Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Commemoration of Joseph & Hyrum Smith's Martyrdom

  June 27, 2013--Thursday

June 27, 1844 is the day Joseph Smith and his Brother Hyrum were killed in Carthage Jail. Tomorrow we are going over to watch a program about this sad occasion at Carthage, Ill. and it starts at 5:00 pm and we have to be back by 6:30 pm to get ready to do our Noah and Sophia in one of the programs at the Cultural Hall.  At least tomorrow is our preparation day.  We are also going to a program tomorrow about Joseph Smith's death that the Community of Christ is putting on down by the mansion which that church owns.   I will write later about that event.  Talk to you later, hope you are enjoying our blog. We are excited that our Son-in-law, Ken Bonney will be visiting us next Monday night and also Jed and his family are coming to Nauvoo for the 4th of July, 2013.
Here we are at the Commemoration of Joseph & Hyrum Smith's Martyrdom on June 27, 2013.  The Community of Christ is doing this program at the monuments of Joseph and Hyrum in Nauvoo.  It was nice but it was interesting because the songs were all our missionaries and the BYU Vocal Point sang in the program.  It was our FM people that set up all the chairs and we, the LDS pretty much did it.  Here are some pictures.  The spirit wasn't as strong as it was when we went to Carthage Jail's program.
There youth did give some talks but it wasn't the same as when we went to Carthage, Ill.

This Barge came by during the program since it was so long I took several pictures of it on the Mississippi River.  This young missionary with the band is my good friend, Sister Shaw.

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