Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Trees are very weak in Nauvoo

Wed. June 26, 2013
 I took a picture of a tree that the other night just fell down from a hard wind storm.   The trees here are very weak.

Today I spent my time at the Seventy Hall, which is across the street of this tree.   The Seventy's hall was made for the Seventies to prepare them before they left on Missions.  It is a really neat site to talk about.  It prepared them to know about people and cultures and how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  You can look up your relatives in the books upstairs in a library to see if they were ordained as a Seventy.  If you have any relatives that are in the books you can write your name in the book and how your related.  I have signed for George Washington Brimhall and George Mayer.
After this we went and ate at Keokuk to a place that you can eat all you want chicken dinner for $4:00 dollars.  We have free night to night with no programs to do.  While we were there we took pictures of these really neat large homes.   They were really cool.

                   I couldn't believe that there were so many of these mansions within 2 to 3 blocks.
                               I took pictures as we drove across the Mississippi River.

This Mansion is across the Mississippi River and we drive past it as we go to Nauvoo.  This is the back side of the home.   It is such a beautiful home, you can decide for yourself.
This is a view through the fence at the front of the home.

      Spencer here is a home you can make for your Dad and Mom.  It is awesome!!!!!

                         This is a close up of the beautiful Flowers at the entrance to the gate.
                                 This is one side of the gate that is the entrance to the door.

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