Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another week-Aug.18 to 24

Sunday Aug. 18, 2013
Today Elder Harris went early so he could help put up chairs but by the time he got there they were all done.  Today I was a little nervous but wasn't too bad because I was giving the Sunday School Lesson to 250 missionaries in the class.  Went to Sacrament meeting and it was really good.  We are having some couple missionaries going home so they are giving their last talks.  Then we went to Sunday School class.  I had left early to see if Elder Bennion could help me set up my lap top with pictures on it to be shone on the big screen but it didn't work.  So I just did my lesson without the pictures but the Lord was with me and everybody told me they loved my lesson. It was Lesson 30th, "Let the Prisoners go Free"

                         This is the Mississippi River at the end of the Trail of Hope.

 I had some other Sisters, Sister Ballard, helping me with a closing song at the end of my lesson.  One of them, Sister Campbell, plays a violin, and it did turn out to be a beautiful song.  It is the one in the Primary song book.  Well, I am glad that is over.   Now Elder Harris is nervous. This Sunday is his turn.   He'll do a great job because it is natural for him to be up in front of people.
Today we also had District Meeting in our home and we served Navajo Tacos.  They were very good.
 We had to choose a Christ like Attribute  and find a scripture to go with it and tell a personal story.  So I had a full day this Sunday.  The good thing is that we didn't have to do sites this day.   We had a day off.  I'm ready for bed.

Monday, Aug. 19, 2013
Sister Harris did Fm today.  I went to work at 7:00 am until 1:00 pm.  We worked on the other side of the fence at the Lyon Drug and Variety Store.  It looks so good now.  Elder Harris served in the Print Shop.  He is really good in any of his sites.  We had a free night and Elder Harris ran into Jimmy & Cynthia Blake and they said they were going to the Rendezvous tonight so we went with them at 7:00 pm.  Jimmy & Cynthia really enjoyed watching the couples do such a good job.

Tuesday- Aug. 20, 2013
Today Sister Harris served in Land and Records and it was fun when Jimmy & Cynthia Blake came in to find their ancestors and where their land would be, if they had any land.  Before Jimmy & Cynthia came in, they went to the Nauvoo Temple in the AM.

 They said it was their first time to see the new movie and they said it was great.  We haven't seen the new movie yet but will see it Thursday morning.  It was fun to see them.  I need them to send me some pictures they took with us.  So I can put it in our blog.  They were leaving after they finish Land & Records.
After we got done with our sites at 3:00 pm we went and visited President Gililand because he had called us in the am to come and see him.  When we got to the Visitor Center and up to the Presidents office he called us to move to Carthage Jail and be there for at least six months.  I am excited to serve there because their is certainly a special spirit in the jail.  I do feel bad to leave my home here in Nauvoo.  I just love my place.
                                                    Flowers on our porch.

This butterfly was on our yellow flower this pm. Beautiful Butterfly.

Later that night we had a cast party and when we drove home this is what we saw.  The Temple and a full moon.

Wednesday- Aug. 21, 2013
We had our early morning Training Meeting at 8:00 am.  After the meeting Sister Harris went to the Family Living Center- 8:45 am to 3:00 pm.  I got to make 6 loafs of bread and bake it in the Bustle Oven.  It is really fun to bake in that oven made out of bricks.  My bread turned out pretty good. When the people come and learn about the oven then they get to taste the bread.  We teach others how the pioneers make candles and about wool and flex fiber.  They teach them how to make a rope and take a rope home and how to do pottery and how a barrel holds water and how to weave a rug.

    Here are some pictures of flowers in front of the Family Living Center.
These flowers are so large and beautiful at this time of year.

 Elder Harris served at the Blacksmiths Shop.  He teaches about how the pioneers make wagon wheels and they all get a prairie diamond ring.  He also makes a small horse shoe to give to each family.
 Here is Elder Harris in his new vest that Kisti-Jo made for him.  Thanks so much Kisti.

We did our Rendezvous tonight.  The Scott's did Noah & Sophia tonight.  They do a pretty good job.  We do ours on Saturday night.

Thursday- Aug. 22, 2013
Happy Wedding Anniversary to Tami and Ken Bonney.
This is our preparation day and so we went to the Nauvoo Temple and saw the new movie.  We hadn't been able to go until now. It was wonderful.  I love how they show how much love they have for everyone.  Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ really do want us all to know how much love they have for us.  We certainly have a lot of love for them.  Well, after the temple we drove to Carthage Jail.  We went to see the places we will be moving in to.  When the Sister Missionaries move back here to Nauvoo we are to live in their place in the Mansion.  We'll have to take pictures later and put in here.  It is a really beautiful place but we only live there for one month then we move into Elder & Sister Nagel's house.  They showed us their place.  It is smaller than the home we are in right now but it will be good.  Then we went shopping at Keokuk.

Friday- Aug. 23, 2013
Sister Harris served at the Cultural Hall.  Here are some beautiful pictures of the flowers in front of the Cultural Hall.  This is where we do Rendezvous.

Here is Sister Harris with these beautiful flowers that are so big they just hang down.  I just can't believe how big the flowers are here in Nauvoo.  They water them every day.

Here is Elder Harris, I finally got his picture to be up right.  Friday He served in the Family Living Center from 12:00 pm until 600 pm.

Saturday- Aug. 24, 2013
Elder Harris served in the Brick Shop today at 8:45 am to 3:00 pm.  He likes doing this site but it does hurt his back when he makes bricks because of the sitting position he is in.  He really enjoys  telling people how they make the bricks.  Sister Harris served at the Heber C. Kimball's home.  I really enjoy this home and it is the original home.  I was there from 8:45 am to 3:00 pm.  Elder and Sister Harris had the same shift today.
We also had Rendezvous tonight and we had to do Two shows.  Elder & Sister Harris did the Noah & Sophia and we did it twice and the whole cast got a standing ovation both times.   That was fun because we did it perfect two times in a row.  That is a Nauvoo Miracle for us.  Some friends took our pictures and we will put them in the blog when I get them.

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