Thursday, August 22, 2013

The second week of August

Monday- 5 Aug. 2013
This is Ashton Jed Harris' Birthday to day.  Happy 6th Birthday Ashton, hope you have a great day.
We did Sunset by the Mississippi tonight.  I am always worried that I won't get my apron tied because one night it wasn't tied very good and I almost lost my apron while I was singing " Grandmother's Apron".  It is really fun to perform with the Young Single Performing Missionaries.

                            We walked the streets down Parley Street for our morning walk today.

It was a beautiful morning so I took some pictures of the water lilies  on the Mississippi River.  Hope you enjoy them.  They are breath taking.

 This one is a close up of one of the water lilies.


This is the "Trail of Hope" walk.

This is at the beginning where you can read all the different stories and writings on the boards.

                                              We are having a good walk in the morning.

As you walk down the street you can look back and see the Nauvoo Temple that the saints saw as they left Nauvoo.
             Here we are at the end of the "Trail of Hope" the Mississippi River.  
                                 Here is a Pioneer Wagon what they looked like when they went across the  Mississippi river at this point.

 We did "Sunset by the  Mississippi" in the evening.
 Had a wonderful day today.  We hope you enjoy your day!!!

Sunday-Aug. 4, 2013- I forgot to put this very special meeting in the blog...
 Sister and Elder Zwick of the quorum of the seventies did a training on Sunday Night.   It was great to have them here in Nauvoo to talk to us missionaries.  It was "We must go everyday in faith".  
Principle- Have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Be Greatful for our Blessings-   Have Graditude in our hearts for God.
The Lord loves Preach My Gospel.  Everyone should have one in their home and read and study it everyday with the Book of Mormon.  Ye are the light of the world- let your light so shine.
D & C 88: 50
He told us that a one of the twelve Apostles gave us our calls, and where we would be going on our mission.
Mormon 6:19
It took 9 years to make the book, "Preach My Gospel" and President Hinckley wanted to help the missionaries  with the harvesting.  O, how he loves the missionaries.  We must do more for the missionaries. "Preach My Gospel" was Puplished  in June of 2004.  Get a small copy so you can have it with you all the time so you can study it every morning and night.
D&C 132: 19 and section 130.  He said there are 92,520 Missionaries currently serving right now and 1,393 Senior Missionaries currently under assignment as of 7-2-2013.
If you have this book read Chapter 3 and Chapter 6.  These chapters will strengthen your testimony.  Well, I guess I have done enough preaching. Love you all.

Wednesday Aug. 7, 2013
We had our early 8:00 training meeting and then went to our sites.  Then in the evening we did our Rendezvous two again this night.  The Scott's did the Noah and Sophia this night. We will do it on Saturday night.  It is always so fun to talk to the people after the show.  They really enjoy the program.

Thursday- 8 Aug. 2013
Happy 41st. Birthday Tami Bonney.  We hope you had a great birthday today.  I can't believe how all of our children are getting older and I don't like it because it makes me that much older too.  This is our preparation day and we have to be back for Sunset program.

   When we went for a drove we saw this Raccoon but I couldn't get a very good picture.  As you can tell he was running from us.
 These are some beautiful purple flowers close to the White water lilies and the Raccoon was running by the road pretty close to these flowers.

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