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Saturday - July 27, 2013

Saturday- July 27, 2013
Elder and Sister Harris was at the Pioneer Past Time this morning until 1:30 pm.  This is at a park and children can play with pioneer toys.  It is fun to play with the children and teach everyone how to play the games.  Small children can dress up like pioneers and play in the log cabin and log house.  They have girl & boy cloths.  Parents take pictures of them and their children dressed up.  Kisti & Matt went to some of the home sites they wanted to see while the children played at Pioneer Past Time with us.
Kisti & Matt went to the Browning Gun, Riser Boot, John Taylor's home, Tin Shop, and Scovil Baker with the children later.   Kisti & Matt and their family with Liz's family went to the Cultural Hall and watched, " Just Plain Anna Amanda." It is a program for small children.  They have a little pupit show at first, then the do "Just Plain Anna Amanda"  It teaches you to be proud of who you are and your name, you are somebody special.

         When we got done we met them at the Brigham Young's Home.  Here are some pictures.
We went though Brigham Young's Home.  It was such a spiritual time at this site.  This picture is of Sister & Elder Harris standing in front of the Root Cellor.  Brigham Young built it on top of the ground because the water level was too high.  It is very cool inside.  Tours can go in if they want too.  Of course, the church rebuilt it in the 1960's at the time of the restoration because it was gone when the church bought the home.  Because Brigham Young kept Journals they knew what size to build and where to put it. 

 After we walked over to the Seventy's Hall just around the corner. Here is another picture of us all in front of the Seventy's Hall.

Then we went to Heber C. Kimball's home.  Joey, Grandma Harris, and Charity on the front porch.  Grandpa walked home because our house is next door we live in.  He was getting supper started so we could go to" Sunset by the Mississippi River" program at 6:30 pm and not be late.
Joey, Grandma Harris, and Charity, we just love having them visit us.

Here are some pictures at the" Sunset by the Mississippi."  Kisti took them while we were performing.

 Elder Harris does the flag every program that our cast does the "Sunset by the Mississippi."  He is very good, as he walks up through the people he marches slightly, but in the beat, with the drummer.  He even marches going up the steps.  He looks so good as he holds out the flag of America.  The other Elder just walks up even though Elder Harris has tried to show him how to march.  Of course, Elder Harris has been a Drill Sargent.  This is also the time that all the children that want to decorate a hat and march in behind the Nauvoo Brass Band and on stage we sing the "National Anthem." Then they all go sit with their parents and enjoy the fun program.

               This is our first song, "Hello everybody" then we do the "Mississippi Mud" song.

This is the end of our "Hello Everybody" song. Sister Harris by Sister Broadbank with the white hair.  She is just a neat woman.  She has had 11 children and is a widow on a mission.  The older sisters that are alone are wonderful here on a mission.  They do the poka dance with the young singing performing Elder Missionaries.  They look so good out on stage.  Some of the other couples perform with them but Elder Harris wouldn't do it at first but I think he would now so maybe next year he'll do it with me.
Elder Harris is to the right side of Elder Allen with his arms up.  After we went back to our home, Kisti and Matt and family stayed with us.  We have an extra bed and a couch that has a bed in it, so if anyone wants to come and stay with us, come on down or up or across to Nauvoo, love to have you.

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