Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pioneer Past Tim Fun--

Monday June 17, and Wed, 19, 2013
  We were at the Pioneer Past Time- that is a park that has pioneer games and there is a small cabin for children to dress up and play house.   Also there is a cabin school house for children to dress up and play in.  We teach anyone how to play the pioneer games and they have so much fun.  People come  to the park to eat there picnic and just relax.  The children can touch anything here at the park which they can't at the sites.  We are in the shade and we have a great time talking to the families.  We have a robin that keeps flying off when people come but here are her 3 eggs that she has in the nest in the pavelion.
           I don't know if they will ever hatch because she is not staying on them for very long.
    This is a really fun game.  You have to catch a round ring on two sticks and then you throw them off the sticks so the other person can catch them on there 1 or 2 sticks.  It is like Frisbee.
Some of the games on the table that we teach how to play, really fun home made games.
Sister Missionaries that were helping us at the Pioneer Past Time. The missionaries were just having fun with the dolls, they are the coolest missionaries.

The Missionaries were in a three some.  This sister P. was adopted and wasn't active before her mission but she is so Awesome.  She is a great Missionary.

Having fun playing with the dolls that look like them at the Pioneer Past Time, which is a park that anyone can picnic or play with pioneer games.
This cute little girl was having fun playing games in the park.

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