Saturday, June 29, 2013


June 29 2012

Hi, where has the month gone?  We attended  two commemorations for the martyrdom of Joseph and Hiram Smith on June 27.  The first was at the Community of Christ (formerly RLDS).  There were several musical numbers by our YPM, prayers by Presidents Gilliland and Condie and a historical address by a man named Mackay who is the director of their center and a great,great. great grandson of Joseph Smith.  It was good and informative but not about the martyrdom--no testimonies.

We also attended the  commemoration service at Carthage.  Again we had numerous musical numbers but on more of a spiritual theme and President Gilliland was the speaker narrator.  His talks were full of testimony.  It was a wonderful time to reflect on the mission of the Prophet Joseph and his brother Hyrum.  We had to hurry home to be in Rendezvous so we did not get to hang around Carthage but there were hundreds of people there so it was not a good day for a peaceful contemplation.

The Sister Missionaries are singing at the Commemoration of Joseph & Hyrum Smith's death at Carthage, Ill.   They sang about brothers, it was so beautiful.

Vocal Point at Carthage Jail- June 27, 2013

This is the band leader. Sadly I couldn't get a picture of the band.
This is a large crowed of people to watch the commemoration of Joseph & Hyrum Smith deaths on June 27, 2013.  We are waiting for the program to start.  This is our lst time to be here at Carthage Jail for this program.  It was a spiritual time on our Nauvoo Mission.  We loved the programs on this special day. 


I love working at the brickyard because we get to talk to smaller groups in a nice quiet room.  I often use the process of changing bricks from clay to brick to talk about the changes that go on i our lives, trials etc.  A few days ago a family had left and the father came back alone and thanked me for what I had said.  They have a son going on a mission and grandma has just been diagnosed with cancer.  He thought my remarks had really helped all of them.  It is cool when you do what the spirit tells you say.  That happens pretty often.  The neatest thing about this mission is meeting people from all over the world.  Nauvoo is like a national park--everyone comes here.  You would be amazed how many have some connection with Blanding--met a man from Alabama who was a missionary in Blanding in 1980--he lived in Ike Chamberlains basement--I think his name was Dankirk.  The same couple are parents in law to Shylo Hunt, Wesleys daughter.  A few days ago I met the parents in law to Sam Wilson--

Well thats all for now--will say we are getting along pretty well with the shows we are in--will soon be ready for Las Vegas--sorry for the drought and heat out west--it gets hot and muggy here.  Elder Harris


  1. I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing. It's been about 14 years since I was in Nauvoo. It's a wonderful place.

    1. We are so happy that you are reading our blog. We really are enjoying our mission here. They say that if we thought we were busy before July now it is July we will really know what busy is. Love You, Sister Harris