Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Month of March

Saturday-  March 1, 2014
Today is just another day to serve in the Sites.  We get done at 4:00 pm.  We have a lot of people coming to the Sites now because of Spring Vacations in  many States.  It is a lot more fun when people are here in Old Nauvoo.  Elder Harris took some pictures of the Mississippi River as it is thawing out from the frozen winter.
                               This is showing snow on the ice of the Mississippi River.

I couldn't believe how fast the Mississippi River thawed.  It only took about 3 warm days and it was very frozen all the way acrossed to Montrose.  Two months ago a father and his son walked all acrossed the Mississippi River and back to Nauvoo.  They came to Carthage so proud of what they had done telling us about it.  If they would have been caught they would have had a fine of about 1800 hundred dollars for doing that.  Now as we watch the river moving they could have fallen in and  drowned, scary thought.

Sunday- March 2, 2014
We had church meetings at 8:00 am through 11:00 am.  Then we have choir practice and then at noon we have our Zone Leadership Meeting every Sunday.  In the evening it was Zone Conference at 7:00 pm but our slideshow is at 6:30 pm.  It was a great day...

Monday- March 3, 2014
We had our our Rendezvous tonight.  We did Jed & Annie and felt like we are getting better at it. 

Tuesday- March 4, 2014
Every Tuesday Night at 6:00 pm Sister Harris learns how to clog to do this in the Sunset summer program on the outside stage.  At 6:30 pm we practice our other songs so when the new missionaries come we can help them learn the songs in the "Sunset by the Mississippi" program.  Here are some pictures from last year,2013
                                 Elder & Sister Scott our friends waiting for the program to start.
Sister Harding was in the MTC and went home after 6 Months.  Her husband was a teamster.

 The Nauvoo Brass Band playing before the program starts. Everyone that wants to dance gets up and dances but Elder Harris is always down in the audience to carry the flag. so I never get to dance.
The Missionary couples dancing before the program starts.

Here is Elder Harris walking with the flag at the beginning of the program.

                                                 Elder Harris walking up the stairs.
                                            Elder Harris is Posting the American Flag.
                   This young performing mission is leading all the children in a Marching Band.

     This sister was my good friend and the Elder has family in Blanding, the Lymans.  They are both in the Nauvoo Brass Band for the summer.  They are going to lead the children in the Marching Band.
                       Here are some other Nauvoo Brass Band going on the March in the Parade.
                                                             More of the band.
Here are some sisters getting ready march in the Parade.
The young performing Missionaries in the Marching Children's Parade.
Here they are marching around in the audience.
Helping the children use there band instruments after the march.  They stay on the stage as we sing the National Anthem.                                    
                                       Sister Harris & other Sisters singing " Hello Everybody"
                                                               The end of the opening song.
 These three Young Performing Missionaries do this really fun song about how to get ride of flying bugs.  They spray mosquito spray as they are singing.
The Young Performing Missionaries doing " The Audition."
Slow Motion!!!

This is so cute to watch this part in slow motion.  The different Missionaries will do "The Audition" 
all in there own way.  It is the funniest part of the program. These youth here I think are the best group and you laugh so hard that your side aches. 

Wednesday- March 5, 2014
We have our 8:00 am Training Meeting.  The Mission Presidency are teaching Mission Rules and distractions.  President Chynoweth taught this training. It was really good.

Thursday- March 6, 2014
Well today is our Preparation Day and I had a hair appointment then later in the day I practiced our song for the Relief Society Re-enactment for March 15th. Then we gave Sister Hoen the Stake House key so her cast to get the tables decorated for the Early Friday morning Breakfast.  We will eat at 7:00 am.  Then in the evening we did our Rendezvous. Our days seem to be full all the time.

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