Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More Nauvoo

Friday, July 26, 2013
  We had a early morning training meeting at 7:30 am and Apostle Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke to us.  Wow! what a wonderful day to start your day off with one of the Twelve Apostle's. Then Sister Harris spent the morning in Land and Records until 3:00 pm. Kisti & Matt and her family went to the Nauvoo Temple in the morning.   Elder Harris  spent his morning in the Blacksmith Shop.   Kisti-Jo and her family went there so Elder Harris could give them a tour and get a praire diamond ring.
                                                         Here are some pictures.

The first thing Elder Harris did was to show everyone how to make a wheel for a wagon.   
Charity is helping Grandpa Harris.

Here is Elder Harris making a small horse shoe to give to one person in a family.  I think Liz's child got it but everyone gets a praire diamond ring.

Elder Harris talking to everyone in his tour at the Blacksmith Shop.

Joe and Elder Shumway getting a praire diamond ring.

Kisti-Jo and Matt and their family went to the Visitor Center and they saw " High Hopes and River Boats"  Kisti said " that was the best show."  She really enjoyed it and I also think it is a greatest program.  There are so many really good programs to see in Nauvoo.  Then they went to the Family Living Center and made a rope and all the children worked together to make it.  Went to Supper and later that evening, at 6:30 pm they came to the Rendezvous and watched Elder Harris and Sister Harris do Noah and Sophia.
                       Sister Harris saying her part at the first.  Elder Harris start the verses as a rap.  The choir behind repeats what we say in a rap.   This is Grandma Sophia's new hat she had made and Grandma made her cape.
                                           This is the end part of Noah & Sophia in a picture frame.

         This is where the Relief Society is singing as we sew. Sister Harris is sewing and singing.

                      Elder Harris singing in the willingly song with all the men.
            Elder Harris walking down the stairs singing the last part of the willingly song.
              Sister Harris singing the last song at the end of the program as she is leaving.

This is after the show with Grandpa Noah and Joey, Jens, Charity outside the Cultural Hall.
     Joey is proud to wear Grandpa's Noah Hat.

Joey, Jens, and Charity with Noah and Sophia. 

Charity is wearing a different hat that Grandma Harris wears at the end of the program. Doesn't she look cute!!
                                            Noah Packard and Kisti-Jo and Sophia Packard.
                               Elder and Sister Harris and Liz's parents, Elder & Sister Shumway
                                            The cute couple- Noah and Sophia Packard.
                                                         This is the end of the day.

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