Monday, July 1, 2013

Independence Day

Monday Night, July 1, 2013

 Ken Bonney arrived from Chicago about 6:30 pm.  He came into the Nauvoo Visitor Center and met up with Elder & Sister Harris.  We went and watched the Sunset by the Mississippi River then went to our home for the rest of the night.  In the morning Sister Harris had to be at FM by 7:00 am and Elder Harris and Ken went for a walk down to the Mississippi River.  Ken left about 8:00 am so he could catch his flight in Chicago to head back to Salt Lake City.  It was great to have family visit with us, we love them all so much.

July 3, 2013-Wed.

Last night Jed and Jenny's family came into Nauvoo and also Jenny's sister Laurie & Jed's family came with them.  They are camping at the State Park which is very close to our "Farr" home where we live.

 July 4, 2013

Thursday is our preparation day so we were able to spend all day with them. We did the "Just plain Anna Amanda" play and then went on a wagon ride around Nauvoo, it was hot at noon so we all got tired after a short ride.

 Little Jaky went to sleep and Ashton was almost a sleep.
Sister Harris was starting to get a cold so she was ready for a nap also.  Went home for lunch and Sister Harris had a nap then met up with the families at the brick shop, then on to Lucy Mack Smith's home, then walked down to the Pendleton  log school house, then on to the blacksmith's shop.  We got a brick, and a prairie diamond ring. We also went to the Browning Gun's Shop which Elder Harris gave us the tour.

Here we are at the Blacksmith Shop. 

Elder & Sister Harris, Jenny, and Elder Jennings

This is were they told us how the wagon wheels were made. It was really cool. Emma, Jaky, and Laurie's red headed son. To the left is Jed and Ashton.

               This is Elder Jennings that gave us the tour and is making a horse shoe, Lila's family got the horse shoe.  Their is only one person in all the group that gets it.

                     Children with Jed
 Here we are getting our prairie diamond rings from Elder Harris, Grandpa is with Laurie's daughter, Lila.

Here we are at the Browning Gun's Shop with Elder Harris(Grandpa), talking about the guns.      Laurie's Husband Jed and Emma next to him.

This is Emma and Laurie's husband, Jed and Grandpa Elder Harris.

We are at the Pendleton Log School House.

Ashton doing a math problem.
 This is a picture at the Nauvoo Visitor Center with the Moon Stone with Lila, Laurie's Daughter.
 Then we ended the day with Elder & Sister Harris doing their part in the Program at 7:00 pm.

This is were I say, I am Proud of my husband, Mr. Packard.

Here is where we ladies do our Relief Society part.  We sing a song
and you can see I'm on the front row.

We are looking like we are sewing the quilts as we sing.
This is where Elder Harris sings with the men, The" Willingly" Song. He is usually behind the men to the right but he sings really good, you just can't ever see him.

Here is Elder & Sister Harris walking out at the end of the program, Lucas waving at us. After we meet with the audience and shake hands.   Lila, Emma, and Lucas are hugging us.

We had to stay and do our program a 2nd time while the rest of the children went to the Trail of Hope program at 8:30.  It is a very spiritual program where the saints left and walked down Parley Street to go over the Mississippi River.  As you are walking down the path you look back and can see the Nauvoo Temple lit up, amazing sight. 

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