Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nauvoo on the Road Trips

Friday- June 14, 2013
   We went on the Nauvoo on the Road Trip.   We set up at an old school that was abandoned a lot of pioneer games and the rope maker.   It was the 200th year celebration of Fort Madison.  We showed those who came to our tables how candles were made, how you make bread in  an bustle oven, how to make rope  and then they get to help and take a rope home that they made.  We didn't have very many come but it was fun until in the after noon it started to rain  and then we picked up and loaded the truck and went back to Nauvoo.  We gave out cookies from the Scovil Bakery.  There was this grandpa and two of his grandchildren and they had a lot of fun playing games with me so in the afternoon they came back and played some more games with me.  They learned how to make a  brick and got a brick so grandpa said he was going to carve my name on the back of it.  I just gave them Bev. to make it short. We invited them to come to Nauvoo and watch me but I haven't seen them yet. This was our 1st. time to go on Nauvoo on the Road.
                                                  Here is a picture of us all that went.

Other times going on Nauvoo on the road.

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