Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thresher Days-Aug. 3, 2013

Saturday Aug. 3, 2013
                           Here is the group that went on the Nauvoo on the Road again.

 Elder & Sister Excel, Elder & Sister Broadbent, Sister Ross, Sister Garner, Sister Etherington, and Sister and Elder Harris.
Sister Harris excited she has learn how to keep a button in the middle of the string spinning by moving her hand in and out.  This is the 1st time that she has accomplished this game.

 We went to Hamilton with the Nauvoo on the Road.  Thresher Days is a big celebration in Hamilton about 15 miles away. Here are the tractors coming down the road to show at the Thresher Days.

 All these tractors were so cool driving down the road like they were in a Parade.
 Of course, they had traveled down the road on Thursday to park at the
Thresher Days.  We went on Saturday and was there all day doing the Nauvoo on the Road.  We showed everyone that stopped by how to play the pioneer games and they got to make a rope and take one rope home with them per family.  This day was fun. This one tractor is from a farmer that he made from scratch.

 Here is the tractor.

This is what the motor looks like.
Pretty Cool.

This is a Unique Tractor.

On Friday night we went to the Pageant performance.   Elder & Sister Harris had to do Noah & Sophia in the Rendezvous on Saturday night and  that was the last performance of the Pageant for the year.   A lot of people will be gone after Saturday night.  The missionaries that work at the FM were up half the night cleaning up the park so on Sunday about everything was gone.  The families left home after church.  Here are some pictures of a lot more tractors.  Elder Harris would have liked to buy and bring back home to Blanding but he didn't know were to keep it until we go home.

This looks like a Disneyland Tractor.
                                           This is a different looking Tractor.

This looks like a skinny tractor.
                           This is an old "R" that Grandpa Harris drove when he was a teenage boy.
                                                                 This is so cool.
                                          Here are a few more tractors.
                                                       These are different tractors.

 This is like the old bean combine that the Harrises used at Dodge.

         This is just a different view of the combine.
The old John Deere AR-- Grandpa Ashton Harris' first tractor.  It is behind Callie's house.

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