Monday, August 5, 2013

Kisti and her family

Thursday- July 25, 2013
     Elder Harris and I went and marked our seats at the pageant early.  Then Kisti & Matt's family and Liz & Joe's family and Liz's parents, Elder & Sister Shumway went on a carriage ride.  It was a nice cool day and what a beautiful ride we had in the country. Here is all the group in front of the carriage and horses.   One horse was the oldest and one was the tallest.  Here are some pictures we took.

     This is the land of Lydia Spencer Thompson, daughter Sarah Marinda Thompson her fathers land,         Samuel Thompson.  This is though Elder Harris's ancestors.
 As we stopped at this corner we could see the Mississippi River and a barge was passing by.  This is the engine that was pushing the barge.
 Sister Harris & Elder Harris & Matt & Jens seating in the back of the carriage.  Matt was able to stay in his wheel chair.

 After the ride we went on the Community of Christ Church tour.  This is at the Joseph Smith's Sites.  We watched a movie which was good but I didn't feel the spirit like I do on our sites.  Daniel this young man that is hired by the Community of Christ Church is not a member of there church but every week is going to our Sacrament meeting to learn about our church.  He is very interested I hope he will be Baptized.  He was our tour guide at the Joseph Smith sites.
         Here we have left the Community of Christ Visitor Center walking to the Mansion House.
 Here we are in front of the Mansion House.  We just visited the house, it is beautiful inside, this was the first time that Elder & Sister Harris has had the chance to go though the home.     Matt, Sister Harris, Joey, Jens, Charity, Liz'z mother, Liz and her children, and who knows where the rest of the men are.  Kisti was taking the picture.

 We went inside the back door of the Red Brick Store and walked up stairs.  Joe carried Matt on his back up stairs because this was one site that Matt wanted to go see.   It was cool to be up stairs where the Relief Society was organized  but the feeling there wasn't the same as our sites. 

We had a drink brake in this park right by the Red Brick Store.  Sister Harris, Kisti-Jo, and Elder Harris drinking our Root Beer we got at the store.
Kisti-Jo and Sister Harris walked over to see Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith's tomb stones.

Here Sister Harris is standing between the two parents tomb stones.  They are just a little way down from Joseph Smith's, Emma's, and Hyrum's tomb stones.

After this we went to some sites.  Here are the pictures.

                                                     This is Lucy Mack Smith's Home.
                                                       This is the Brick Yard in the front
 Elder Harris, Kisti-Jo, Elder Shumway, Sister Shumway, Liz, and Joe.
 Front row Left- Matt, Charity, Liz's son, Joey, Liz'z son I think Caleb.   Sister Harris taking the picture.

Elder Harris is doing the tour for family at the Brick Yard.
                 Here are the six children at school.   Charity is the only girl.  Drawings on the Modern I-Pad.
                                       Sister Harris and Joey with the Grandmother quilting.
                              The girls with the woman.  Kisti, Sister Harris (Mom), Charity, and Liz.
  We went and ate, all you can eat at the Nauvoo Inn.  After we went to the Country Fair and then the Pageant.  It was the high light of the day.  Here are the pictures at the beginning of the Pageant.

Steve and Lisa Palmer are with a church tour group and just happened to be at the Pageant when we were their with Kisti and Matt's family.  It was great to see someone from Blanding. 

These are young men carrying the two flags.  
 The Bag Pipers led everyone up to the stage behind the American Flag.   Then the colored flags went up on stage and the Nauvoo Brass Brand followed and are marching on stage.

                                        After everyone are on stage we sang the National Anthem.

This is Parley P. Pratt and he says, " When You Are Here, We Are Here!!!!!!"

 Here we are waiting for the Pageant to start.  Liz's parents, Elder & Sister Shumway from a Wisconsin Mission was able to get a few days off to spend with their daughter in Nauvoo.  They are behind Sister & Elder Harris.  Jens is sitting by Grandpa and Joey by Jens,  The little girl behind is Liz's daughter.

                                     This is a picture of most the people performing in the Pageant.

 This is so cool.  The Nauvoo Temple goes up in front of us and as the program goes on the Temple falls down and the Nauvoo Temple is lit up in the back ground. AWESOME!!!!!
Here is the Nauvoo Temple lit up in the dark of the night showing how families can be together for ever. You can't see the stars but I look up and felt like my parents,that have past on were very close to me. The spirit is
so in this program and you can't help but to be touched by the spirit.  There are non members that come to the Pageant I hope they will feel the spirit that is here in Nauvoo.  I understand now why DeNene, my Sister-in-Law, says when she left the Nauvoo Mission she left part of her heart.  It is so wonderful here. The high light at the end of the day.

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