Tuesday, June 18, 2013

John Deere Combine Factory in Molene, Illlinois

June 18, 2013

Hi!  We spent last Thursday with Elder and Sister Harding touring the John Deere Combine Factory in Molene Illinois. This was an awesome experience--2800 people employed--all on union wages and benefits which helps explain the costs of John Deere Equipment--they run three shifts.  Most all parts of those combines roll through that factory in an assembly line and come out the end a living thing.  I had planned to buy a combine but the newest and best one is listed at $700,000.00 plus shipping and handling--I think I will just forget that.
                                                              John Deere Tractor
                                            Elder Harris, Elder Ballard, and Elder Harding
                          Sister & Elder Harris, Sister & Elder Ballard, Sister & Elder Harding

This past Sunday night Susan Black from BYU spoke at a fireside.  She helped develop the historical insights or give at each site.  She gave a wonderful talk on the history and development of the Seventy's Quorums at Kirtland and Nauvoo.  She and her husband have been called to be Temple Missionaries here at Nauvoo, so perhaps we we will hear more from her.

We enter and leave the auditorium several times during our Rendezvous performances.  Last night as we were exiting after one number, a woman reached out and grabbed my arm and said, I am Trudy.  It was Trudy Burtenshaw--I don't remember her married name.  After the show we visited for a few minutes.  It was delightful to see her.  She is still young looking and as pretty as she was when we were kids.

We had another of those wild rains the other night.  Rain doesnt fall in drops--it comes in sheets.  There were limbs down all over the city.  If you want to camp at Nauvoo, bring big anchors to tie your tents down.

                                                         Thats all for now.  Elder Harris

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  1. Matt is so jealous. Susan Black is one of his favorite CES speakers. He is going to be so excited that she is in Nauvoo. You might have to worry about him trying to track her down. haha