Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A visit from Eric Kartchner's family

June 11, 2013

We had fun today.  Someone told me that someone was looking for the Harris' but they did not know who.  This afternoon the horses and wagons go by the blacksmith shop where I am serving and someone yells "Hello Uncle Jim"  When I got out into the road there was Eric Kartchner waving. They came to the shop later and we had a visit.
              Elder Harris (Grandpa Jim) teaching Granddaughter Charity how you make wheels.
Elder Harris making a horse shoe.

Then this evening they were to the Sunset show and we got to visit again.  We all stayed to watch the BYU dancers and visited some more.  I can even call them all by their first name.  It was fun for us to get acquainted.

It got hot tonight--really hot and the bugs are just getting worse and worse especially around the lights I hope it  is just a seasonal thing.  Love you a lot, Elder Harris

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  1. Get the clip OFF bug repeller. It clips onto your belt! Love you.