Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kisti-Jo Coming

Monday- July 22, 2013
Elder Harris and Sister Harris served in the Nauvoo Visitor Center in the afternoon from 1:15 to 7:00 pm so that means we lock up the place.  We meet a lot of people and families in the Visitor Center.  They show two different times the program called," High Hopes and River Boats".  This is done by the Performing Missionaries that are only here for 31/2 Months.  They had so much joy and make us feel so young.  They have so much energy I can't believe all they do, their GREAT.

Tuesday- July 23, 2013
Elder Harris is serving in the Family Living Center today.  He makes rope and people really enjoy his personality.   He also can do weaving the rugs that are put in all the homes that are sites.  He shows how to make pottery and to make a tight barrel.  You keep busy when you serve in this site.

Sister Harris served at the John Taylor's home.  I love to show tours in this site.  Their is such a special feeling in his home but then all the homes it seems you can feel the men are there.  We did Rendezvous again this night.  The Scott's do Noah and Sophie this night.  We do it the second time in the week, which will be Friday night when Kisti & Matt and family will be here.  It is so exciting because they will be here TOMORROW.  Their friend Liz & Joe and family are coming with them.  It is really fun when family come to visit Nauvoo.

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