Monday, August 19, 2013

A new Month- August 2013

August 1, 2013- Thursday,
This was our preparation day and Sister Harris had a doctors appointment in Keokuk  to a specialist about my Right thumb clicking.  He gave me a shot in the joint and it has taken a few weeks but I think it is improving, it seems to not click anymore.  I have had a a shot in it before I came on our mission, hope it last longer than the last one.  It really doesn't hurt but my thumb locks up.  I have been working on my Sunday School lesson that I do on Aug. 18, 2013.  I have only had the call to do the lesson for two months.  It is terrible  to know that you have to give a lesson for such a long time.  You worry because you are giving the lesson to about 250 to 300 missionaries and visitors.  I have been working on it along time.  It is Lesson 30, The Prisoners will go free ( Baptisms for the Died). Then we went to do the  "Sunset by the Mississippi".   It is getting sadder because the Young Single Performing Missionaries will be going home soon.   I keep thinking how much they light up our lives.  What am I going to do without them.  We won't be doing the Sunset by the Mississippi anymore until next year.  I really like this program.  Life goes on!!!!

Friday, Aug. 2, 2013
 Today is our early morning breakfast that we have once a month, it is at 7:00 am.  It is always hard because missionaries are leaving Nauvoo and they do a skit and we sing the good-by song.  You can't help but just cry and cry. Today we also sang good-by to all the performing missionaries and the Nauvoo Brass Band. I have become really good friends with some of them. Here are some pictures.

 Sister Harris and Sister Welding- she is in the Nauvoo Brass Band.

 Sister Harris and the two companions- They are both in the band. Awesome sisters.

This is sister Shaw we have been friends from the first day. She will be going to school in Cedar City.

            Here are a few of the Performing Missionaries.  They are so great. Love them all.
                        Sister Harris and Sister Petricek going home to Wisconsin- 18 month mission.

Sister Harris, Sister Petricek, Elder Harris-  We have had a lot of fun knowing Sister Petricek.  She really enjoys teasing Elder Harris and pulling my leg.

  Sister Streeter and Sister Harris, she is going home in three days.   Her 18 Months Mission has ended.   She is a really good Missionary.  They serve here in Nauvoo for Two summers and then they are sent some where else in the United States for the winter time.  They teach people the gospel going to different homes but when here the serve at the Nauvoo Visitor Center and give tours and give out referral cards.  In the evening the missionaries are doing phone calls from the referral cards.  Boy, they know the gospel so well and are great teachers to the converts that come to the visitor Nauvoo.
        This is Elder Lyman, His grandmother, Nancy Martineau lives in Blanding and he is related to all the Lymans there.  His other grandmother was Hazel Lyman.  He is in the Nauvoo Brass Band and he played the trombone.  He was one of the Elders that served here in Nauvoo for four months.

 Today I got to go to Pioneer Pastime.  Yes, I really like to teach people how to play the pioneer games.  I  at 12:00 noon which might be pretty hot today.  all though our days have been cooling off more.  It feels like its getting fall, I can't believe we've had summer and it really hasn't been that hot, yet.  They said last year it got up to 108 in the summer.  Elder Harris is working in the Blacksmith shop today and he goes at 12:00 also.  It can get hot there at the Blacksmith shop because of the fire they need to make a horse shoe.

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