a prairie diamond ring.When Elder Harris got home he was really tired but he made it.
At 6:30 we went to our Rendezvous and did two programs this night.  Because there are so many people that want to see it we now do it twice in one night all of June and July and part of August.

Saturday- July 20, 2013

Elder Harris served at the Print Shop.  He quite likes it at this site.  He does a really good job is what some of the other elders tell me.

Sister Harris served at the Lyon Drug and Variety Store site.  It was fun to talk about two in one site to the people and families that come there.  Then we ran to do Sunset by the Mississippi River program at 6:30 pm.  This is were we watch a half hour Nauvoo Band Program then our program starts at
7:00 pm

The Pageant is going from July 9 to Aug. 3, 2013.  A lot of people are everywhere in Nauvoo at this time.

Sunday- July 21, 2013
 We went to church at 7:00 pm to help set up chairs.  We have very spiritual meetings.  Elder Harris and I served in the Lucy Mack Smith's Home.  It is hard for him to go up stairs a lot because of his sore back at times so he gave the tour down stairs and I did the tours up stairs.  I climb a million stairs that day but it was fun to meet the families and people that came to see Lucy's home. Wonderful Day it was!!!!!

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