Saturday, July 29, 2017

Own Endowment- July 29,2017

Saturday-- 29 July 2017
McKenna Danielle Lindsey came to the Monticello Temple to receive her own Endowment.   She was to be on the 1:00 pm  session and since I was doing my pray meeting  a little  before that Sister Livingston did the Instruction of the garment.  Pres. and Sister Livingston went home and I was to take care of McKenna in the session.  She was a darling girl and her fiance was on the session but she would not give him her new name to him today because they were being married in another temple after 7 days. She was beautiful and had a special spirit about her.  Her fiance who was an indian had met at the single adults in Farmington New Mexico and he looked like a special person also. Love to be at the temple when we have an own Endowment....

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