Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rendezvous and Sunset on the outside stage

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another week has ended.  We had a good week at Rendezvous and Sunset.  The rain has quit and we can use the outdoor stage.  On Thursday we had our second opportunity to perform our Noah and Sophie parts.  The crowd was really lively and responding well to all of the jokes.  The crowd was made up mostly of BYU Folk Dancers--you know they are pro's.  Noah and Sophie is kind of a serious little interlude.  They are both haughty and proud of their family tree.  They refuse to have anything to do with any religion, including Mormons.  Their big mistake is they agree to read a Book of Mormon and pray about it.  They are converted and Sophie and Noah bear their testimony through their expressions and spoken words--very brief but very powerful.  Those active college kids felt the spirit of the scene and quieted down so fast it scared me.  The experience bore testimony to me the power that a spiritual moment can have in our lives.  That is really what we are trying to do in our historical sites--at some point present a key message that fits in with the presentation and presents a spiritual truth that will bring the spirit into the tour.  We performed the show a second time that night and did technically a better job.  Really it was a pretty good night for us.  We just need to continue to improve.

                                     The end is a  picture frame in doing Noah & Sophia

We have also done the Sunset show twice this week.  The weather has been good so we are out of doors on the big stage.  In that program the women have a special number--the men are just kind of in the background--I like that.  I do get to carry an American Flag in as part of the beginning.  I do enjoy that.

The BYU Folk Dancers are here for two weeks.  We have seen their program three times so far.  They are truly awesome.
Our little fawn has been back to visit--he will disappear as he gets older.

 We have a raccoon terrorizing our garbage can every night.  I might have to resort to violence.

We had the night off so we had a date night and went to watch another cast do Rendezvous and came home and had ice cream--yummy!  See you all  Elder Harris


  1. JB says to do unto the raccoon as you did unto the bats in the gym.

  2. The only problem with that, is I don't remember dad ever hitting a bat. Love you guys.