Monday, June 3, 2013

Branch President Jed Ashton Harris - Wisconsin

June 3/ 2012

Hi faithful readers.  Yesterday Sister Harris and I got permission to leave the mission to be with our son Jed and his family in Wisconsin.  He was called to be the Branch President of the Beaver Dam Branch. He asked me to come and ordain him a High Priest.  We were allowed to go if we could go and come back in one day.  It was a long day--about like driving from Blanding to Salt Lake and then home again on the same day.  It was so good to be with the family, even for just a few hours.  Little Jacob thinks I am the boogyman--won't come near.  Ash and Emma were loving to us--maybe we can make friends with Jacob in the future.  It was a long day but very worthwhile.  Now we are getting ready for another day in Nauvoo.  I am going to make bricks and Sister Harris will serve in the Heber C Kimball Home and we have Rendezvous tonight.  Love you all--EH
                                                      Sister Harris and Jenny Harris

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