Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Eighth Ward Treat- Wednesday-

Wednesday- July 26, 2017

Today was special because this couple came to the Monticello Temple to receive their Endowments.
Bethanie Ann Evans and her husband Bryan Ray Palmer were so thrilled to be in the Monticello Temple and were in our the 8th Ward.  President Harris and I got the wonderful opportunity to help them since it was on our shift.  As I met Bethanie I recognized her from our ward and Melannie who is Callie and Howard Randall's daughter was her escort.  They were good friends and we immediately bonded, Bethanie was so happy that I was the one that would help her in the temple. Bethanie had waited a long time to go to the temple with her husband and now it finally was happening.  She cried and cried with joy of this special day in her life and I was thrilled to be there with her.  They have four children and would be sealed together the next day, July 27, 2017.  Her oldest daughter  was 20 so I am sure this was thrilling for her.  I remember when I was 19 when I was sealed to my parents in the Manti Temple 1969.  The youngest child was a girl I think and she was 2 years old what a beautiful family....

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