Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 9th through the 15th day, Relif Society Re-enactment.

Sunday- March 9, 2014
Elder Harris and Sister Harris conducted Priesthood and Relief Society.  It is so scary to be up in front of a lot of Sister Missionaries.  We are back reading the Book of Mormon again and we are just loving it.

Tuesday- March 11, 2014
Happy Birthday Caroline Bonney who is Nine years old.  We hope you had a great Birthday today and we love you so much.

Wednesday- March 12, 2014
We had our 8:00 am Missionary Training today and Elder & Sister Maughan and  President & Sister Jones did the training.  It was to teach us what they do on Nauvoo On the Road.  They play pioneer games and teach how the bread is made and baked in a bustle oven and how they make rope and how candles are made.  We did this last summer and was so much fun!! It was a really training.

Thursday- March 13, 2014
It was our preparation day and I had another practice of the song that the ladies will be singing in the Relief Society Re-enactment.  Then in the evening we had Rendezvous.  I am really excited for the Relief Society Re-enactment in the Red Brick Store it will be Saturday Night, March 15, 2014.

Friday- March 14, 2014
The ladies practiced again with Sister Pincock playing the piano after 8:00 PM. The song is really turning out beautiful.  They ladies have such beautiful voices and the spirit is certainly with us.

Saturday- March 15, 2014
We all serve in our sites every day  and then at 4:30 pm we will meet at the Nauvoo Visitor Center and get on the wagons that will take us to the Red Brick Store.  The horses are pulling the wagons and we are all dressed in our pioneer clothes. It was a cold day and I didn't bring my blanket because Sister Jones told me that the Teamsters were bringing the blankets with them.  Well, they didn't bring the blankets but I did have my coat on but I was still cold.  Here are some pictures of Sister Monney as Emma Smith.  She looked just like her.  It was really neat.

               Emma Smith was Sister Monney and Sister Thornock.  I took these pictures from the wagon.

 Elder Harris took these pictures of Sister Harris in the Wagon ride to the Red Brick Store.  We sang our song and it turned out so special. It was truly a spiritual moment for me.

Here are the pictures when we arrived at the Red Brick Store for the Relief Society Re-enactment on March 15, 2014.

These are the horses for this wagon.
Here is the wagon that Sister Harris rode in.
These are all the Sister Missionaries that went to the Relief Society at the Red Brick Store. Sister Harris is on the back row to the left, third person.

Sister Monney in the middle is Emma Smith, Left is Sister Taylor and Right Sister Mengel.
Here we are upstairs in the Red Brick Store where the Relief Society was Organized, March 17, 1842.                                                                                                                                              

Waiting for the meeting to start.
Sisters doing somethings before it starts.
Sister Maughan welcoming everyone to the Relief Society Re-enactment. Sister Pincock is playing the piano. 
  Sister Jones (3) is leading the opening song.  Sitting in the chairs are, Lt. to Rt. Sister Gifford, Sister Thompson, Sister Monney as Emma Smith, behind is Sister Jones (1).
Here are the Sisters that are singing the special number but it is at the first of the meeting. Left- Sister Jones (1), Sister Phillippi, Sister Gnieting, Sister Thompson, and Sister Harris. We are singing the " The Miracle".  It is a beautiful song.
                               In another part of the program we are singing another song.
Here the Sisters are reading the script that is the program that they did at the first meeting when Joseph Smith Organized the Relief Society.   We did this program on March 15, 2014.

Sister Ballard, Sister Duncan, Sister McCann are reading the script in the program.
 Sister Harper reading her part in the script.
Elder Jones is playing the part as the secretary, writing down the notes of the meeting.
Here is where Emma Smith excepts the calling as the President of the Women's Relief Society 

Here is where Elder Monney playing the part of Joseph Smith and Sister Monney playing the part of Emma Smith.  Emma Smith was nominated to be the President of Relief Society. Joseph Smith is putting her in to be the President of Relief Society. It was a wonderful feeling at this time.  I couldn't believe what was happening, once in a life time event.

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